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50 Photos from Paradise Dragstrip – A Historic Track That’s Still Rockin’

Wednesday  17:17,   19 july 2017

Since 1961, Paradise Dragstrip Has Been Giving Gearheads A Fun Place to Race In the late 1950s drag racing was picking up momentum in the Southeastern United States. And by 1960, drag strips were popping up all over the country. Otto Timms, resident [...]

We take an EarthCruiser Expedition 4x4 For A Test Drive!

Wednesday  17:16,   19 july 2017

We drive the EarthCruiser EXP, an expedition rig that has traveled the globeOverlanding rigs come in all shapes and sizes of 4x4s, from Jeeps towing single-axle trailers to Land Cruisers with roof-mounted tents to pickups custom-built with[...]

HUMONGOUS Gallery Of Mopar Readers Rides!

Tuesday  15:52,   18 july 2017

The results are in and the photos sent in by Mopar Muscle readers around the world are awesome. From the get-go, we got piles of packages of pristine Pentastars and at times we thought the deluge would never end. When the June 17, 2017 deadline[...]

The World's Fastest Ducati Monster

Tuesday  15:46,   18 july 2017

A double-engine land speed bike sets the record straight. Video: The Goldilocks Motorcycle Experiment Click to expand Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { [...]

Refreshing or Revolting: 2018 Honda Accord

Monday  23:51,   17 july 2017
Motor Trend

The Honda Accord enters its 10th generation with a fresh outlook on life, gaining new turbo engines, a 10-speed transmission, and a new infotainment system. It also receives significant design changes, adopting a more chiseled appearance and[...]

Tom Hanks Gifted a Customized Fiat 126 from Poland

Monday  20:52,   17 july 2017

Everybody knows Jerry Seinfeld loves Porsches, but do you know Tom Hanks loves Fiats? Or "So excited about my new car! Hanx," while attempting to open the door of a sun-beaten red Fiat 126 on a Budapest[...]

Roadkill Find a Rare Junkyard Mach 1 (and the Hantavirus) in Episode 66

Monday  20:52,   17 july 2017

“An open canvas for thrashing” is how Freiburger describes his new ’69 Mustang Mach 1, if that tells you anything. In this episode of Roadkill, powered by Dodge, Freiburger and Finnegan join our airplane radial powered Plymouth friends in Colorado,[...]

Hidden in the Hoosier Forest is a yard full of Mopars

Monday  20:51,   17 july 2017

I spent an entire day meandering home and checked out a yard that had proved elusive in the past. When I pulled into the yard's lot, the owner was working on an old Dodge truck and said I was more than welcome to check the place out. The[...]

R.I.P. Dodge Viper -- Our Five Best Viper Adventures

Monday  17:52,   17 july 2017

The Viper was a mighty, roaring, infuriating, delicious beast.If you’ve never ridden in or driven a Viper, it can’t be described other than saying “Dayyyyum!” or “It’s fast.” If you have driven it, no explanation is needed. The Dodge Viper will[...]

Classic Drive: 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France Alloy Berlinetta

Monday  17:35,   17 july 2017

<p>“We’re just up the road,” says Jakob Greisen, car specialist and Vice President – Head of U.S. Motoring for Bonhams auction house. “You can’t miss us!”</p>MALIBU, California — "We're just up the road," says Jakob Greisen, car specialist and [...]

Backward Glances: 1952 Chrysler T53E1- A Lost Branch On The Power Wagon Family Tree

Monday  17:35,   17 july 2017

T53E1: a lost branch on the Power Wagon family tree.When you look at the things Chrysler Corporation was working on from the 1930s into the 1960s, you will note they were at the forefront of the technology curve. We could cite many examples in the[...]

Walter Wolf's Street-Legal 935

Monday  17:35,   17 july 2017
Road & Track

In 1979, F1 team owner Walter Wolf paid $600,000 for what was then the only road-legal, 740-hp Porsche 935.Then the GT2RS showed up. This is more like it: a near-700hp rear-drive-only machine with scoops and wings and a tank to spray water on the[...]

John Lennon's Psychedelic Rolls-Royce Phantom V Comes Home For Great Eight Phantoms Event

Friday  20:50,   14 july 2017

Lennon’s psychedelic-era Phantom V returns to London for the gathering, Great Eight Phantoms, to celebrate arrival of the new Phantom VIII.Video: Rolls-Royce announces 'The John Lennon Phantom V' Your browser does not support this video [...]

Truck Trend Legends: The Mobile Lounge

Friday  18:22,   14 july 2017
Truck Trend

The Mobile[...]

The Orphan Chronicles: The Edwards Engineering Co.

Friday  17:51,   14 july 2017
Car and Driver

The Orphan Chronicles: The Edwards Engineering Co. Edwards was the scion of a San Francisco wire-rope empire—galvanized steel cable used in elevators and drilling—and put his inheritance to use in adventurous pursuits such as flying, skiing, and[...]