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I'm Pretty Sure This Is The Saddest Car Badge Ever

Saturday  20:51,   23 september 2017

A car’s badge isn’t a necessary part of a car. It’s there not for rational, engineering reasons, but because the company and people that designed and built that car want you to know, hey, this is ours. We made this. It’s like an artist’s signature[...]

1974 Toyota Starlet - Sky Full Of Stars

Saturday  20:51,   23 september 2017
Super Street Online

The rarest Toyotas you'll ever find stateside, this car is history book on wheels and a love letter to TOM'S racing heritage.Three years ago, Orly Tapay brought his '74 Toyota Starlet to Southern California's Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS) [...]

Jalopy Spirit Lives in this Well-Preserved and Tastefully Hot-Rodded 1933 Ford Phaeton

Saturday  20:50,   23 september 2017

Alternative. Before the hot rod moniker had even been coined, jalopies were almost exclusively built based on lightweight and somewhat aerodynamic roadsters. Coupes, sedans, and a handful of pickups eventually joined the ranks, but some models never [...]

This Pontiac Firebird Concept Is Retro Done Right

Friday  17:52,   22 september 2017

It's the muscle car that GM should build.But for those of us that still imagine what a modern Firebird could have been, designer Kasim Tlibekov has us covered. Tlibekov has digitally dreamt up a Firebird for the year 2017. He [...]

After Nearly 60 Years, This Man’s Dream Came True

Friday  17:44,   22 september 2017

Oftentimes a project starts with a spark of inspiration. For enthusiasts in the ’50s, probably no single inspiration held more sway than Rod & Custom’s Dream Truck.To watch an ordinary Advance Design pickup undergo transformation to a[...]

Perfectly Restored 1969 Camaro Z/28 Stunner!

Friday  17:43,   22 september 2017

Josh Adkins can trace his family’s love of muscle cars back at least two generations, to his grandpa Bill. You see, his grandad owned a gas station back in the mid-’50s; a place that soon became the popular hot rodder’s hangout in their hometown of[...]

Please Buy This Ultra-Clean 1983 Honda Accord

Friday  17:42,   22 september 2017
Road & Track

It might not have been anything special back in the day, but now, it's a stunning museum-ready[...]

Just Listed: 1964 Ford Econoline

Thursday  19:47,   21 september 2017

You might not like to hear this, but as far as classic vans go, the Volkswagen Type 2 (VW Bus) isn’t the be-all-end-all of the segment. If you want the usability and slab-sided styling of a vintage van and are willing to dance to a different tune,[...]

Cars Without Fake Grilles

Thursday  18:41,   21 september 2017

If you had to pick the automotive equivalent of Spanx, a pretty safe bet would be fake grilles. If you had to pick the automotive equivalent of Spanx, a pretty safe bet would be fake grilles. They serve a purely aesthetic purpose, and they[...]

First Camaro VIN 001 and Camaro 031 at the 2017 Classic Industries F-Body Nationals

Thursday  18:40,   21 september 2017

With everything in life there’s a first, and the same is true of our favorite pony car, the Camaro. Yep, VIN number 123377N100001 is the first Camaro every officially produced. And while you might think it’s some super badass red RS/SS fully[...]

Inside Look at the new 2018 Coyote Block!

Thursday  15:45,   21 september 2017

Sometimes you aren’t supposed to get something but you’re glad you did.The normal gray iron sleeve has been replaced with Ford's plasma transfer wire arc process, which has been proven to be potent in the previous generation GT500. "The finished[...]

This is the most baffling and wonderful engine swap around

Wednesday  18:18,   20 september 2017

Engine swaps are interesting: most engine swaps are done for a pretty specific, rational purpose, like gaining reliability or improving performance. <br _moz_dirty=""[...]

This 1966 Lincoln Continental with a Shelby GT500 V-8 is an All-American Hero

Wednesday  18:18,   20 september 2017

<p>Two of Ford's finest creations in their respective eras come together in a beautiful restomod.</p>The Trinity engine is from the 2013-2014 Ford Shelby GT500, which is still the most powerful Mustang ever produced by Ford. In stock form, [...]

A 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis Will Make You Feel Like American Royalty

Wednesday  18:18,   20 september 2017

Welcome back to Found Around Town! We at Jalopnik are always finding cool or weird stuff just sitting around parked on the street. It’s been a hot minute since we had a weekend carspotting series here, so let’s dive back in with gusto. Video: 2017[...]

Watch This Ford F-150 EcoBoost Blow the Doors Off A Hellcat

Wednesday  18:17,   20 september 2017

<p>Apparently this is a replacement for displacement.</p>Video: Ford Debuts 375-HP Pursuit-Rated F-150 Police Responder Click to expand Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function[...]