Enthusiasts Watch This 1,900-HP Ford F-150 SVT Lightning Lay Down a 7-Second Quarter Mile

21:22  14 november  2017
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‘Vette-Powered Mustang Isn’t Just Another LS Swap

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Creating, and improving on, its own form of thunderbolt, Ford brought us out to the Lone Star State to ride and drive in the 2001 SVT F - 150 Lightning . Today's truck can do 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds and finish the quarter - mile at 100 mph in 13.9 seconds .

Watch this 1 , 900 - HP Ford F - 150 SVT Lightning lay down a 7 - second quarter mile . 2018 Ford F - 150 Lariat and XL First Test: Excellence in all forms. Motor Trend. 2018 Ford Expedition 4x4 Tested: A Bigger Bus. Car and Driver.

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You don't have to be light to be fast. Take the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, for example; the much-ballyhooed muscle freak rockets from 0 to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds despite weighing just under 4,500 pounds. Still, it's always a fun surprise to see a big ol' pickup truck dominate the drag strip like this 2004 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning at the annual Haltech World Cup Finals in Maryland last weekend.


2018 ford f-150
ford f-150

The Ford SVT Lightning was a pretty potent package out of the box, though the cast iron block and other old school techniques were showing their age by the end of its run in the mid-2000s. But this 2004 model ditches the stock running gear for a 400 cubic inch Ford small block V-8 built by Bennett Racing, a pair of twin 88 mm Bullseye turbos, a turbo 400 transmission from M&M Transmission, custom suspension from Menscer Motorsports, and a gigantic pair of drag slicks out back. The whole thing is good for about 1,900 horsepower at the crank.

Ford Dealership Builds F-150 Lightning That FoMoCo Won’t

  Ford Dealership Builds F-150 Lightning That FoMoCo Won’t <p>We’re positively stoked!</p>Using the same formula as the original F-150 Lightning, Pioneer Ford begins with a regular cab, short bed F-150. The dealership then removes the stock engine and replaces it with a Coyote V-8 supplemented by a Roush supercharger, which generates over 650 horsepower in the nouveau-Lightning.

The 1 st Generation Ford F 150 SVT Lightning was designed to go head-to-head with several performance based GM vehicles , primarily the GMC Syclone & the Chevrolet 454 Teddy purchased the truck from Fullerton Ford with 110 miles and then drove it home, which was about an 80- mile drive.

2001 ford f - 150 f 150 svt lightning (US ,000.00). 2013 ford f - 150 platinum certified(US ,700.00). According to Ford spokesperson Kelli Felker in an email to Autoblog, "We will notify customers the week of January 5th." Scroll down to read Ford 's announcement.

YouTuber BigKleib34 caught up with the owner between runs, and honestly, he's one of the most humble, laid-back guys you'll ever see at one of these things. After proclaiming that he's "not too great at this interview stuff," he proceeds to credit his partners and sponsors with the success of the build and lays out all the specs in a pitch-perfect New York accent. Asked if he has any funny stories related to he build, he replies, "Yeah, the only funny story is yesterday my chutes didn't deploy. Not that that's funny, but it's funny now because I was able to get the car to stop."

At 3,400 pounds, it's a lot lighter than a stock truck, but as the owner says, "She's a big girl... she's not on the Jenny Craig program." That doesn't stop it from making short work of the field in the rest of the video, laying down seven-second quarter-miles left and right before finally getting taken down by what looks like a Mazda RX-8-bodied funny car. More impressive than that? The way the SVT Lightning's massive rear tires fit neatly under the flareside fenders. It's like they knew what people would do with them.

Howling Coyote: Ford Mustang, F-150 getting 700-hp supercharger .
Ford Performance and Roush reveal blower at SEMA.Ford Performance and Roush announced at SEMA that they have developed a supercharger kit for the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine in the 2018 Mustang and F-150. For the Mustang, the setup is rated at 700 peak horsepower and 610 pound-feet of torque. That's a boost of 240 hp over a stock Mustang GT, and an additional 190 pound-feet of torque — and it's far above the Shelby ratings, too.

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