Enthusiasts Hit and Run Leads to Rollover, But Doesn't Stop There

17:21  06 february  2018
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You are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Hit and Run Leads to Rollover , But But through a combination of slick roads, cold temperatures, the wrong tires, and road rage, the BMW driver spins out. The car rolls onto the roof, but somehow it

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It's a tale of road rage and what not to do from both sides of a collision. And of just how strong the BMW 7 series is. A road rage video of a hit, a chase, a rollover, and more chase. Plus two drivers who should probably get their driving privileges suspended.



The video starts on the Atlantic City Turnpike, just south of Camden, New Jersey. The driver of the camera car, a 2002-2005 BMW 7 series gets rear-ended by a 2011-2013 Honda Accord. You can hear the bump on camera. That's mistake number one. The driver of the BMW tries to pull over but the Accord driver doesn't. That's mistake number two. And that's where it gets reckless.

This Is the Safest Seat in Your Car

  This Is the Safest Seat in Your Car Researchers have repeatedly found that the safest seat in any car in actually the one you probably want to sit in the very least.While it’s usually the most dreaded seat in the vehicle, researchers have repeatedly found that the middle seat in the back is the safest one in the car. In 2006, researchers at the University of Buffalo studied all auto crashes involving a fatality in the U.S. between 2000 and 2003 where someone occupied the rear middle-seat, and found that those in the back are 59% to 86% safer than passengers in the front seat and that, in the back seat, the person in the middle is 25% safer than the ones sitting next to them.

A passenger in the dash cam car is heard saying: ' Stop him, stop him, stop him, stop him'. The driver who filmed the whole incident then pulls up behind the offender and with the concrete central reservation on the fourth side the hit and run suspect is trapped.

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39989919971_7bb7bbb4b8_b.jpg© http://www.autotrader.ca/ 39989919971_7bb7bbb4b8_b.jpg The BMW takes off in pursuit of the Accord, with both weaving in and out of traffic. The Accord heads for an off-ramp with the BMW close behind. But through a combination of slick roads, cold temperatures, the wrong tires, and road rage, the BMW driver spins out. The car rolls onto the roof, but somehow it lands back on all four wheels.

Then things really escalate. The BMW driver keeps going in pursuit of the Honda. Likely leaving the Civic driver who stopped to help incredibly confused.

The chase continues while the BMW passenger calls 911.

There were originally three clips, but the last two have been taken down. According to a thread on the VWVortex forum from viewers who saw the other two clips before they got taken down, the chase continued until the BMW spun out again in a parking lot. The driver hit a curb, broke a rear control arm, and the chase ended.

How can we stop impaired, distracted drivers once and for all?

  How can we stop impaired, distracted drivers once and for all? Perhaps the best way to fight impairment and curtail distractions is through a completely zero-tolerance policyEasy: Zero tolerance for booze and drugs, automatic surrender of any handheld device if you’re involved in a collision, and manufacturers must make infotainment systems that require severely limited physical interaction unless the vehicle is in park. Easy.

All we can say is that she looked extremely confused once her car finally stopped , as if she was completely unaware of what happened. Spyderdrifter. Take her license for the hit & run .

Hit and Run Laws. If you’ve been in an accident the last thing on your mind may be the laws of Minnesota. But if you are required to stop according to Minnesota law, after any If you reacted badly in a moment of panic, we know you probably regret the actions that led you to this criminal charge.

If someone hits you and tries to run, don't chase them. Get a description and a license plate number, and call the police. Because things won't get better. They'll only get worse. Just watch.

Editor's note: Video contains strong language and illegal behaviour

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