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This Keyed Lamborghini Huracan Avio Is Hard To Look At

Wednesday  18:02,   10 january 2018

This is why we can’t have nice things. Owning and driving a supercar comes with some additional responsibilities separate from the expensive oil changes and general maintenance. Drive a supercar through a neighborhood of car-obsessed,[...]

This Mercedes O 319 restomod camper van shames your VW Microbus

Wednesday  17:07,   10 january 2018

The view out the sleeping area in the back is awesome.RM Sotheby's will be auctioning off this 1959 Mercedes-Benz O 319 bus that's been resto-modded with a modern, fuel-injected Mercedes engine and transmission, along with a modern air suspension[...]

Mopar Collection Found In Horse Pasture!

Wednesday  17:07,   10 january 2018

Hidden in the hills of western Illinois lies a trove of Mopars rusting away.Sitting along the creek was a group of Mopars. From what we were told, any cars that got abused and died got put out to pasture. The coolest were the '70-72 Plymouth[...]

How the Ford GT's Crazy Innovative Suspension Work

Sunday  21:35,   07 january 2018
Road & Track

The Ford GT can change its spring rate, damping and ride height with the twist of a dial. Here's how.It should come as no surprise that the Ford GT has an active, adjustable, multi-mode suspension. Every current supercar, along with a growing[...]

Meet The World’s Only Lamborghini Miura Roadster

Thursday  20:22,   04 january 2018

A beautiful[...]

Model T to Modern Mercedes: Testing the Evolution of Headlights from 1916 to 2018

Thursday  19:35,   04 january 2018
Car and Driver

Model T to Modern Mercedes: Testing the Evolution of Headlights from 1916 to 2018 Lux quantifies the intensity of light as perceived by the human eye. City streets are typically illuminated to about 10 lux at night while the lights in a living room [...]

Here’s your chance to buy Tucker’s very own Tucker

Wednesday  16:56,   03 january 2018

<p>It was Preston Tucker’s personal car until 1955, when he sold it to the future governor of Arkansas, a Rockefeller.</p>Tucker 48, Chassis No. 1029 and originally painted in 500 Grey, also made a cameo in the 1988 Francis Ford Coppola film[...]

Rare Find 1966 Corvette Race Car Complete with hi-po 427

Tuesday  22:21,   02 january 2018

Some people tell me to leave it as a race car. Some people tell me to restore it.&nbsp;Some people tell me to leave it as a race car. Some people tell me to restore it. There's no log books, and it wasn't Tony DeLorenzo as a driver, or Roger[...]

Driving the Rarest and Most Furious Ford

Tuesday  22:10,   02 january 2018
Road & Track

Of the two hundred RS200s Ford UK has built, twenty four were converted into RS200 Evolutions. And only four were used as factory race cars. This is one of them.Ford's Kevlar-bodied mid-engined monster is powered by a 1.8 Cosworth BDS engine that[...]

Is This the Nicest Unrestored 1967 Pontiac GTO on the Planet?

Friday  22:05,   29 december 2017

When Gary Arvanigian opened the side door of the car carrier, he thought he had made a mistake. The 1967 GTO, black with black interior, looked restored, "like a porcelain Easter egg, it glowed." This Pontiac had to have been repainted.[...]

I Have Determined The Correct Amount Of Horsepower

Friday  18:41,   29 december 2017

There are often, sadly, engines that have too little horsepower. There are often, disconcertingly, engines with too much horsepower. Through extensive and vigorous testing as an Automotive Journalist, I have determined the correct amount of[...]

Studio X: The Story of Bill Mitchell's Secret Styling Studio at General Motors

Friday  17:49,   29 december 2017
Motor Trend

Bill Mitchell's secret styling studio sourced some of GM's greatest cars and conceptsIt was a cold November morning in 1957 when William L. "Bill" Mitchell, heir apparent to General Motors' industry-dominating design team, strode[...]

Original Owners of This 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 Still Enjoy Their First New Car Almost 50 Years Later

Thursday  22:11,   28 december 2017

"It was between that and a Gran Sport," remembers John Ewart of the day in March 1969 when he and his new bride, Alice, went shopping for their first new car.&nbsp;We like a guy who has his priorities[...]

How many car-related acronyms and symbols do you know?

Thursday  00:31,   28 december 2017

<p>Take this quiz and test your knowledge about car-related acronyms and[...]

1963 Corvette Grand Sport Superformance Continuation Coupe

Friday  22:36,   22 december 2017

Surrounded in turbulent times, the saga of the 1963 Corvette Grand Sport started in early 1962.In order to meet the FIA's homologation regulations Chevrolet was required to build 125 Grand Sport Corvettes, but only five cars were completed before—in [...]