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Autos: Enthusiasts

15 Items for Your Automotive Bucket List

Wednesday  22:31,   06 june 2018

Nobody knows when their last lap around the sun is coming. We can guess, sure, but odds are we’re all betting we’ve got more time on the board than we actually do. At some point, the big crew chief in the sky is going to call us in for what we might [...]

On the Road: 2018 Ford GT

Wednesday  20:57,   06 june 2018

Ford’s best selling vehicles might be trucks, but the automaker’s most coveted product is the GT supercar. All about innovation and performance, the latest generation GT is a vehicle built in very limited numbers. Prospective purchasers had to apply [...]

Fast & Beautiful Burnished Brown 1969 Chevrolet COPO Camaro Was a Disappointment to Original Owner

Wednesday  17:32,   06 june 2018

Mike Stivison wanted to go racing, so he went to Merollis Chevrolet, the popular Detroit-area dealer, and worked the Central Office Production Order form to build a 1969 Camaro that would be fast and beautiful. The fast would come from checking off[...]

Why This Guy Spent $1.3 Million To Restore A Dino With A Ferrari F40 Engine

Wednesday  17:32,   06 june 2018

When you’ve already got a garage stocked with Ferrari’s greatest hits, each time you add something to the collection, it has to be interesting. This particular Dino, now packing more than 400 horsepower from an engine stolen from the famous F40[...]

Just Listed: 1979 Honda Accord Hatchback

Wednesday  17:32,   06 june 2018

A clean base model that’ll be a hoot to driveAre you looking for a fun-to-drive hatchback about the size of a Honda Fit but without the trappings of modernity? In that case, Bring a Trailer has just what you're looking for in the form of this 1979[...]

Nerdy Cars Gone Cool

Wednesday  16:52,   06 june 2018

Mostly, it’s the glasses. On the silver screen, a pair of thick-framed specs is good enough to disguise Superman as Clark Kent, so to the audience they’re sufficient as shorthand for Nerd.  1/10 SLIDES © (Brendan McAleer) [...]

How 3D Printing is changing the way cars are made

Tuesday  22:37,   05 june 2018

From prototype parts to a complete car, the potential for 3D printing seems unlimitedThat’s the technology that is transforming the way cars are developed and even how some parts are[...]

The Avtoros Shaman 8x8 Is a Reasonable Tank

Tuesday  22:37,   05 june 2018

I meant to write truck. A reasonable truck.It's amphibious! That can come handy if you own a large swamp, or half of Siberia. Then, there's the engine. It's a three-liter Iveco diesel. A trusty, proven Italian design. And yes, a top speed of 44 mph[...]

Over 150 Of The Coolest Mustang Vanity License Plates

Tuesday  22:33,   05 june 2018

The Mustang hobby is full of innovation, customization and personalization. And nothing drives the point home like a specialized vanity plate. The Mustang hobby is full of innovation, customization and personalization. And nothing drives[...]

We Finish the Revival of a Nearly New 1969 Ford Ranchero GT After 29 Years of Storage

Tuesday  22:32,   05 june 2018

About a month ago, while we were strolling around the grounds of the old family compound, we touched on the topic of long-term storage. That's what led us to the opening of a 40-foot shipping container. Locked in and forgotten, this time since[...]

Unrestored Original 1966 Shelby G.T. 350H Is a Movie Star Too

Tuesday  22:31,   05 june 2018

During his stay overseas with the military, Gino Lucci developed a love for the Ford GT40. Gino squirreled away every penny he made in the service, and in the fall of 1968 he was back home and ready to make a purchase. The $3,500 he'd saved [...]

Full Custom Trans-Am-Powered 1965 Ford Mustang

Tuesday  21:06,   05 june 2018

Every shop has that one great customer—that one person who truly enjoys the process of the build and keeps coming back again and again for the next car. Some of the builds stay in the collection, and sometimes they move along to allow room/finances [...]

Five Favourites From the 2018 In Memory of Paul Car Hangout

Tuesday  20:02,   05 june 2018

Picks from every corner of car cultureFans remain dedicated to the late Walker, who passed away in 2013 while riding alongside with driver Roger Rodas in a Porsche Carrera GT. This passion was evinced in a packed-out field of cars on display. Learn[...]

Solving the Mystery of the “Lost” Eighth 1969 Pontiac Trans Am Convertible

Monday  21:51,   04 june 2018

<p>In its first year of production, a mere 689 Trans Am hardtops were built. Even rarer are the convertibles, as only eight were made. This is the story of #8.</p>Growing up in the Motor City, the mere mention of the name "Trans Am" brought[...]

Eye Candy: 1935 Ford Panel Truck

Monday  18:48,   04 june 2018

I love fat fenders on a hot rod.&nbsp;Occupation: Heavy truck[...]