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Autos: Enthusiasts

Find of the Week: 1957 Chrysler 300C

Wednesday  16:57,   05 april 2017

Find of the Week: 1957 Chrysler 300C 1/8 SLIDES © [...]

Ultrarare 1967 Mercury R-Code Comet Caliente Sitting With the Chickens

Wednesday  16:56,   05 april 2017

I love the modern world sometimes. I was surfing the internet and came across a post from a guy asking about this car in his barn. He knew what it was; he just wanted to show what a cool car it was. Never having seen a car like that before, I[...]

What Car Company Appears In Movies and On TV the Most?

Tuesday  17:21,   04 april 2017

<p>It's no surprise that International Harvester is rarely seen on TV or in movies.</p>This graphic also makes some diverting, if forgettable, stats come to light. You know, the kind of stats that wouldn't get you anything other than a[...]

Think Twice Before Buying That “Low-Buck” Muscle Car

Tuesday  17:21,   04 april 2017

On warm afternoons my grandfather used to sit in an old metal yard chair in the shade of a tall elm in the front yard of his rural Iowa farmhouse. He'd puff gently on a pipe and smile a contented smile about nothing in particular. Back then, he[...]

Orange Beach Invasion

Monday  17:14,   03 april 2017

First time show for Gregg Miller and Robbie Bryan is a hit.The first Orange Beach Invasion was billed as the new Spring Break venue at the southern tip of Alabama, with custom trucks seemingly taking over the entire city. Set in the beautiful[...]

The 28th Annual Spring Daytona Turkey Run

Monday  17:12,   03 april 2017

The 2017 Spring Daytona Turkey Run is in the books. The 28th annual event is to springtime what the Thanksgiving Holiday event is to Turkey Day. Both events are immensely popular each bringing in a varied collection of hot rods but one thing is for [...]

Collectible Classic: 1987-1993 Ford Mustang 5.0

Monday  17:10,   03 april 2017

Launched at the end of the late 1970s oil crisis, Ford’s “Fox Body” Mustang (underpinned by Ford’s Fox rear-drive platform) was meant to signal a return to the car’s muscle-bound 1960s roots. Instead, the third-generation Mustang started out as a[...]

No Mullet Required

Monday  17:10,   03 april 2017

Mike Wenzler is a mechanic and shop owner from Battle Creek Michigan. He had planned on running the Gear Vendor’s Drag Week, powered by Dodge, and had started to build a different car. After taking the ex-Pro Stock Willie Rells chassis in on trade[...]

Black Magic: What Really Enables the Bugatti Chiron to Hit 260+ MPH

Monday  16:35,   03 april 2017

To most car owners, they’re round and black and wear out too soon. They’re an expensive pain in the ass, replaced only when the tread wears thin enough to risk a ticket from a pedantic cop. To a Bugatti Chiron owner, though, tires are the only[...]

Cannonball Run NASCAR Chevelle Clone Up for Auction

Friday  17:54,   31 march 2017

Movie Car Clone set for Sale at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach While some Chevelle zealots will firmly deny that Chevrolet built A-bodies after 1972, the colonnade coupes do have their fair share of fans. The HOT ROD staff is divided on the styling of[...]

This $1.1 Million Tucker 48 Was Built from Two Crashed Cars and a Test Chassis

Thursday  18:13,   30 march 2017

The "extra" Tucker may be a combination of parts from three chassis, but it's stunning. And a bargain compared to "factory" Tuckers.The Tucker production sedans were numbered from the factory starting with #1001, with the[...]

Toyota Builds Real-Life Hilux Tonka Toy

Thursday  18:12,   30 march 2017

Truck Commemorates Popularity of Pickup in AustraliaThe team started off with a Hilux SR5 Double Cab, the highest trim level offered in Australia, equipped with Toyota’s new 1GD-FTV 2.8L turbodiesel I-4 engine. To give the truck more capability and[...]

Stars in Cars: Cheyenne Ruether

Thursday  18:11,   30 march 2017

Stars in Cars: Cheyenne RuetherCheyenne Ruether isn’t just a pretty face - she’s a force to be reckoned with on the auto shop floor. The native of Edmonton, Alberta followed in her dad and brothers’ footsteps, tinkering on cars as a child at the age [...]

The General Motors Duramax Engine Through History

Thursday  18:07,   30 march 2017

General Motors announced it built its two millionth Duramax, an L5P bound for a 2017 Chevy or GMC pickup. But Duramax history actually began with the 2001 LB7.Late last week, General Motors announced it had built its two millionth Duramax engine, an [...]

One-of-a-Kind 1969 Ford Torino Cobra Was a Gift to NASCAR Great David Pearson

Thursday  18:06,   30 march 2017

In 1969, David Pearson drove Holman Moody’s No. 17 Ford Torino to a second NASCAR Grand National championship in a row. Not long after the 1969 racing season ended, Holman Moody asked Pearson to make a trip to the corporate facility in Charlotte,[...]