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This 1982 Ford Concept Is The Perfect Car For the Zombie Apocalypse

Friday  17:06,   27 january 2017

Mind you, it's less than ideal if the post-apocalypse future looks more like Mad Max, but hear me out.Debuting at the 1982 Detroit Auto Show and continuing its tour in Chicago, the Ford Alternative Fuel Vehicle was a highly aerodynamic two-door[...]

The Edsel Proved Why You Should Never Design a Car by Comittee

Thursday  17:51,   26 january 2017

Ford had big ambitions for Edsel. Unfortunately, they were too big.Our pals at Regular Car Reviews got into the history of Edsel in a new documentary podcast. It's a great listen for anyone interested in the car[...]

Why We Ride: Fundy Adventure Rally on a Honda CRF250L

Thursday  17:06,   26 january 2017

It sounded easy enough. All I had to do was ride 500 km of off-road sections, of varying difficulty in six loops, in a four-man team consisting of three media riders and a guide. But there were challenges.  [...]

Bucky Hess’s 1932 Ford Vicky Gasser is Patina Perfect and Frozen in Time

Thursday  17:06,   26 january 2017

If it were not for tires that were incapable of providing traction for high-powered race cars, the “gasser look” might not exist.If it were not for tires that were incapable of providing traction for high-powered race cars, the "gasser look" might[...]

Want to Go Fast? Jerry Link’s Twin-Turbo, Big-Block Ranchero Has the Formula

Wednesday  18:06,   25 january 2017

Though we all get itchy reading about diesel-locomotive-like torque, high-rate handling, and how one person achieved that with their own car, we are probably more disposed to hear how it all really turned out. It's stuff you can't make up; it[...]

Just Listed: 1990 Lamborghini LM002 with Just 3,300 Miles

Wednesday  16:52,   25 january 2017

Interested in an ex-military HUMVEE? How pedestrian. Sure, intrepid buyers have snapped up surplus HUMVEEs with alacrity, but is a stripped-out, worn-down, battle-scarred metal box what you really need? Instead, we suggest you take out a second[...]

Collection of Sacrificial Mopars

Wednesday  16:51,   25 january 2017

These E-Body Mopars Paid the Ultimate Price So Others Could Live I met Danny and Byron on Power Tour 2012, and we had a blast when they joined us in our pack of Mopars. Danny showed me some cars he had on his property—not just the usual junk but a[...]

From Oakland to oblivion - the life and death of Pontiac

Wednesday  16:37,   25 january 2017

Beginning life as the Oakland Motor Car Co., founded by Edward Murphy in 1907, Pontiac's history has traversed both high points and low moments in car design, producing icons like the GTO and flops like the Aztek. It was on January 20, 1909 that [...]

This GT350-Powered 1969 Bronco Prototype Was Ford's Idea of a Performance Truck

Wednesday  16:37,   25 january 2017

Meet the Boss[...]

What the Audi Q8 e-tron Concept Says About the Future of Audi Design

Tuesday  16:37,   24 january 2017

Audi has always been known for its elegant, restrained design philosophy, but it looks like those days might be over. One look at the Audi Q8 e-tron shows that Ingolstadt is wresting itself from the shackles of inoffensiveness in the future. Audi[...]

Junkyard Gem: 1977 Ford Mustang II

Monday  15:40,   23 january 2017

A rare factory V8-equipped Mustang II, found in a Denver wrecking yard prior to some hot-rodderSeveral options were available in the Mustang II during its 1974-1978 production run: the "Pinto 2300" four-cylinder that went in most examples, the[...]

This Custom 1974 Half-cab Bronco has Some Serious Kick

Monday  15:40,   23 january 2017


Rare Find: Hidden 1967 Shelby Sees the Light of Day

Friday  18:07,   20 january 2017

Rare Finds – Midnight Run: Rescuing a 1967 Shelby G.T. 350 For years, we had been after John Frakes to show us pictures and tell us details of his amazing Shelby find, which we had heard about. We see John and his wife Jan at the Mid-America Ford[...]

Danny and Diane Shaffer’s 1964 Fairlane

Thursday  18:41,   19 january 2017

Ford Motor Company proved in the early ’60s that bigger isn’t always better. Though their full-size fleet was bigger and better than ever, typically with each new large model came complementing midsize and compacts. Ford's very first foray into the [...]

Just Listed: Six Offbeat Cars from Barrett-Jackson’s 2017 Scottsdale Sale

Thursday  18:40,   19 january 2017

For the most part, you can expect more-or-less the same theme and curated quality of cars from Monterey-favorite auction houses like RM Sotheby’s and Gooding & Co. If you’re in attendance at one of those beau monde sales, you’ll run into a[...]