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A Classic Car Graveyard in the Middle of Nowhere

Friday  17:41,   26 may 2017

<p>A local junkyard owner is offering is auctioning off over 300 classic rides in the middle of the South Dakota Great Plains.</p>It can manifest in strange ways and often times it makes you buy things in bulk that would otherwise make other[...]

50 Years & 2 Engine Rebuilds Later, 1965 Buick Gran Sport Drives Like New Again

Thursday  18:07,   25 may 2017

The 1964 introduction of GM’s midsize A-Body platform was perfectly timed to give several of the General’s brands an entry point for a rapidly growing youth market interested in automotive performance. Pontiac famously filled the niche with the[...]

A moment in time: the Dodge La Femme

Thursday  18:06,   25 may 2017

"By appointment to her majesty, the American woman!"The rise of these new communities also gave rise to commuting; the vast majority of suburban families had at least one parent who drove to work. Groceries, household items, and sundries[...]

I Canceled Cable TV and Bought a Muscle Car: Here’s Why

Thursday  18:05,   25 may 2017

I am guilty of project-car neglect. There's no tear-inducing Sarah McLachlan commercial to that effect, but it, too, is a situation in need of remedy. Too many times, I've brought home a stray vehicle, a model I've always wanted to build—but a[...]

These Front-Facing Headrest Screens Are The Worst Car Mods Ever

Wednesday  16:55,   24 may 2017

<p>One of the most common (and hilarious) modifications popularized by MTV's Pimp My Ride was the addition of wholly unnecessary LCD monitors to every conceivable part of the car. Screens on the mudflaps, screens on the roof and now, courtesy [...]

2017 Shelby Super Snake Concept is a 750-HP Wide Body Road Racer

Wednesday  16:23,   24 may 2017

<p>Sexy wide body offers new suspension and brake options</p>Video: 2017 Ford Raptor with Ken Block! Click to expand Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { [...]

Buy This Ford Expedition Funkmaster Flex Edition, Live the Late-Aughts Dream

Wednesday  16:23,   24 may 2017

<p>Early 2007 was a weird time. Flip phones with full keyboards were all the rage, AXE body spray was still a socially-acceptable choice, and America obsessed over Britney Spears shaving her head-all while the largest financial crisis since the[...]

Motor Mouth: Autistic teen racer leaves doubters in the dust

Wednesday  16:22,   24 may 2017

After success in karts, Austin Riley continues to inspire as he prepares for his first race in the Nissan Micra CupAnd the family pickup truck, a barely two-year-old Chevy Silverado, already showing 145,000 kilometres, testament to a father’s[...]

5 Awesome Cars From ToyotaFest 2017

Wednesday  16:22,   24 may 2017

ICYMI: Some of our favorite cars from the 22nd annual ToyotaFestOrly Tapay's '74 Toyota[...]

Smokey and the Bandit Get a Modern Makeover

Wednesday  16:22,   24 may 2017

If only Pontiac were still aroundFeaturing a 403 cubic-inch V-8 engine, developed by Oldsmobile, and coupled to an automatic transmission, the customer and movie cars made only about 180 horsepower, 25 less than your modern Subaru BRZ. Yet, although [...]

The Volkswagen Americans Were Never Supposed to Have

Tuesday  22:08,   23 may 2017

The Type 34 Karmann Ghia wasn't officially sold in the US, yet rumor has it that today, Americans have more of them than any other nation.See the latest new models from[...]

This Wooden, Algae-Powered Motorcycle Is the Best Kind of Weird

Tuesday  22:08,   23 may 2017

<p>A Dutch designer named Ritsert Mans has teamed up with his scientist friend Peter Mooji to create a very unconventional motorcycle</p>A Dutch designer named Ritsert Mans has teamed up with his scientist friend Peter Mooji to create a very[...]

25 Photos to Remind Of The Glory Days Of Drag Racing

Tuesday  16:55,   23 may 2017

Dave Kommel fell in love with drag racing in 1960 as a 10-year-old reading about Don Garlits in HOT ROD Magazine. He went to his first race in Union Grove, WI, in 1966 and started shooting trackside, mainly on the west coast, in 1972 through the[...]

The Ultimate Sleeper 1956 Ford F-100 with Small-Block V-8 Power

Friday  18:11,   19 may 2017

Ever since the dawn of hot rodding there have been plenty of drivers surprised by non-descript cars or trucks packed with plenty of dynamite in a sedate package. They're usually plainly wrapped with worn paint and dog dish hubcaps, but it's under[...]

How the Humvee Compares to the New Oshkosh JLTV

Friday  18:09,   19 may 2017

<p>Why the Humvee is getting replaced by a Chevrolet-Silverado-HD-powered armored truck</p>When AM General developed the Humvee back in the late '70s and early '80s, its naturally aspirated 150-hp 6.2-liter diesel V-8 paired with a three-speed [...]