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Hyundai built an awesome Santa Fe to cross the Antarctic

Wednesday  18:21,   26 april 2017

We wish the stock ones were this cool.For added ground clearance, Hyundai fitted portal gears to the ends of the axles, a la Mercedes-Benz G550 4x42. Big tires also help with ground clearance, and the 38-inch examples used on the Santa Fe Sport are[...]

Updated 2018 Subaru WRX still starts at under $30K

Tuesday  20:52,   25 april 2017

With 268 horsepower and AWD for under $30,000, the Subaru WRX is still a performance bargainFollowing its debut at the North American International Auto Show earlier this year, the 2018 WRX retains its $29,995 starting price for the base model. As[...]

Production-spec Jaguar I-Pace could debut this September

Tuesday  20:51,   25 april 2017

Jaguar I-Pace expected to hit production in early 2018That’s the word from AutoExpress – hat tip to – which suggests the Jaguar I-Pace is set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. It’s certainly not unrealistic – having debuted[...]

Police Chief Writes Himself $300 Speeding Ticket

Tuesday  20:02,   25 april 2017
Popular Mechanics

Sperry Police Chief Justin Burch posted an apology on the department's Facebook page SaturdaySperry Police Chief Justin Burch posted an apology on the department's Facebook page Saturday, saying he was "wrong in traveling at 75 and 80 mph."[...]

Smaller and cheaper Honda Pilot reportedly in the works

Tuesday  19:41,   25 april 2017

Pining for a Honda Pilot, but without the third row of seats? You might be in luckPer WardsAuto – hat tip to Car and Driver – Honda is looking to shrink the Pilot with a shorter variant with two rows of seats, not unlike how Hyundai sets up its[...]

Is Tesla Really Worth More than GM and Ford?

Monday  19:56,   24 april 2017

A license plate frame on a BMW i3 parked in a Royal Oak, Michigan, grocery store parking lot said it all: “My next car is an electric Tesla.” The owner of that Bimmer can’t wait to take delivery of his Tesla Model 3. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, promises [...]

This ‘flying car’ could be buzzing between rooftops by 2022

Saturday  18:55,   22 april 2017
The Verge

Metro Skyway, a subsidiary of the Tel Aviv-based Urban Aeronautics, just introduced its plans to build a four-person, hydrogen-powered “flying car” that it hopes will be buzzing above skyscrapers by 2022. The vehicle will initially run on jet fuel, [...]

Ford gives the gift of Shelby Mustangs

Saturday  18:51,   22 april 2017

Shelby GT350 and GT350R Mustangs will carry on virtually unchangedThe main point of that assertion is that the most track-capable, street-legal Mustangs will continue with the 526-hp 5.2-litre dual overhead cam V-8 that also makes 429 lb-ft of[...]

Looks Like We'll Have a New Silverado in 2018

Saturday  18:50,   22 april 2017

General Motors is purposely stockpiling inventory in preparation for factory tooling this summer and fall. General Motors is purposely stockpiling inventory in preparation for factory tooling this summer and fall. Right now, GM has about[...]

Was a Canadian serviceman buried under the Top Gear test track during WWII?

Saturday  18:50,   22 april 2017

Plans to construct affordable housing on the Dunsfold Aerodrome site were greenlitAs the original story goes, a Royal Canadian Engineer was reportedly killed during the construction of a runway at Dunsfold, during the Second World War. The second[...]

Ford May Use Bamboo In Your Next Vehicle

Saturday  18:50,   22 april 2017

Many vehicle manufacturers are racing to find lighter, stronger and more sustainable materials to build their vehicles with. According to Janet Yin, a materials engineering supervisor at Ford's Nanjing Research & Engineering Centre,[...]

New Hampshire Man Crashes His Corvette 2 Times in 7 Minutes, Police Say

Wednesday  20:27,   19 april 2017

According to the local police, a New Hampshire man driving a Chevrolet Corvette was involved in two separate accidents in the span of just seven minutes.  54-year-old Kevin Cullinane of New Boston, NH, has been charged reckless operation,[...]

Fiat Chrysler's Marchionne is done talking about alliances

Wednesday  17:11,   19 april 2017

"The primary focus is the execution of the plan," he said.Marchionne had repeatedly called for mergers in the car industry and a tie-up has long been seen as the ultimate aim of his relaunch of Fiat Chrysler, which he is due to leave in[...]

What Is VW Going to Do with All Those Bought-Back TDIs?

Wednesday  17:07,   19 april 2017
Car and Driver

<p>Approximately 200,000 late-model TDI-badged Volkswagen four-cylinder diesel vehicles now sit unused in massive holding lots.</p>The vehicles have been bought back with generous cash payments—an average of about $21,600 and up to a maximum[...]

Lynk & Co to Show 03 Concept Sedan in Shanghai

Wednesday  17:06,   19 april 2017
Motor Trend

Geely is moving quickly to launch its newest automotive venture, Lynk &amp; Co. Formed about six months ago, the brand has already shown an SUV and will debut a new sedan concept at the Shanghai auto show this week. Lynk &amp; Co will sell[...]