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Spied! BMW X7 Inches Closer to Production

Thursday  18:04,   12 april 2018

Big grille, big[...]

Ford Gearboxes Unsure What Gear They're In

Wednesday  20:45,   11 april 2018

<p>In Canada, nearly 52,000 trucks are affected, plus another 292,000 in the rest of North America.</p>Ford Motor Company's latest safety campaign recalls every poorly edited movie car chase in which the driver is apparently clueless about how [...]

Audi E-tron Vision Gran Turismo Comes to Life for Formula E

Wednesday  20:44,   11 april 2018

Will serve as race[...]

New Orleans Speed Camera Keeps Issuing Speeding Tickets to Parked Cars

Wednesday  20:44,   11 april 2018

So this is how the robot uprising begins.Video: Ride Along With Tony Kanaan Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer",[...]

Buick's New Electric Concept Is Very Round

Tuesday  18:46,   10 april 2018

Buick has an image problem in the U.S., where it’s seen as a brand for The Olds, and where it’s planning to take its own name off of its cars in 2019. But in China, where Buick sold 1.2 million vehicles last year, it’s a completely different story.[...]

AMG to Add a Second Range of Sporty Small Cars

Tuesday  18:43,   10 april 2018
Car and Driver

AMG to Add a Second Range of Sporty Small Cars The current Mercedes-Benz lineup has a massive gap between the entry-level CLA250 and GLA250 models, which are powered by a turbocharged 208-hp 2.0-liter four, and the fire-breathing AMG 45 variants,[...]

2019 Lexus ES Shows Its Face In Leaked Image Ahead Of Debut

Tuesday  18:42,   10 april 2018

The new luxury sedan will be shown at the Beijing Motor Show on April 25. With the LS adopting a more sculpted version of Lexus’s signature spindle grille, the smaller ES will expectedly get the same treatment when it debuts in just a few months.[...]

Lincoln cuts back on sales to fleets, hopes to court millennials

Tuesday  18:41,   10 april 2018

Can America's other luxury brand continue its rise from irrelevancy by reducing fleet sales and making cars for individuals?The problem with fleet sales -- and this is something that many domestic automakers have suffered from for a long time[...]

Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo sets unrestricted lap time at Spa-Francorchamps

Tuesday  18:39,   10 april 2018

Race cars, no matter what level or series, are always limited by rules and regulations. Some are highly restrictive while others offer a lot of freedom within defined parameters. At the end of the day there are always compromises. After the 2017[...]

Campagna Motors Announces Fully Electric T-Rex

Tuesday  18:37,   10 april 2018

Campagna Motors announces the development of an all-electric T-REX® Prototype. Previously establishing successful partnerships with BMW and Harley-Davidson to source powerplants for the T-REX and V13R respectfully, this undertaking consisted of[...]

2018 Ford F-150, Mustang And Others Recalled Because They Might Roll Away

Tuesday  18:37,   10 april 2018

On Friday, Ford announced that a huge number of 2018 F-150s, Expeditions, Mustangs, Lincoln Navigators and some heavy work vehicles are being recalled for appearing to be in park, but actually still being able to roll away after they’ve been shut[...]

"F1" License Plate For Sale At An Unbelievable $20 Million

Tuesday  18:37,   10 april 2018

How much would you pay for a vanity license plate? If you said you’re willing to pay $20.3 million (£14,412,093.99) for a vanity license plate, might I offer you an investment idea called my bank account? That’s the price tag for the coveted “F1”[...]

Teams optimistic as F1 unveils future blueprint for series

Tuesday  18:01,   10 april 2018

SAKHIR, Bahrain - Claire Williams from Williams felt like cracking open some champagne, while other Formula One teams also reacted positively to series owner Liberty Media's plans for their future. The key initiatives are the introduction of a[...]

Train Carrying 10 Million Pounds of Poop Stranded in Alabama Train Yard for Two Months

Tuesday  02:06,   10 april 2018

'God help us if it gets hot,' said the town's mayor.Hopefully, if you're reading this, you live far from the town of Parrish, Alabama. Because if you're not, that means that you're probably tired of smelling the 10 million pounds of[...]

Here's Why Chevrolet Silverado Medium-Duty Trucks Get the Camaro's Flowtie

Friday  23:27,   06 april 2018

Big Silverado improves cooling with trick from the Camaro’s playbookFirst introduced a few years ago on the Camaro Z/28, the flowtie was created out of necessity. Engineers wanted more airflow to the engine bay, so they removed the traditional[...]