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Watch What Happens When You Run an Engine Without Oil

Wednesday  19:24,   26 april 2017

Oil is to cars as blood is to people-neither will run very long without it. Oil flows all throughout the engine and various components, lubricating all those moving parts and keeping everything from getting too hot. But for every driver out there[...]

Shop Class: How Transmissions Work

Tuesday  18:37,   25 april 2017
Truck Trend

Put the Power[...]

Running On Empty With Run-Flat Tires

Tuesday  17:24,   18 april 2017

If you’ve bought a new car in the last several years, there’s an increasing likelihood that when you take a look in the trunk, you’ll no longer find a spare tire. Here are the performance advantages to ditching the spare, and a real-world example of [...]

Do you really know if your child is safely strapped in?

Thursday  18:45,   13 april 2017

A mother got caught in the middle of a debate after posting photos of her child, strapped in and being held upside down in a car seatConsidering how many people get part of the child car seat equation wrong, I think she did a great service. She[...]

What Licence Do You Need to Tow That New Trailer?

Monday  20:40,   10 april 2017

What Licence Do You Need to Tow That New Trailer?You’re off! Exploring Canada’s highways and byways by yourself or with the family, with that great big trailer coming along smoothly behind you. But do you have the right driver’s license and vehicle[...]

'Car Genie' App Predicts Breakdowns Ahead of Time

Thursday  20:33,   06 april 2017

Not only are breakdowns a deeply inconvenient part of car ownership, but they can be downright dangerous in high speed traffic or extreme weather. Modern automotive engineering has reduced breakdowns to a relatively rare occurrence these days, but[...]

Stupid Motorcycling Mistakes That Make You Look Like An Amateur

Thursday  20:33,   06 april 2017
Motorcycle Cruiser

Don't look like an amateur! Though memorable, those debacles are one-time mistakes, quickly overcome and visible only to those on hand for the occasion. The blunders that keep on giving are those that we repeat or have a chance to[...]

Manual vs. Automatic Transmission: Which Is Better Off-Road?

Tuesday  17:20,   04 april 2017
Road & Track

Let these stern-looking men in XJ Jeep Cherokees explain the differences for off-roading.The old manual vs. automatic argument doesn't disappear when you go off the pavement. In the world of off-roaders, the debate on transmission choice is just as[...]

Check engine light? Here are the top reasons, and what to do next

Thursday  18:05,   30 march 2017

Once a vehicle is out of warranty, having a check engine light diagnosed and repaired is very much akin to leaving a blank cheque on the service counter . Automakers jam more and more computers in our vehicles every model year, but they still often[...]

Would you drink water filtered by your car?

Wednesday  17:38,   29 march 2017
New York Daily News

For anyone who’s ever found themselves stricken with a voracious thirst while sitting in gridlock traffic or while driving down a remote stretch of road, Ford is here to make sure you never have to experience that again. Through a recently developed [...]

Here's Why First Responders Block Extra Lanes of Traffic

Wednesday  16:46,   29 march 2017

Ever wondered why emergency services personnel block additional lanes of traffic with their vehicles when operating on a public street or highway? Well, The Drive is here to help you understand.When fire, police or EMS personnel are operating at a[...]

Your Corner Wrench: Don’t let your auto’s interior get you all cracked up

Wednesday  16:45,   29 march 2017

Time takes its toll on all things, but that isn't a reason to think your vehicle's interior is damaged beyond hopeDash overlays. Nothing says “tired” like a cracked upper dash panel. And most drivers cringe at the thought of the price of[...]

FWD vs. RWD: Which Is Best For You?

Monday  16:46,   27 march 2017
U.S. News & World Report

Front-wheel drive (FWD) versus rear-wheel drive (RWD) may be the most contentious automotive debate since Ford versus Chevy, or trucks versus cars. The two technologies grew up on separate paths, and each has its own distinct[...]

Clear the Snow Off Your Car With This One Simple Trick

Friday  15:57,   24 march 2017

<p>There's no excuse for the lazy anymore.</p>Heading out to face the wrath of yesterday's late-season blizzard, one Pennsylvania man got a little creative with his method to remove all the snow covering his Dodge Ram - the humble,[...]

Tips for driving in extreme winter weather

Thursday  16:07,   23 march 2017

It pays to know what kind of weather is coming and prepare in advanceWhen the weather is extreme, you're well advised to stay off the roads if you don't absolutely have to drive. Or perhaps you can travel earlier or later to avoid the most severe[...]