Ownership How can we stop impaired, distracted drivers once and for all?

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VW Marks 50 years of Baja Racing

  VW Marks 50 years of Baja Racing This November, hundreds of racers and thousands of motorsport fans will gather in Mexico for the running of the 50th BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 1000, one of the most grueling and demanding races on the planet. And as always, the race will feature “Baja Bugs” — modified Volkswagen Beetle vehicles—as well as Spartan racers using Beetle running gear that have shown their mettle across the deserts for five decades and counting.Born from the dune buggy and off-roading culture of southern California in the ‘60s, the SCORE Baja 1000 has become renowned in motorsports for the scope of the challenge, both in terms of distance and terrain.

Proponents of an all-autonomous driving world usually cite safety, with a corresponding plunge in death and injury, as a leading reason drivers need to be done away with. I may hate the idea in principle, but they have a point: Drivers are idiots.

On the highways near our nation's capital I noticed with horror a women driving in front of me at 70 mph, and texting on her iPhone (and we all know how easy that is to do on the iPhone's tiny touch Distracted drivers aren't just a danger to themselves, they are a danger to everyone on the road.

  How can we stop impaired, distracted drivers once and for all? © Provided by Driving.ca

Proponents of an all-autonomous driving world usually cite safety, with a corresponding plunge in death and injury, as a leading reason drivers need to be done away with. I may hate the idea in principle, but they have a point: Drivers are idiots. So how do we stop the worst – the impaired and the distracted – once and for all?

Easy: Zero tolerance for booze and drugs, automatic surrender of any handheld device if you’re involved in a collision, and manufacturers must make infotainment systems that require severely limited physical interaction unless the vehicle is in park. Easy.

For decades, police and the courts, both the bricks-and-mortar kind and the public opinion kind, have struggled to punish, warn, scare, beg, plead and coerce people into not drinking if they intend to get behind the wheel. You’re allowed to have this many drinks, but not that many. You can blow this but not that. One set of rules if you’re 19, another if you’re 21. The resources that go into campaigns to serve as carrots and laws to serve as sticks continue to meet hard resistance.

Start living with stop/start technology

  Start living with stop/start technology It can be annoying to some drivers, but the feature is being found on more and more cars each yearVideo: Don’t bother buying these new car add-ons (provided by Consumer Reports)

Your list of things to do is starting to feel heavy, and there doesn’t seem to be enough time. It's time to stop getting distracted . Carefully think about how often you currently check all the websites and apps that have been distracting you.

First of all, keep it clean. No, using a case of windshield washer fluid during a week of winter commuting, or running though a car wash doesn’t count. How can we stop impaired , distracted drivers once and for all ?

According to Statistics Canada, one in six drivers charged with impaired driving has already been charged in the past decade. You’d think having a DUI on your record make you just a little ashamed; guess you’d be wrong. So, make it zero. Every jurisdiction has their point-oh-somethings for car seizure, for this charge, for that felony. Everybody argues how many beers it’s okay to have in your belly before you head for home; Ride Check officers debate your “just a glass of wine with dinner six hours ago” as they shine a light in your eyes. Remove the debate. Zero.

We call it impaired driving now, instead of drunk driving, because of the proliferation of both illegal (though, soon not) and legal drugs. We actually establish law on not whether you can drive while impaired, but how impaired you’re legally allowed to be. Scrap that. If you’re behind the wheel, you have to be clean.

Research Suggests That Pokemon Go Is Behind Hundreds of Traffic Deaths

  Research Suggests That Pokemon Go Is Behind Hundreds of Traffic Deaths Research Suggests That Pokemon Go Is Behind Hundreds of Traffic DeathsThe increasing number of elderly motorists on the road was the main culprit in the larger number of U.S. traffic fatalities in 2016 from the prior year, while deaths blamed on distracted driving showed a year-over-year decline.

← Back to Beginner Driver 's Guide. This Is How You Avoid Taking Attention from the Road: 4 Sharp Tips to Stop Distracted Driving . Keep in mind, this applies to all electronic devices. Searching for a song on your iPhone isn’t any safer than using your phone as a method of distraction .

Driving through a red light or stop sign. Rear-ending the car ahead of you. Hitting a pedestrian. All of these accidents could result in personal injury lawsuits, which could then result in jail time and court fines for you. How to Drive Distraction -Free. Parents & Distracted Driving .

The lawyers will have a field day, of course. They will argue that the cough syrup your mother gave you when you were seven-years-old has caused you to blow .02 when you’re 35; lawyers are good at that stuff if you pay them enough. So, the courts will get clogged and entrepreneurs will be mass-marketing boozefest morning-after pills that will mask the evidence better than the Russian Athletic Federation. But just like seatbelt usage, we will eventually move into a time when zero is the acceptable norm.

Distracted driving is actually a far bigger threat on our roads these days, and it’s only getting worse. The initial attack was on handheld devices, and rightly so. When having a phone in your car started becoming a thing in the early 1990s, nobody – well, at least not I – could have foreseen the total immersion of entire populations into a screen they held in their hand.

It doesn’t matter how large the fine, how high the demerits or how extreme the toll. People won’t put their phones down. So, cut to the chase: If you’re involved in a collision, wouldn’t you want to know that the other idiot was texting when it happened? Make everyone hand over their devices. We do this when there is a fatality; why wait?

Drivers Just Can't Stop Hitting This Giant Rock In A Parking Lot

  Drivers Just Can't Stop Hitting This Giant Rock In A Parking Lot Drivers at a recycling center in Calgary, Alberta “can’t seem to stop hitting a giant rock in a suburban parking lot, despite it being an inanimate object surrounded by yellow-painted curbs.” You might be asking yourself why is there a giant rock in this parking lot in the first place? That’s a good question. Metro News reports that there didn’t used to be a rock in between these yellow-painted curbs, and drivers used to get stuck in the unfilled median. So the Sage Hill Bottle Depot recycling center put something there to stop people from driving over the curb: a big obstacle.

How to Stop Distracted Drivers Once and For All : Fox News features advice on how to stop distracted driving in this opinion piece. Issues that it covers include distracted driving , impaired driving , speeding, and safety tips in the event of a crash.

Once we learned from our corporate fleet clients that both distracted and impaired driving are major Understanding Impairment Impaired drivers most often don't do it "on purpose." We all think of Another company had electronic devices for logging stops , customer visits, etc. and the same

Vehicle manufacturers have crammed so much technology into new cars, drivers now have more decisions than the Apollo astronauts – and they got to the moon. Many of those decisions can be activated by voice command, which should be perfected and all drivers should learn to use. But the only way to actually stop the fiddlers is to remove the ability: Navigation and similar systems should only be able to be set or changed when the car is in park. Not stopped at a red light. Parked.

I’ll go one step further. Heating, including seat and steering wheel, and volume controls should be tactile – a button or knob accessible without taking your eyes from the road. If you crash your car while reading your Twitter feed or trying to figure out if that’s Journey or REO Speedwagon playing, you’re merely being human and playing with all the cards the carmaker gave you. They should give you fewer cards.

None of these things will be implemented, of course. But just because we can’t make people do the right thing, including saving their own lives, using reason and law, doesn’t mean we should acknowledge the pinhead dancing taking place. We could do more to fight impairment, and we can do more to curtail the distractions.

If we want to.

Ford Is Urging 2,900 Ranger Drivers To Stop Driving Right Now .
Ford today said that it would tell 2,900 owners of certain 2006 Ford Rangers to stop driving their cars immediately. Owners need to bring them in for fixes after they’d previously confirmed that a second death had been linked to a bad Takata air bag, according to Reuters. The Rangers are believed to be at the highest risk for air bag explosion, and were all built in the same day and might have gotten the same bad air bags. In addition to Ford, Mazda said that they would be doing something similar for 2006 Mazda B-series trucks. The news came after Ford had confirmed that a deadly crash in West Virginia in July 2017 was because of a bad airbag.

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