Ownership Tall SUVs Could be Tough on Rover's Knees

21:54  03 july  2018
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Your Corner Wrench: Chipping away at paint chips

  Your Corner Wrench: Chipping away at paint chips Gravel and debris are especially hard on the lower parts of your car. Here are the best ways to prevent expensive damageVideo: The top 5 used SUVs owners love (and the 3 to avoid) -- provided by Consumer Reports Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer", "#video_player_84dde6c2-93a0-4f92-83fa-17640526a91f").

There is a three-stage traction control. Right now I’d usually tell you about how I turned it all off so I could do epic wheelies and skids like a hero because I’m so awesome… but I’d be lying. Tall SUVs Could be Tough on Rover ' s Knees .

But you seldom get something for nothing, and experts warn that some engines can be ticking time bombs, susceptible to an issue that can potentially cause severe internal damage. Tall SUVs Could be Tough on Rover ' s Knees .

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Two of the reasons for the growing popularity of SUVs and crossovers are the big rear cargo area and taller ride height. A new study suggests that while that big hatch might be great for your doggo, the extra height might not be.

The study, published in the UK's Veterinary Record, measured the force experienced by dogs jumping out of the back of a simulated vehicle cargo area. Researchers took 15 healthy adult dogs of 14 different breeds and then had them jump from three heights. The heights simulated three common cargo area heights. They measured the forces the dogs experienced on their forelimbs as well as how the force was exerted.

Why is my car made of plastic?

  Why is my car made of plastic? Cars bodies are full of plastic, and it's not just to be cheap.Video: 2018 Land Rover Range Rover Velar Quick Drive (provided by Consumer Reports) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer", "#video_player_87e23f22-6756-4ef7-a785-b79d190a8006").

If you’re exceptionally tall , it’ s quite likely you can cite vehicles from your past (or ones you’ve recently Jeep Kia Lamborghini Land Rover Lexus Lincoln Lotus Maserati Mazda McLaren. 2019 Subaru Crosstrek: more safety gear for the hiking boot of crossover SUVs . 2019 Volvo S 60 luxury

2020 Rivian pickup and SUV first look: Elec-trucks. Ownership. New technologies I wish I had thought of. Tall SUVs could be tough on Rover ' s knees . Why cars use AC-producing alternators when they run on DC power.

The dogs in the test covered nine breeds and one mixed, ranging from 13.8 to 33.2 kg. They jumped from a platform set at 55 cm, then 65 cm and finally 75 cm. The researchers said that the heights used covered common cargo floor heights. Not surprisingly, the higher heights increased the stresses on the dogs' front legs.

Jumping from the highest height increased ground pressure roughly 25 percent compared with the lowest height. That suggests a greater chance of injury in those leaps. According to the paper, "results suggest that allowing dogs to jump from bigger cars with a higher boot sill may result in augmented levels of loading on anatomical structures."

One other thing the study noted was that many cargo areas aren't completely flat like the plate used in the test. If the dog has to jump up and over the hatch opening, it raises the height of the fall and shortens the landing distance. This could increase the stresses and chance of injury.

The Engineer Behind the Ford GT Has Left for JLR

  The Engineer Behind the Ford GT Has Left for JLR Jamal Hameedi, lead engineer at Ford Performance from 2013 to 2018, has taken on a new role at Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle OperationsHameedi was an important figure at Ford Performance, as he presided over development of the GT supercar, the Mustang Shelby GT350, the F-150 Raptor, Fiesta ST, and Focus ST and Focus RS. Prior to the creation of Ford Performance in 2013, Hameedi was chief engineer for Ford's Special Vehicle Team (SVT) division starting in 2005, and was the program manager for the 2005-2006 Ford GT.

Land Rover Discovery Sport The seats are firm yet soft enough, fully supportive, and quite upright Volvo V60 Cross Country The headroom could be a little tight for those who are especially tall in the torso, and some long-legged drivers (like this one) will find that their knees are up against hard barriers.

Jeep Kia Lamborghini Land Rover Lexus Lincoln Lotus Maserati Mazda McLaren. Mercedes-Benz MINI Mitsubishi Nissan Porsche Ram Yet its packaging is very impressive—especially for taller , long-legged drivers, as the front seat’ s lower cushion can tilt back to allow good thigh and leg support.

The authors of the paper said that more research is needed for a definitive link between jumping down and front leg injury, but said that "this study provides the first objective evidence to support the commonplace belief that allowing dogs to repeatedly jump clear from vehicles with high boot compartments may be inadvisable."

If you want to keep Rover's jumps to a minimum, and he's too big to lift safely, ramps are available for many vehicles that can let them walk down instead of jumping.

2021 Range Rover To Be A Lot Lighter Thanks To All-New Platform .
The all-new underpinnings will eventually be used by all Jaguar Land Rover models from the XE and above. The current-generation Range Rover in the range-topping SVAutobiography trim with the supercharged V8 engine weighs a hefty 2,606 kilograms (5,745 pounds) and that’s before you start playing with the configurator to add optional goodies. To put that number into perspective, it makes the SUV approximately 166 kg (366 lbs) heavier than the Bentley Bentayga with its massive W12 engine.

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