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Autos: Ownership

Your Corner Wrench: Dos and don’ts for better fuel economy

Tuesday  16:35,   24 april 2018

Barring mechanical problems, the best way to get better mileage comes down to how you driveVideo: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Quick Drive (provided by Consumer Reports) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function[...]

How A Rusted Car Compares To A New One In A Crash Test

Monday  15:21,   23 april 2018

A Swedish insurance company partnered with a Swedish homeowner’s organization to commission crash tests of a rusted Mazda6 wagon and a rusted Volkswagen Golf to see how badly the corrosion compromised the cars’ structural integrity. Here’s what the [...]

5 things besides texting that are distracting your driving

Friday  17:30,   20 april 2018

Car controls, food and drink, even vaping can cause drivers to lose focus 1/6 SLIDES © Provided by Autofile 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Navigation Screen 2/6 SLIDES © Provided by Autofile Pokemon Go playing at the wheel 3/6[...]

What you need to know about warranties on replacement parts

Friday  16:45,   20 april 2018

If you're having a large job done on your car, it's a good idea to ask some questions and request details in writing . If you’re dealing with a reputable shop with which you have a long and successful history, you may decide to trust their[...]

Your Corner Wrench: Winter tires are no good for warmer weather

Thursday  16:32,   19 april 2018

Driving on your winter tires during warmer months isn't exactly a wise ideaCost. While you might be trying to save money by leaving snow tires on, it will actually cost you more in the long run. Winter tires, with their softer rubber compounds,[...]

Here's What Those Weird Black Tubes In The Road Are For

Wednesday  16:33,   18 april 2018

I’ve been thinking about tubes. Specifically, the weird black tubes that you often find stretched across a roadway. What are those tubes for? What are they tracking? How do they work? The official name for these ominous road snakes is just[...]

It’s Almost Time to Take Off Your Winter Tires

Tuesday  17:11,   17 april 2018

<p>We hear so much in Canada about how important it is to use winter tires during the colder months. What doesn’t come up as often is that it’s just as important to take them off when the weather gets warm again.</p>Maybe some people are[...]

How safe are we if our cars can’t be seen?

Friday  17:02,   13 april 2018

After 2021, new vehicles will have auto lights on, but you can still make your older car stand out for safetyThere are many ways to improve our vehicle’s visibility to other drivers and of course the first and best way is to simply turn on all the[...]

The Scary Truth Behind That New Car Smell

Thursday  17:10,   12 april 2018

Photo: Shutterstock Admit it: you absolutely love the smell of your new car as you’re driving off the lot. Scientists haven't figured out why everyone loves the smell of a new car so much--maybe it's because people associate the smell with[...]

Your Corner Wrench: Take care with spring cleaning your car

Thursday  16:36,   12 april 2018

Hosing your car down or using cleaning chemicals may do more harm than goodWater and electronics (or pretty much anything electrical) do not mix. This might seem simple enough, but it happens. Few vehicle owners ever take into consideration what[...]

When Can I Put My Summer Tires On?

Friday  15:36,   06 april 2018

<p>Naturally, the uncommonly temperate daytime temperatures we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks have many motorists thinking that it might be time to remove their winter tires.</p>He is not alone, as classic car sightings have become an[...]

We Need John Deere's 30-Second Oil Change on Cars

Thursday  16:41,   05 april 2018

The Easy Change system turns oil changes into a super-simple no-tools job.As our colleagues at Popular Mechanics explain, doing an oil change with a John Deere Easy Change system involves nothing more than unlocking and twisting off the old[...]

Useful AWD Features People Don’t Even Know Exist

Thursday  16:41,   05 april 2018

<p>Your next AWD vehicle will likely use a generous helping of high-tech engineering and processing power to provide added traction and control in a wide range of situations – and it’s also likely packing one or more supplemental features that[...]

How Much Did Your Remote Starter Cost You This Winter?

Tuesday  18:10,   03 april 2018

Humans like to be warm. This is why some drivers won’t scrape the ice from their frozen windshield on a cold morning for all the tea in China.&nbsp;This is why some drivers won’t scrape the ice from their frozen windshield on a cold morning for[...]

Is it Illegal to Splash Pedestrians?

Tuesday  18:52,   27 march 2018

<p>Does this sound familiar? You’re walking along a city sidewalk on a mild spring day, revelling in the welcome scent of melting snow, when a passing driver hits a puddle of dirty run-off on the roadway and sends up a wave, leaving you[...]