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How to Get the Most Out of Your Car's Heater

Wednesday  16:54,   03 january 2018
Consumer Reports

<p>One surprising tip: Run the A/C. Here's why.</p>Winter is here, so it’s time to understand how to maximize your car’s heater to keep you and your passengers comfortable and[...]

Six Strangest Transport Canada Recalls of 2017

Wednesday  16:53,   03 january 2018

In 2017, Transport Canada issued more than 1,400 recalls. Added up, they covered more than a million automotive products and vehicles. Some of them were serious safety issues. But some of them were a little more strange.&nbsp;In 2017, Transport[...]

DIY Dent Removal: Save Big $$$ On Your Paintjob!

Tuesday  22:32,   02 january 2018

It's a well-known fact that a high-quality paintjob is expensive. Bodyshops invest a lot in their facilities, their tools, and their staff, and we're just talking about normal collision repair. Add the special needs for restoring vintage cars,[...]

The one drawback to LED lights on your car

Tuesday  22:32,   02 january 2018

They consume far less power and are easier to package, but they also need more attention in one areaVideo: Holiday concrete truck that will brighten up your night (provided by[...]

How to Survive Holiday Parking Chaos

Friday  18:45,   29 december 2017

As much as we’re supposed to love the holidays – the food, the gifts, the family, the friends – we all know that like any true love, there are caveats.&nbsp;That being said, there are some simple things we can avoid doing that would make all of[...]

This Is the Safest Seat in Your Car

Friday  18:22,   22 december 2017
Best Life

Researchers have repeatedly found that the safest seat in any car in actually the one you probably want to sit in the very least.While it’s usually the most dreaded seat in the vehicle, researchers have repeatedly found that the middle seat in the[...]

Fill ’er up for safer winter driving

Friday  18:21,   22 december 2017

Instead of adding sandbags for added weight and traction in winter, a full tank of fuel does the same but is saferThat said, having the necessary weight in the rear of almost any vehicle can help lessen the risk of spin-outs and generally improve[...]

Your Corner Wrench: The tools that will take care of you

Thursday  19:51,   21 december 2017

Think about repairing or even replacing those tools that come with your car for emergenciesIf all drivers used their autos’ wheel wrench/jack set even once, this little feature would likely soar to the top of the most-hated vehicle component list in [...]

You’ve Gotten Stuck in the Snow, Now What?

Wednesday  18:07,   20 december 2017

Well, now you’ve gone and done it: you’ve mucked things up badly, screwed up hard, and picked a whole bouquet of oopsie-daisies. You’ve become stuck, badly, in some snow and ice and slush.Video: Holiday concrete truck that will brighten up your[...]

How Not to Die Shoveling out Your Driveway

Thursday  22:35,   14 december 2017

Across the country, snow shoveling is behind thousands of injuries and as many as 100 deaths each year. That's according to the National Safety Council, which cautions that picking up a shovel and moving multiple pounds of the white stuff can[...]

How to Make Sure Your Booster Seat Fits Your Child and Car Correctly

Tuesday  18:05,   12 december 2017
Consumer Reports

<p>One of the most important factors in determining whether a child booster seat will protect your kid is how well the seat belt works with it.</p>One of the most important factors in determining whether a child booster seat will protect your[...]

There's No Need to Warm Up Your Car in the Cold

Saturday  19:36,   09 december 2017
Popular Mechanics

The long-held notion that you should let your car idle in the cold is only true for carbureted engines.Video: Prep your car for winter now, before it's too late (provided by Consumer Reports)Click to expand Your browser does not support this video [...]

How to Maintain Your Vehicle's Transmission

Friday  19:36,   08 december 2017
Popular Mechanics


“All-Weather” Tires Explained: Merging All-Seasons and Winter Tires

Thursday  17:31,   07 december 2017
Car and Driver

“All-Weather” Tires Explained: Merging All-Seasons and Winter Tires If you live somewhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, cold weather is an annual reality. And in places like our home state of Michigan, the beginning of fall often means thinking[...]

How to Replace a Thermostat in 8 Steps

Tuesday  21:51,   05 december 2017
Reader's Digest.CA

<p>Thermostats are important for two reasons: they accelerate engine warm-up and regulate the engine’s operating temperature</p>Thermostats are important for two reasons: they accelerate engine warm-up and regulate the engine’s operating[...]