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Why Don't All Cars Have Gas Tanks on the Same Side?

Thursday  18:00,   16 november 2017
Reader's Digest.CA

<p>Do car company engineers draw straws to decide what side of the car the fuel door goes on?</p>Video: Will this $7 Car Hack help make grocery shopping easier? (provided by Consumer[...]

Winter Tires & All-Wheel Drive … Need ‘Em Both?

Wednesday  19:52,   15 november 2017

<p>All-wheel drive is extraordinarily popular in the Canadian automobile market</p>Video: Idling car on cold day not worth it (provided by Breakfast[...]

My Tire Pressure Warning Light Just Came On. What Do I Do Now?

Wednesday  19:51,   15 november 2017
Consumer Reports

<p>The culprit could be falling temperatures</p>Big changes between high and low temperatures that happen in the fall can trigger an alert on your dashboard—one that may leave some drivers wondering what to do[...]

How to avoid unwanted freeze-ups this winter

Tuesday  16:51,   14 november 2017

It's all preventable with a little foresight and the right treatments . Research Research New Used New & Used Make Model Video: Fall Lawn Care in 3 Easy Steps (provided by Consumer Reports)Click to expand Your browser does[...]

Here's What Happens To Your Used Oil Filters

Saturday  22:05,   11 november 2017

Oil filters are an often overlooked car component.Video: Don't bother following these car maintenance myths (provided by Consumer[...]

Your Corner Wrench: Should you let your car warm up?

Friday  21:06,   10 november 2017

As long as your car's windows are clear, your car just needs about three minutes to effectively warm it upVideo: How to Cool Your Car Like a Pro (provided by Consumer[...]

Start living with stop/start technology

Friday  17:56,   10 november 2017

It can be annoying to some drivers, but the feature is being found on more and more cars each yearVideo: Don’t bother buying these new car add-ons (provided by Consumer[...]

A Driver’s Guide to Pavement Lines and Lane Markings

Friday  17:55,   10 november 2017

<p>How do you feel when driving on a fresh black coat of unmarked pavement?</p>It’s easy to overlook pavement markings; they’re part of our driving ritual, guiding us through the road network like 2D rails. Ignore them as we may, this simple[...]

The time for winter tires is NOW!

Thursday  20:07,   09 november 2017

The drop in temperature, not just snowfall, is the signal to get ready for winterVideo: Busting Winter Tire Myths (provided by Breakfast[...]

The New Way to Protect Your Paint in the Winter

Thursday  17:22,   09 november 2017

Have you heard of the new paint protection products on the market?&nbsp;Video: Don't bother following these car maintenance myths (provided by Consumer[...]

Goof of the Month: Warning Light Bingo Ends in Rage

Tuesday  21:06,   07 november 2017

<p>This month’s story comes to us from Lori Boerio, a service advisor at an Ontario dealership.</p>This month’s story comes to us from Lori Boerio, a service advisor at an Ontario dealership. It highlights several important lessons, including[...]

How to clear up your headlights

Tuesday  19:24,   07 november 2017

Cooley tries seven ways and the winner surprises himWe brought in a 1990 Lexus LS with typically cloudy headlights and attacked them seven ways, ranging from specialized headlight products to home brew remedies that are all over[...]

How to Protect Your Car on Halloween

Friday  16:44,   03 november 2017
Consumer Reports

<p>Tips for cleaning off holiday tricks</p>Want to hear something spooky? Halloween tricks usually start before the holiday, and your car may be the[...]

I Put Diesel In My Car's Gasoline Tank! What Do I Do Now?

Thursday  16:22,   02 november 2017

<p>This is disastrous for your engine, so if it happens, here’s what to do next.</p>Hello! This is the beginning of what will be a regular feature on this internet website: A column in which I investigate your car problems, mostly to determine [...]

If your car isn’t making you sick, its fluids might

Thursday  16:22,   02 november 2017

It goes without saying: Most automotive fluids are not meant to be ingested by living creatures . But a lesser-known feature is its effect on automotive paint. It will permanently stain your auto’s finish, if left in contact for even a few minutes.[...]