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If You Own Any of These 10 Cars, It’s Way More Likely to Get Stolen

Friday  17:33,   22 september 2017
Reader's Digest.CA

<p>What’s the likelihood your car will get stolen?</p>Using national vehicle theft data, the NICB identified the 10 most-stolen vehicles of 2016 in the United States. They found that thieves tend to target Honda Accords and Civics, with almost [...]

Volkswagen California XXL Concept First Look

Wednesday  17:36,   20 september 2017
Motor Trend

Let’s manage expectations right up front for the rabid aficionados of vintage Volkswagen campers—this baby ain’t slated for production, and even if given the green light, it’d be a long shot to be exported to the States—even the state it’s named[...]

Pain At The Pump: 'Regular' Cars That Run On Premium Fuel

Tuesday  17:31,   19 september 2017

Some unexpected models are recommending higher-grade – and higher-cost – gasoline to realize their full performance and fuel economy.Research the Buick Envision | Find a Buick Envision near[...]

New or Used, Buying a Car in Canada

Friday  18:06,   15 september 2017

<p>There’s no shortage of vehicles available to buy in Canada, where 4.7 million vehicles are sold each year, split 60 percent used and 40 percent new in 2016.</p>With all that choice comes the potential for[...]

25 Future Cars Worth Waiting For

Tuesday  17:47,   12 september 2017

From the Valkyrie to the Supra, these are the 25 cars you should be excited to see in the next three[...]

20 Future Trucks And SUVs Worth Waiting For

Saturday  20:55,   09 september 2017

From the Ranger Raptor to the Lamborghini Urus, you should start saving up for these 20 trucks and SUVs.By 2022, more than 20 new trucks and SUVs will be on the market. Most of these high-riders will be updated significantly from the models they[...]

Automotive Dealerships Aren’t Going Anywhere

Wednesday  01:28,   30 august 2017

At the height of the dot-com boom in the early 2000s, there was speculation about the future of automotive salespeople. Many so-called experts predicted that salespeople would become redundant once consumers could buy vehicles online.&nbsp;Well, [...]

To Lease or to Buy? Here Are Some Answers to the New-Car Shopper’s Biggest Question

Thursday  19:06,   17 august 2017
Car and Driver

To Lease or to Buy? Here Are Some Answers to the New-Car Shopper’s Biggest Question Are you in the market for a luxury car? Or a beater? Or maybe something you intend to keep till it's a beater? Are you dutifully committed when it comes to[...]

The best time to buy a car would probably surprise you

Thursday  17:37,   17 august 2017
Business Insider

Joe Raedle / Getty Images •Buy a car whenever you want, but you must be prepared to negotiate the price. •Dealers are more willing to negotiate during some parts of the year. •Don't obsess over specific brands. Few undertakings involve•Buy a car [...]

How A Car From Yesterday Defines Tesla's Tomorrow

Wednesday  18:56,   16 august 2017

<p>Tesla is experiencing a pinnacle moment where technologies are defining the brand. But what will happen to the Tesla brand once many of those advanced technologies become universal?</p>It was a rolling masterpiece. The leather interior was[...]

6 Things You Didn't Know About The 2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod

Friday  21:51,   04 august 2017

Street 750's transition from entry-level cruiser to sport standard explained.&nbsp;Video: The Goldilocks Motorcycle Experiment (Provided by The[...]

By the numbers: Tesla Model 3 vs. Chevrolet Bolt EV

Thursday  21:06,   03 august 2017

Wondering how similar these two long-range EVs are? We've got some figures for you.Even before either model went on sale, everyone started gearing up for the fight between the Tesla Model 3 and the Chevrolet Bolt[...]

Sneak Peek Part 2: The Coolest New SUVs (And A Minivan) For 2018

Wednesday  17:06,   02 august 2017

Here's a look at the best new truck-based and crossover SUVs to debut for 2018, along with a minivan for those who dare to drive differently.With U.S. consumers ditching their sedans and driving off in tall wagons of all stripes in record[...]

The Chevrolet Bolt is a great EV; so why can’t you buy one in Canada?

Tuesday  17:05,   01 august 2017

Wait times here for the EV are in the months, despite a glut of stock south of the border and factory line shutdownsThis from the letter of a reader, and he has a good point. Why can’t we buy a Bolt here in Canada, but car lots in the U.S. are so[...]

Sibling rivalry: Chevrolet Bolt vs. Chevrolet Volt

Tuesday  17:05,   01 august 2017

A reformed horsepower junkie pits his extended-range Volt EV against the pure electric Bolt – driven by his own brother“I was getting old enough to know that to get the kind of performance I wanted was going to cost bigger bucks than I wanted to[...]