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Shattering Sunroofs Becoming More Common

Thursday  18:21,   26 october 2017

Shattering sunroofs are becoming increasingly common, according to a report by Global News. In recent years, sunroofs have gone from small panels, often still steel, to increasingly large glass panels. But as the size and number of sunroofs has[...]

2019 Audi A7 Sportback: Generation Two

Thursday  18:21,   26 october 2017

When the Audi A7 arrived on the market, it immediately stood out with its striking and unique design. Particularly at the rear with its resolutely exotic styling, and while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the first generation of the A7 will[...]

New Porsche 911 Carrera T is the Lightest 911

Thursday  18:20,   26 october 2017

Porsche is expanding the 911 lineup again. This time it's a lighter car with a manual transmission, shorter final drive, and increased performance. Plus it brings back a classic model name. The Carrera T calls back to the original 911T of 1967.[...]

Odd Couple: 2016 Toyota Prius vs 2000 V12 Century

Tuesday  17:25,   24 october 2017

This isn't the silliest thing I've ever done – but it's close. This isn't the silliest thing I've ever done – but it's close. On one hand, we have Toyota's ubiquitous hybrid eco-pod, now reclothed to look like some sort of[...]

Yellow Is The Color Of Money When It Comes To A Car's Resale Value

Friday  18:45,   20 october 2017

Brightly colored vehicles tend to bring more money at trade-in time than dark shades and monochromatic tones, according to a study of used-car transactions.Yellow-painted cars, like this brightly-hued Chevrolet Camaro, tend to bring in higher[...]

Five Reasons the New Porsche Cayenne Looks Pretty Darned Cool

Thursday  22:52,   19 october 2017

Five Reasons the New Porsche Cayenne Looks Pretty Darned CoolSome of the features are Porsche firsts, and others are adaptations of concepts used in the marque’s sports cars. Some will make a difference in drivers’ enjoyment of the vehicle on our[...]

7 Three-Row SUVs That Will Make You Forget the Minivan

Thursday  18:51,   19 october 2017

For some, it is impossible to picture themselves buying a minivan .“Ugh, I hate how they look.” “I have the worst memories of the one my parents had when I was younger.”  “You know what, I just can’t and I don’t have a good reason as to[...]

Should you buy a used car? We weigh the benefits

Wednesday  17:16,   18 october 2017

Straight purchase price doesn't tell the entire story.Video: The future of urban travel, according to Mercedes-Benz Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { [...]

2018 Ford Mustang: Better Aero Means Better Fuel Economy

Tuesday  22:36,   17 october 2017
Motor Trend

<p>Combined gas mileage is up as much as 5.6 percent</p>You'll see the biggest improvements on the Mustang GT with the automatic transmission. Ford now uses the 10-speed unit it co-developed with GM, raising city, highway, and combined fuel[...]

Leasing vs. Buying: The important differences and how to choose

Friday  18:25,   13 october 2017

New car leasing offers reasonable monthly payments, often with minimal down-payments. But they're not perfect and they're not for everyone. Read on to find out the difference between leasing and buying and some tips to figure out which one is right [...]

Top 10 most anticipated cars of 2018

Wednesday  19:21,   11 october 2017

A mix of EVs, outlandish SUVs, sedans, coupes and even a minivan will highlight the next model[...]

Should You Buy A New Car Or Keep The Old One Running?

Tuesday  18:47,   03 october 2017

As the old R&amp;B song suggests, "it’s cheaper to keep her," but at some point you’ll want to stop throwing good money after bad.With the average cost of a new car now at around $33,600, and the median U.S. household income standing[...]

Nissan study says we chose the wrong colour car

Friday  16:51,   29 september 2017

Research concluded buyers are too conservative in car-colour choicesA recent study from Nissan has revealed that nearly 90% of motorists are driving the wrong-coloured car for their[...]

2018 Volvo XC40 First Look

Tuesday  18:46,   26 september 2017
Motor Trend


3 ways the Volvo XC40 is a game-changer

Tuesday  18:46,   26 september 2017

Breaking down Volvo's first attempt at a small SUV.The design: Look at these pictures and feel a tinge of regret for whatever you might have just committed 30-something-thousand dollars to. The XC40 is a looker. The Thor's Hammer daytime running [...]