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Having the Family I've Always Wanted Doesn't Feel Like Enough

Friday  16:55,   07 july 2017

Growing up in a broken home has me pining for moreIt started when I was 12 or so, around the time my parents were engulfed in a brutal court battle over custody of my sister and me. I called it “family watching.” If we were out and about and I saw a [...]

10 Ways Our Brains Have Changed Forever Since Becoming Moms

Thursday  21:52,   06 july 2017

And it's never going to be the same againDid you notice a change in the way your brain works after you had a child? I certainly did and for the last 13 years since I became a mom, it hasn't gone back to the way it was pre-kids. I keep waiting,[...]

Our Summer is Full of Screens and I Refuse to Feel Bad About It

Thursday  21:52,   06 july 2017

I'm giving my kids a 2017 summer completely guilt-freeI'm sure by now you've read all those nostalgic articles about giving your kids a 1982 summer or a 1970's summer or a 19-whatever-someone-has-decided-was-the-best-decade-ever[...]

United Took a $1,000 Seat Away From Toddler and Resold the Ticket

Thursday  21:52,   06 july 2017

The 2-year-old was forced to sit on his mom's lap for the flightTraveling with a toddler can get pretty awful, but nothing could have prepared Shirley Yamauchi for this nightmare. The mom was forced to carry her 2-year-old son on her lap for for [...]

How my 87-year-old neighbor became my best friend

Thursday  21:51,   06 july 2017
Hello Giggles

I’ve always thought that older people give the best advice, especially when the conversation starts with “Back in my day.” When you…I’ve always thought that older people give the best advice, especially when the conversation starts with “Back in my[...]

My Dear Firstborn, You'll Never Know

Thursday  21:51,   06 july 2017

My Dear Firstborn, You'll Never Know"Ugh, Mom, you never pay any attention to me!" my oldest child said in a huff the other day. Her delicate features crumpled on her face as she crossed her arms and frowned at[...]

I Lost My Husband 3 Days After Welcoming Our First Baby

Friday  19:57,   30 june 2017

<p>As the words "He's deceased" came out of the officer's mouth, all went black.</p>A stray bullet is how the news reported the story, but we will never know the whole truth. The bullet that killed Justin went against pure[...]

8 Ways to Help Your Daughter Deal with Mean Girls

Tuesday  00:08,   04 april 2017
Woman's Day

Stand back, Mama Bear—she needs to learn resiliency.You've nursed her in sickness, comforted her through storms, and consoled her when her best friend moved away. You're the mom, and that's what moms do: They make everything better. But then she[...]

7 Secrets Scientists Know About the Sex Lives of Ordinary People

Tuesday  00:07,   04 april 2017
Tech Insider

Let's talk about sex. Everyone's interested, but it can be taboo to discuss the most intimate details of your bedroom in social situations. So how do we learn about sex? The answer is science.&nbsp;Let's talk about[...]

7 Times in a Relationship When Jealousy Is Totally Warranted

Tuesday  00:06,   04 april 2017
Women's Health

<p>And where to go from[...]

A Dating Coach Reveals the Most Common Dating Mistakes People Make — And How to Avoid Them

Tuesday  00:05,   04 april 2017

Dating can be difficult. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid.In Breakthrough Dating's workshops and coaching sessions, founder Shira Teichman doesn't teach people how to win their date over or flirt irresistibly. She focuses on helping people[...]

5 Things Parents Should Never Do In Front Of Their Nannies

Tuesday  00:05,   04 april 2017

After nannying on and off over the past 5 years, I've had to deal with some pretty awkward situations. Here's how to avoid making things uncomfortable.I've been a nanny on and off over the past five years, and I've gotten very close to the[...]

6 Apps That Save Parents Money

Friday  17:01,   24 march 2017
U.S. News & World Report - Health

These smartphone apps help families save cash on food, entertainment and shopping.Staying on top of a family budget can be a challenge for busy parents. Fortunately, there is a plethora of new apps designed to help families save money – and time.[...]

These tough baby names for boys will stand the test of time

Monday  23:36,   16 january 2017

These tough baby names for boys will stand the test of timeThe following tough baby names with an edge are rock-star cool, yet are also fairly easy to spell and pronounce. As you may notice, names with an “x” or “z” instantly gives them a more[...]

You Won’t Believe What’s in Your Pet’s Food

Tuesday  03:22,   15 november 2016
The Daily Meal

It was only a few years ago that the Food and Drug Administration was forced to tighten its lax regulatory standards after the largest pet food recall in history. Chinese producers had been adding melamine — a chemical found in a variety of[...]

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