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LifeStyle: Food & Drink

This Is the Best Pizza Chain in America

Sunday  12:05,   24 june 2018

This Is the Best Pizza Chain in AmericaWhat exactly did our voters look for in determining their favourites? We asked them to vote only for chains that they’ve been to, of course, but also asked them to choose those they truly respect. They were[...]

This Simple Grilling Hack will Change Your Life

Sunday  11:20,   24 june 2018

This Simple Grilling Hack will Change Your LifeSince fat is flavour and mayonnaise is mostly made up of oil and egg yolks (both of which are fats), mayo translates to more flavour. So next time you toss a steak on the barbie, use a brush to baste[...]

Anthony Bourdain Had No Narcotics in His System When He Died, French Official Says

Sunday  10:45,   24 june 2018

The chef, author and television correspondent was found dead in a French hotel room last month. His death shook fans and colleagues across the world.Anthony Bourdain did not have narcotics in his body when he died this month, a French judicial[...]

You Can Get A $2 Burrito And Drink Combo From Taco Bell This Summer

Saturday  08:32,   23 june 2018

The Bell is making it real hard to avoid the drive-thru this summer. © Taco Bell Taco Bell Just Dropped A $2 Meal Deal The $2 Duo comes with a Triple Melt Burrito - a tortilla stuffed with beef, a three-cheese blend, and nacho cheese [...]

This $17.50 whisky has been named among the best in the world

Saturday  08:32,   23 june 2018

Discount supermarket chain Aldi has a history of punching above its weight in the alcohol industry. Last summer, its £10 ($13) gin was declared among the best in the world and it's £6 ($8) rosé wine won silver at the International Wine[...]

This Perfect Burger Patty Blend Will Change Your Life

Saturday  08:31,   23 june 2018

Although burgers taste great all year round, there's something truly special about enjoying a chargrilled beef patty in your own backyard over the summer. For many of us, this means heading to the grocery store to pick up a package of regular[...]

Arby’s Is Now Selling Coke Floats — And They're Only $1

Saturday  08:31,   23 june 2018

A diner staple, available[...]

Guy Fieri reveals a surprising secret about 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives'

Saturday  08:31,   23 june 2018

The Mayor of Flavortown is always happy to help out a fellow chef.Maybe it's because Guy Fieri's infectious enthusiasm for pretty much everything he puts in his mouth makes viewers hungry,[...]

This Might Be the Craziest Burger Grilling Trick Out There—but It Works!

Friday  12:32,   22 june 2018

From grilling novices to seasoned pros who know their seasoning, we’re all on the perpetual quest for the perfect burger. But here’s a little-known secret: You don’t need to travel to the best burger joints in the country to find it.According to[...]

Burger King Russia apologizes for World Cup 'impregnation' advert

Thursday  11:07,   21 june 2018

Fast food giant Burger King Russia offered cash and free burgers for women impregnated by World Cup stars The short-lived campaign was promoted in Russia on Tuesday via social media platform VK -- Russia's equivalent of Facebook -- before being[...]

You Need to Add Potato Chips to Your Eggs

Thursday  11:07,   21 june 2018

Potato chips are usually thought of as a lunchtime companion—a crunchy side to your sandwich or wrap—but their time has come to shine as a breakfast star. Think of them as a low-effort breakfast potato, which is the best kind of breakfast potato,[...]

From marijuana beer to pot cookies, Canadian companies creating cannabis edibles

Wednesday  10:07,   20 june 2018

From marijuana beer to pot cookies, Canadian companies creating cannabis edibles Instead, business owners have been getting creative to manufacture, refine and sell their[...]

Taco Bell Is Actually One of the Healthiest Fast Food Chains Around

Wednesday  10:06,   20 june 2018

Two words: Power[...]

How to Sear Meat Like a Pro

Monday  11:51,   18 june 2018

<p>A crispy crust and juicy center are in your future.</p>You know that irresistibly crisp crust that comes on a steak or a pork chop on TV? You can get equally impressive results at home. Thankfully, achieving the perfect sear isn't hard, and [...]

Are Sugar Substitutes Like Honey And Maple Syrup Actually Healthier Than The Real Deal?

Saturday  08:31,   16 june 2018

All sweeteners contain sugar, which in excess is unhealthy. But are some better than others?Granulated table sugar, or sucrose, comes from sugar cane or sugar beets. It provides 49 calories and 13 grams of sugar per tablespoon (and nothing in the[...]