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This Simple Trick Will Change How You Prep Potatoes

Friday  09:10,   27 april 2018
Southern Living

<p>This trick will dramatically change your ability to make a batch of potato salad big enough for the entire office, Little League team, or church choir.</p>As spring arrives, so does potluck season. We found one trick that will dramatically[...]

6 Things You Should NEVER Buy at a Grocery Store

Friday  09:10,   27 april 2018

<p>I asked a couple of budget-minded bloggers to help me identify which supermarket offerings can blow your food budget — and then I ran the numbers myself.</p>I asked a couple of budget-minded bloggers to help me identify which supermarket[...]

Why You Should Never Cook Over High Heat in a Nonstick Pan

Friday  09:10,   27 april 2018
The Daily Meal

You really shouldn’t be using that handy and oh-so-easy-to-reach-for nonstick skillet for absolutely everything!&nbsp;A lot of home cooks use nonstick pans everyday, relying on the pan for everything from fried eggs and bacon to chicken breasts, [...]

Lobster Rolls, Champagne Bars And French Pastries: Mall Food Is Getting An Extreme Makeover

Thursday  09:42,   26 april 2018

Here’s why your next great meal may come from the mall.The lobster roll at Yorkdale’s Restoration Hardware Cafe. Photo,[...]

Here's Why Chick-fil-A Employees Never Say 'You're Welcome'

Wednesday  20:27,   25 april 2018
Taste of Home

When you say 'thank you' to your Chick-Fil-A server, you won't hear 'you're welcome.' Expect something even better!How it became store Chick-fil-A[...]

Anthony Bourdain Has Complicated Views on Veganism

Wednesday  20:26,   25 april 2018

Anthony Bourdain Has Complicated Views on VeganismIf you thought the tides were turning toward plant foods after Gordon Ramsay added a vegan pizza to his new London restaurant's menu, well… not so fast. Anthony Bourdain just let loose his views on[...]

Coca-Cola Japan Just Introduced the World’s First Frozen Coke Squeeze Pouches

Wednesday  20:22,   25 april 2018
The Daily Meal

Coca-Cola Japan keeps introducing enviable limited-edition flavors and pushing the technological boundaries of beverage-drinking with wild new soda inventions.&nbsp;According to Sora News 24, Coca-Cola Japan says the frozen Coca-Cola pouches[...]

I'm a Mom of 2, and This Is How I Cut My Grocery Bill in Half

Wednesday  07:55,   25 april 2018

When I resigned from my job for family reasons, our monthly budget sliced in half, which meant our grocery bill needed to, too. Grocery shopping on a budget is tough and can be hard to fix after you're so used to spending more. But it's even more[...]

You’ll Never Guess Why Beer Bottles Are Brown

Tuesday  19:54,   24 april 2018
Real Simple

<p>Find out why beer bottles are usually brown, and why some beer experts swear by drinking brews stored in cans.</p>Since the explosion of the craft beer market, you can now walk into any store that sells brews and have dozens of options for[...]

Our Vegetarian Remake of Chicken Salad Is So Good You Won’t Miss the Meat

Tuesday  19:53,   24 april 2018
Real Simple

The secret ingredient is chickpeas and, when combined with a few other ingredients, make an irresistible sandwich filling.&nbsp;Whether you take your chicken or tuna salad in a wrap or sandwich, there’s no denying it’s a classic lunchtime staple [...]

The Craziest Way to Cook Bacon So It's Simultaneously Crispy and Chewy

Tuesday  19:53,   24 april 2018

Bacon is traditionally cooked in an oven, over the stovetop, or in a microwave, but what happens when you air-fry it? Air-what, you may be thinking? Air-frying is exactly as the name sounds. An appliance about the size of a slow cooker contains a[...]

The Best Way to Brown Butter (Once You Try It, You’ll Be Obsessed)

Tuesday  10:50,   24 april 2018
Real Simple

If one simple kitchen trick could make your sweet and savory dishes richer and way more delicious, would you do it?&nbsp;Browning butter is one of those culinary discoveries that inspires all sorts of fun in the[...]

The "Bell-less, Whistle-less, Damn Good French Toast" Beloved by 3,208 of Us

Monday  18:32,   23 april 2018

The "Bell-less, Whistle-less, Damn Good French Toast" Beloved by 3,208 of[...]

Reusable Plastic Baggies Are the Lunchtime Solution You’ve Needed Forever

Monday  18:32,   23 april 2018
Real Simple

I'm having a non-soggy sandwich with a side of saving the environment for lunch. *Takes out Stasher bag* Plastic bags have been a staple of paper-bag lunches for who knows how long—eternity, maybe. It turns out there's a better alternative,[...]

The Best Thing My Mom Taught Me About Cooking

Monday  07:31,   23 april 2018

The Best Thing My Mom Taught Me About CookingNow that I'm an adult and love cooking just as much as she does (I even get paid to write about food!), I'm always trying to master the art of cooking as a 20-something on a[...]