Food & Drink If You're Not Putting Food in Your Hair, Are You Really LIVING?

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Americans are avoiding romaine lettuce after an outbreak — and it reveals one of the most dangerous grocery store habits

  Americans are avoiding romaine lettuce after an outbreak — and it reveals one of the most dangerous grocery store habits <p>A CDC investigation is putting leafy greens under the microscope.</p>On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that Americans avoid any form of romaine lettuce. According to the CDC, at least 53 people in 16 US states have been infected with E. coli after consuming romaine lettuce from the Yuma, Arizona region.

These are the foods to be putting in your hair if you want cheap but salon worthy locks. If you ’ re like me, you can’t always afford the really nice shampoos with words like “hydration” and “revitalized” splashed across the front.

. Have you ever put food in your hair ? I’m with Tiff…no oily stuff in the hair (and I’d guess this applies to anything sticky, as well) if you ’ re no ‘poo. If you really are washing it twice daily, initially just start washing once per day for a couple of weeks then once every two days for a few weeks and

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I'm feeling a little sub-healthyish today...

...thanks to that leftover Scarr's pizza I had for dinner last night, a pastry platter at Studio at the Freehand this morning, and a box of wagyu beef sliders that somehow ended up on my desk around lunch. At least my girl Rachelle Robinett has me drinking about a gallon of herbal infusion a day, so I'm gonna hope that balances things out.

Graying Hair Linked To Immune Response, Study Finds

  Graying Hair Linked To Immune Response, Study Finds By studying mice, researchers have identified a mechanism that could possibly explain the loss of pigmentation in the hair as well as the skin.The study titled "A direct link between MITF, innate immunity, and hair graying" was published in the journal PLOS Biology on May 3.

Putting effort into a relationship looks like communicating, being kind, being honest, and all that jazz. You might feel as though you ' re really efforting it up by pummeling your partner with requests, but that is News Entertainment Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Flowcharts Books Tech Food Wellness Features.

13 Ways You Don’t Realize You ’ re Damaging Your Hair . You wash it, brush it, blow-dry it, straighten it, curl it, and/or put all kinds of products in it. There's no question your hair goes through the ringer on any given day.

What I'm cooking:After an early-summer lull, I've been cooking again. I made Smitten Kitchen's zucchini and ricotta galette and some garlic scape pesto, and tonight I'm tackling these grilled salmon steaks along with whatever's left of my CSA. I also pitted and froze a pound of cherries to use in smoothies. A cherry pitter would've been cool, but I kinda liked staining my fingers (and my shirt...and the counter...and my laptop...) with fresh fruit, am I right? Really makes it feel like summer, ya know?

A cherry pitter would've been cool, but I kinda liked getting my hands dirty. It's not summer until you've stained your fingers (and shirt...and counter...and laptop...) with fresh fruit, am I right?

What I'm seeing:My relationship with Instagram is, well, complicated, but recently I've been enjoying the hell out of a few new-to-me accounts:

Ask The Salty Waitress: If our food is taking forever, can we just pay for our drinks and leave?

  Ask The Salty Waitress: If our food is taking forever, can we just pay for our drinks and leave? Salty Waitress is The Takeout’s advice column from a real-life waitress that will teach you how not to behave like a garbage person while dining out—and maybe in real life. Dear Salty Waitress, Do I have any recourse if my food order is taking an unreasonably long time? Can I just cancel our order, pay for our drinks, and leave? This is something I would only consider if there was a time restriction on my end and waiting for the food was putting me in danger of being late.Thanks,Places To BeDear Places To Be,There is nothing that grinds my gears more than being rushed during a dinner out.

So if you ’ re not gluten intolerant, and if you don’t have celiac disease, is bread really that bad for you ? The food industry knows this very well and routinely puts sugar into formulations to stimulate our appetites, and make us all eat more than we should.

I have waited on people who put their own hair in their food in an attempt to get a free meal. I am not suggesting that is what happened to you , but Guess what color her hair was ? I told her that it must be her hair she got pissed but really we didn’t have any staff under the age of 30 at the time.

Cheeky, for illustrations like everywhere your body sweats on the NYC subway in summer and a defense of eating a hot dog AND a hamburger at the BBQ.

Not All Geminis, thanks to Healthyish editorial assistant Aliza Abarbanel, which I mostly find deeply confusing but also, lol, it me.

Next Big Thing with Courtney & Dara, which makes me laugh about politics when politics is mostly humorless. (NBT is also a YouTube show on which the two hosts chat with up-and-coming women of color in arts, culture, and tech.)

Lastly, I gotta know:

What's the weirdest edible ingredient you've ever put in your hair? If you're not D.I.Y. hair masking already, let this endorsement be your guide.

Until next week,

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These Are The Cheapest Days To Go Grocery Shopping .
If you're grocery shopping over the weekend, you're doing it all wrong.Like most busy people, weekend days are the most popular to tackle the daunting task of food shopping. But according to new research from Ibotta, an app that partners up with retailers to give cash back deals, you're doing it all wrong. Across the country, the weekend is the priciest time to make your way through your grocery list.


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