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This Woman Fought A Parking Ticket For More Than Three Years — All In The Name Of Poutine

Thursday  20:23,   01 march 2018

Does vindication taste as good as poutine?We’ve all been there. That moment when a craving hits hard. And no matter how bleak the weather, we’re compelled to throw on a parka and trudge out into the freezing cold in search of one of Canada’s[...]

Several Instant Pots Are Melting and Overheating

Thursday  20:22,   01 march 2018
Country Living

As if "This Is Us" didn't terrify us enough already!If This Is Us has left you questioning the safety of using your kitchen gadgets, you're not going to like this news. Some Instant Pot appliances have been overheating and melting,[...]

McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Tastes Like Corn Syrup and Worcestershire

Thursday  20:21,   01 march 2018

The sauce is the color and consistency of strawberry jelly What if they gave a riot and nobody came? I expected long lines when I peddled up to my local McDonald’s at 11 a.m. today, the stated time for the relaunch of the chain’s notorious Szechuan[...]

12 Hacks for Getting Your Cheese Fix — the Healthy Way

Thursday  18:09,   01 march 2018

12 Hacks for Getting Your Cheese Fix — the Healthy WayCheese does have health benefits. It can have calcium, protein and sometimes other beneficial nutrients. Some of it is fortified with vitamin D and pairs well, nutritionally speaking, with[...]

The Latest Coffee Trend Is Cat Poop Coffee — & It's Very Expensive

Thursday  18:07,   01 march 2018

The Latest Coffee Trend Is Cat Poop Coffee — & It's Very ExpensiveIt's called cat poop coffee, and it's popular in Vietnam and across Southeast[...]

Revealed—The First McDonald’s Menu Ever

Thursday  18:07,   01 march 2018
Reader's Digest.CA

Long before the world first heard “I’m Lovin’ It” and the Golden Arches became one of the best-known logos in the world, McDonald’s was just a humble restaurant trying out a new concept called “fast food.” When the McDonald brothers set up shop in[...]

Here Is Another Reminder That You Really, Really Want to Wash Fresh Herbs Before You Use Them

Thursday  07:20,   01 march 2018
Grub Street

The FDA says cilantro, basil, and parsley all could be at risk.Testing is supposed to continue into 2019, but the agency just got round one back, and the results weren’t reassuring: A team studied 139 samples of fresh herbs; 4 tested positive for[...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Microwave

Wednesday  15:52,   28 february 2018

Your microwave can do a lot more than reheat leftovers.So I went to the experts. Chefs and food writers aren’t necessarily proponents of microwave cooking, but they’re a pragmatic bunch and use the best tools to get the job done. Here are the[...]

10 Dollar Store Foods You’ll Definitely Want to Add to Your Cart

Wednesday  15:51,   28 february 2018
Taste of Home

Discount stores offer much more than greeting cards and cleaning supplies. Take a look.A ready-made mix is a busy cook's best friend. Dollar stores offer a treasure trove of breakfast and baking mixes that will make easy work of whipping up a stack[...]

5-Ingredient Parmesan Garlic Spaghetti Is What Dinner Dreams Are Made Of

Wednesday  10:40,   28 february 2018

5-Ingredient Parmesan Garlic Spaghetti Is What Dinner Dreams Are Made OfI am not exaggerating when I say nothing brings me more joy than the combination of pasta, garlic, and parmesan cheese. My undying love for that comfort food paired with my busy [...]

Food Snobs Scoff At This Kitchen Tool — Forget What They Say, It’s An Essential

Wednesday  10:40,   28 february 2018

Anthony Bourdain calls pressed garlic ‘disgusting.’ Here’s why he’s[...]

Where to Find the Best Ramen Across Canada

Wednesday  10:38,   28 february 2018

What better way to beat the winter blues than cozying up to a hot bowl of this feel-good Japanese comfort food?This Japanese comfort food is the perf dish to cozy up to on a freezing cold winter night. From classic concoctions topped with tender[...]

Why Every Pizza Commercial Features the Same Toppings

Tuesday  18:01,   27 february 2018

A focus group might be responsible for that pepperoni-and-mushroom pie “But how does this image make you feel?” It’s a common question in focus groups, one I’ve been asked numerous times about everything from yogurt to pizza. As a teenager, I[...]

Gordon Ramsay Reveals the Top 3 Food Trends That He Thinks Need to End ASAP

Monday  09:51,   26 february 2018

Gordon Ramsay never shies away from sharing his true feelings, and he recently got brutally honest about a few food trends that he thinks need to go away. When I sat down with the chef in his newly opened Hell's Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas, we[...]

This Simple Trick Will Make Grocery Store Sushi Tastier

Monday  09:50,   26 february 2018
Taste of Home

You'll have better sushi in seconds, promise.Fortunately, you can buy most of your favorite rolls (or at least enough to get your wasabi, ginger and soy sauce fix) at the grocery store. The only problem? You're a little skeptical. After all,[...]