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This Is The Secret to Ordering McDonald's French Fries

Sunday  10:55,   26 february 2017
Teen Vogue

McDonald's french fries can be downright delicious. When those shoestring slices of potato are fresh out of the fryer, there are few things off the fast-food chain's menu that taste better than the steaming hot, crispy fries. But since[...]

The secret tricks restaurants use to stop you staying too long at your table

Sunday  10:52,   26 february 2017
The Independent

Co-ordinating the rotation of diners on a busy evening in a restaurant is no mean feat. What do you do if a group are lingering over their coffees but you’ve got the next lot of diners already waiting? What do you do if a group are[...]

Canada’s 10 best Caesars

Sunday  10:51,   26 february 2017

It’s as Canadian as a moose drinking maple syrup while listening to Justin Bieber: the Caesar. This cocktail, with its tomato and clam juice base celery stalk garnish, was invented in Calgary in 1969 and quickly took Canada by storm. Today, Caesars[...]

Eat your way through Canada’s ultimate food challenges

Saturday  09:21,   25 february 2017

When it comes to culinary conquests, Canadian restaurants offer up their fair share. This list of ultimate food challenges will test the calorific capabilities of hungry or adventurous eaters across a range of foods – from giant burgers to seriously [...]

3 'Healthy' Foods a Nutritionist Wants You to Stop Eating ASAP

Saturday  09:21,   25 february 2017

<p>You may think these three foods are good for you, but most nutritionists would politely disagree with you on[...]

This hot dog toaster is one of the best kitchen inventions yet

Saturday  09:21,   25 february 2017
The Daily Dot

Thankfully, some genius at Nostalgia Electrics had a great idea for an even greater product: a hot dog toaster. Now we know what you may be thinking, “Isn’t it just a toaster but for hotdogs?” And the answer is yes, but it’s also so much more than[...]

McDonald's soft drinks will soon cost $1

Friday  19:20,   24 february 2017

McDonald's diners will soon be able to quench their thirst for as little as a dollar. For a limited time beginning in April, soft drinks of any size will cost a buck, while small smoothies, shakes and McCafe frappes will sell for $2, according[...]

McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Finally Launches in Canada

Friday  09:15,   24 february 2017

Plus other restaurant news to know today • Congratulations, Canadians! In addition to being the envy of roughly 65 million Americans, you now also get to indulge in a once only-American past time: eating the McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu, well,[...]

How to Pick the Juiciest Rotisserie Chicken at the Grocery Store

Friday  09:15,   24 february 2017
Bon Appétit

Tips and tricks for everyone's favorite weeknight dinner savior.If we had a dollar for every time we relied on a rotisserie chicken for a quick and painless dinner, well, let’s just say we wouldn’t be making food magazines anymore. These[...]

School apologizes after serving fried chicken for Black History Month-themed lunch

Thursday  22:16,   23 february 2017
The Daily Dot

School apologizes after serving fried chicken for Black History Month-themed lunchA New Jersey school district has apologized after serving fried chicken at a high school last week in what was said to be in celebration of Black History[...]

Chip And Joanna Gaines' New Bakery Looks Like It Belongs In Paris

Thursday  21:46,   23 february 2017

We're totally going to steal Jo's patio[...]

11 Easy Ways to Make Your Food Last Longer

Thursday  19:46,   23 february 2017

Less waste, more to[...]

Want Great Hummus? Here's What You Need to Know

Thursday  17:23,   23 february 2017

Now, hummus isn't as easy as dumping chickpeas in a food processor, adding tahini and olive oil, and calling it a day.&nbsp;Now, hummus isn't as easy as dumping chickpeas in a food processor, adding tahini and olive oil, and calling it a[...]

These Sriracha Seasoning Sticks Will Change the Way You Cook

Thursday  08:07,   23 february 2017
The Daily Meal

Sriracha flavoring is everywhere from vodka to McDonald’s burgers. — but now the Thai-style hot sauce is aailable in a new form: Southern California-based Huy Fong Foods, whose version of the sauce ignited the sriracha craze, has released a line of[...]

Watch Angelina Jolie Eat Bugs

Thursday  08:07,   23 february 2017
Eat This, Not That!

The fearless actress demonstrates how to cook and eat tarantulas, scorpions and beetles in a new, mesmerizing video.You may have heard that cricket flour-based protein bars and chips (like Chirps Cricket Chips) have been gaining traction as of late. [...]