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Chicken Breasts Are the Most Dangerous Food to Grill

Thursday  19:09,   15 june 2017

Before you fire up the ol' Weber, you gotta read this.But all the char can come at a high price: When a food takes on those extreme grill marks that no doubt taste delish, the health effects can be no bueno. That char contains compounds called[...]

1 Can of Chickpeas, 5 Simple Chickpea Salads

Thursday  07:45,   15 june 2017

Turn a humble, economical and healthy can of chickpeas into 5 delicious salads that keep well in the fridge all week to enjoy for lunch, dinner, or as an anything-but-boring side dish. From smashed curry chickpea salad lettuce cups to chipotle [...]

12 things McDonald’s staff do but wouldn't admit

Wednesday  21:36,   14 june 2017

The vanilla milkshake one will blow. your. minds.1. Eat the leftovers once the restaurant closes. Freshly cooked nuggets we miiiight have accidentally cooked five minutes before closing taste even better after a ten hour[...]

What This Dad Packed In His Daughter’s Last High School Lunch Went Viral

Wednesday  21:35,   14 june 2017

Youngest children sometimes get a little extra coddling from their parents, but at a certain point, even they have to be metaphorically pushed out of the nest. When that happens it can be very emotional for everyone involved, the kid, the parents,[...]

How to Cut a Pineapple the Right Way

Wednesday  20:55,   14 june 2017

The iconic spiky-topped tropical fruit sure is pretty to look at, but how to cut a pineapple to get from there to those neat little cubes or rings might feel like a mystery. Perhaps you've been tempted to just not deal with it and buy pre-cut[...]

Here's What Fermented Foods are and Why You Should be Eating Them

Wednesday  19:36,   14 june 2017

There are so many different health trends these days, it's kind of overwhelming. But what if I told you adding more of certain foods could have a big impact on your health? What are fermented[...]

11 Hummus Recipes That Will Make You Ditch Store-Bought for Good

Wednesday  07:56,   14 june 2017

Let’s be honest: Making homemade hummus sounds hard. Or rather, it’s hard to make hummus that’s equally as good as store-bought versions. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And where there are garbanzo beans, [...]

The Ultimate Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for Canada Day

Wednesday  07:56,   14 june 2017

The Ultimate Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for Canada DayThere’s always quite a large selection; pies made with plump local blueberries or Okanagan peaches are always popular choices. But my go-to has always been the strawberry-rhubarb. There’s just[...]

This Ingenious Gadget Gives You Extra Cup Holders Wherever You Go

Tuesday  08:50,   13 june 2017

Sofa, beach, backseat of the car — the possibilities are endless.BUY IT NOW: Cupsy, $24;[...]

McDonald's Is Giving Its Fries The Rainbow Treatment For The Best Reason

Monday  20:58,   12 june 2017

Unicorn food may get a few eye rolls since it's taken over everything from frozen coffee beverages to bagels and even grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas, but McDonald's take on the trend is something just about anyone can get behind.[...]

Why Can’t Starbucks Figure Out Food?

Monday  20:58,   12 june 2017

Why Can’t Starbucks Figure Out Food?This week, Starbucks locations in Houston began selling and serving meals from Snap Kitchen, an Austin, Texas-based mini-chain that makes hearty meals focused on wellness. Options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner[...]

Are Sorbet, Sherbet, and Sherbert the Same Thing?

Monday  17:53,   12 june 2017

Are sorbet, sherbet, and sherbert all the same? Despite the fact that the definitions of sorbet and sherbet could be used interchangeably, there is a distinction among American frozen dessert manufacturers and a pretty clear difference in the use of [...]

Cider Can Chicken is the New (and Better) Beer Can Chicken

Monday  11:30,   12 june 2017

We’re taking barbecue beer can chicken to the next level by swapping out beer and replacing it with a dry Canadian cider. The result is a juicy chicken with notes of sweet apples. In case that isn’t enough, we finish the recipe by taking all those[...]

This $1 Device Will Guarantee Perfect Egg and Cheese Sandwiches Every Time

Sunday  11:27,   11 june 2017

<p>You need to do what the professionals do and get yourself a ring mold.</p>Breakfast sandwiches are one of life’s simple pleasures, and spending a little time in the kitchen cranking out a couple is a fun (and tasty) way to spend a lazy[...]

Mario Batali Says This Is Exactly How Long You Should Cook Dried Pasta

Sunday  11:26,   11 june 2017

You better believe it's precise to the second.&nbsp;"I just read the pasta package, and then I take it out exactly one minute short of what they tell you to cook it on the package, and I cook it for 40 seconds in the sauce. Never put the[...]