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We Tried Giada De Laurentiis' Genius Cheese Hack

Tuesday  10:50,   01 august 2017

We're always on the hunt for new and crafty ways to whip up a speedy, yet still impressive, homemade pasta dish. Last week we got the chance to sit down and chat with the queen of easy-to-execute Italian food herself: Giada De Laurentiis. The[...]

9 Things You Should Never Do When Eating Chinese Food

Tuesday  10:33,   01 august 2017

You've definitely broken one of these chopsticks[...]

Use this trick to get a freshly prepared McDonald's burger, every time

Tuesday  10:31,   01 august 2017

If the old, stale burgers sitting in the warming rack don't appeal to you, get a freshly made sandwich, just for you! Craving a fresh, hot-off-the-grill burger?Technically, McDonald's burgers can only be stored on the rack for up to 10 minutes[...]

These Images Of A Dirty McDonald's Tray May Curb Your Ice Cream Intake Forever

Monday  21:42,   31 july 2017

For many of us, picturing the inside of a fast-food kitchen is something we either try not to think about or we just assume is A-OK. After all, who doesn’t begin vetting a place immediately upon walking in? Certificates on the wall? Check. Clean?[...]

Disney Has A Secret Food Challenge That You Need To Try

Monday  10:21,   31 july 2017

Bring your six closest friends.At Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe in Disney World's Magic Kingdom, there's a dish so big you need six people to help you tackle it. It's called the Nachos Rio Grande Challenge and it will set you back a whopping[...]

9 Things You Should Never Do When Eating Chinese Food

Monday  10:17,   31 july 2017

You've definitely broken one of these chopsticks[...]

Do you know the trick for perfectly juicy grilled chicken?

Monday  10:16,   31 july 2017

Goodbye dried out, over-grilled chicken breasts. Do this one thing to get perfectly juicy, tender grilled chicken breasts every time. Chicken breasts are a delicious cut of meat, and are popular in a wide range of dishes and salads.But due to[...]

Get up to 25% more juice from your lemons, with this clever hack!

Sunday  09:45,   30 july 2017

With this easy trick, you can get so much more juice from your lemons, and it only takes seconds! We are actually quite amazed at how well this one works...Related video: How to Make Whole Lemonade (Provided by My Recipes) Click to expand [...]

Here's How to Tell If Your Eggs Have Gone Bad

Sunday  09:45,   30 july 2017

You go to scramble your eggs and then realize something: the eggs might be bad. But how can you tell for sure? Here's how to put the test into action. Fill your bowl or glass with water, and drop an egg into it. If the egg sinks to the[...]

Everyone Is Obsessed With This $3 Chef's Knife

Sunday  09:45,   30 july 2017

It even passed the tomato test.Lately, word of the site's 8-inch chef's knife is making its way around the culinary community, with cooking experts asking, how good can a $3 knife be? (By comparison, Amazon's bestselling 8-inch chef's knife will run [...]

Chrissy Teigen Wishes This Popular Food Trend Would End

Saturday  07:11,   29 july 2017

It’s very unlikely you’ll ever see Chrissy Teigen drinking a Unicorn Frappuccino — or anything Unicorn-themed for that matter. The model and cookbook author told PEOPLE on Wednesday while promoting McDonald’s McDelivery service that she is[...]

Everyone Lost Their Minds Over This ‘Hot Dog Is Not a Sandwich’ Correction

Saturday  07:10,   29 july 2017

"We deeply regret the errors" Is a hot dog a sandwich? Louisville, Kentucky newspaper The Courier-Journaltook an official stand last week in a wonderfully thorough, archive-diving correction that declared, per its house style anyway, that[...]

Please Don't Do This to Your Pesto

Saturday  03:50,   29 july 2017

While researching the least-obtrusive substitute for pine nuts in pesto (I know you can add walnuts, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, pepitas—but I wanted something that would be quiet about its presence), I came across a Serious Eats discussion[...]

Chrissy Teigen won't ban daughter from fast food

Friday  16:22,   28 july 2017

Chrissy Teigen won't "deprive" her daughter of fast food. The 31-year-old model has 15-month-old daughter Luna with her husband John Legend, and has said that whilst she wants her tot to enjoy a "balanced" diet in the interest [...]

THIS Is How You Store Salad Greens to Make Them Last Longer

Friday  16:22,   28 july 2017

No one likes having to throw away food, especially not when it could have been saved. Find out how to store your salad so it stays fresh and crisp for even longer! ***ImagePlaceholder***[...]