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Skipping This One Thing When You Eat Avocado Could Make You Sick

Sunday  07:52,   24 september 2017
Reader's Digest.CA

If you still haven’t gotten on the avocado bandwagon, you’re missing out. But if you keep skipping one important step when you’re preparing an avocado, you could be adding a health risk to an otherwise nutritious food. (And no, it’s not[...]

If You're Running and Aren't Losing Weight, Try This

Sunday  07:50,   24 september 2017

You've been eating right and exercising for a while, but that stubborn belly fat just won't budge! Switch Up Your[...]

You Need to See What Happened When This Woman Put Honey on Her Face

Sunday  07:50,   24 september 2017
Marie Claire

<p>No, no - don't let the redness fool you. This story actually has a happy ending.</p>No? Just me? Cool. Welp, what if I told you that the fix for your skin woes is found in that sticky plastic bear in your cupboard? Because according to[...]

The One Food You Should Never, Ever Eat at Night (or Risk Gaining Weight)

Saturday  22:36,   23 september 2017
Reader's Digest

Research shows that eating late at night can make you gain weight, but if your tummy starts rumbling after the sun goes down, you shouldn’t ignore it either.&nbsp;Research shows that eating late at night can make you gain weight, but if your[...]

One Weight-Loss Surgery Shows Lasting Results

Saturday  10:21,   23 september 2017

Patients 77 pounds slimmer on average 12 years after gastric bypass, study findsDoctors have known that a type of obesity surgery, called gastric bypass, works in the short-term. Patients typically lose a lot of weight, and obesity-related health[...]

This Is Why Ditching Your Diet (for a Few Weeks) Will Help You Lose Weight

Saturday  10:20,   23 september 2017
Reader's Digest.CA

Losing weight can be a tricky beast. Maybe your first weeks of fitness and healthy-eating yielded great results and now you’ve hit a plateau. Maybe you’re a late-night snack junkie, who frequently wrecks their day’s progress (and make their skin[...]

This Woman Ate McDonald's For 5 Days Straight. Here's What Happened:

Friday  20:06,   22 september 2017

When was the last time you had a greasy, delicious McDonald's cheeseburger? We've heard about the dangers of eating McDonald's everyday (just think of what happened to the filmmaker Morgan Spurlock in Super Size Me). To defy the odds,[...]

This Is the Only Stall You Should Use in a Public Bathroom

Friday  20:05,   22 september 2017
Reader's Digest

<p>When faced with a choice, which stall do you typically select&nbsp;in a public bathroom? Let's let science help us make the best decision.</p>When faced with a choice, which stall do you typically select in a public bathroom?[...]

Five things you can learn about health just by looking at your fingernails.

Friday  17:10,   22 september 2017

It’s a little-known fact the state of our fingernails can be an indication of something not-quite-right internally.&nbsp;While chewed nails are harmless, other visual signs can act as red[...]

How Your Diet Can Help Control Type 2 Diabetes

Friday  12:06,   22 september 2017
Best Health

How Your Diet Can Help Control Type 2 Diabetes appeared first on Best Health Magazine Canada. Click to expand Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer",[...]

Snacking Too Much At Work? Here's The Quick-Fix Solution To Cutting Back

Friday  12:06,   22 september 2017

We've all been guilty of storing snacks at our desk, but according to sciencethat might not be such a great idea. ***ImagePlaceholder*** Anyone who[...]

Being "Dumped on a Romantic Weekend Getaway" Sparked Sian's 87-Pound Weight Loss

Friday  12:05,   22 september 2017

<p>Sian turned heartbreak into success. She says she "used the gym as a way of getting out the house and staying distracted."</p> © POPSUGAR Sian before It wasn't until September 2015 that she got super serious about[...]

If You Have This Rare Phobia, You Literally Can't Take a Joke

Friday  12:05,   22 september 2017
Reader's Digest.CA

Photo: Shutterstock Gelotophobia: The fear of laughter Have you ever been laughed at? Have you ever been teased, bullied, or become the victim of a stray updog? (What's updog, you ask? Not much, dog -- what's up with you?) If you are a human [...]

This Is the One Thing at the Gym That Could Save Your Life—and You Probably Have No Clue Where It Is

Thursday  19:23,   21 september 2017
Reader's Digest.CA

Cardiologists agree that going to the gym is an important part of a heart-healthy day. However there is a risk—ever so slight—that a workout can trigger an underlying heart condition that can lead to cardiac arrest. Which is why it’s crucial to[...]

Woman nearly killed by hot water bottle

Thursday  18:31,   21 september 2017
Now To Love

Woman nearly killed by hot water bottleLike many women, 21-year-old Shauna Bryne often used a hot water bottle to help soothe her period pains. But the mum-of-one from Birmingham wasn’t prepared for the level of pain she was about to endure as a[...]