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Guy Loses 92 Pounds in 5 Months on Keto Diet

Wednesday  15:10,   08 august 2018

How Jeremiah Peterson transformed his body in just 5 months. Jeremiah Peterson was 40 years old and 100 pounds overweight when he realized he needed to make a change.The dad went on to lose 92 pounds by adopting the ketogenic diet and working out in [...]
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Relapses Like Demi Lovato's Are Common. Here's Why They Can Be So Dangerous, According to Experts

Wednesday  11:42,   08 august 2018

Experts explain why a number of risk factors make relapses so perilous , says Dr. Richard Blondell, vice chair of addiction medicine at the University of Buffalo’s Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. But the major culprit is often[...]

We evolved to find sex disgusting, according to a new study — and women feel it more than men

Wednesday  11:41,   08 august 2018

<p>If you think sex can be a little bit gross, you aren't alone. In fact, we all probably evolved to feel a certain level of disgust for sexual behavior, according to new research from the London School of Hygiene &amp; Tropical[...]

Why This Woman's Before-and-After Retinol Results Are Shaking the Internet

Tuesday  21:20,   07 august 2018

*Buys 10 tubes of retinol immediately*Seeing as you’ve probably ignored all of this unsolicited advice thus far (“Ugh, I’ll add it to my to-do list,” you say), I would like to present to you this Reddit post that will completely and totally change[...]

This Is How Many Squats It Takes to See Results

Tuesday  18:21,   07 august 2018

Knowing how to perform squats safely and effectively is key to seeing results. Specifically, if you want to grow your gluteus muscles—commonly called “the glutes”—there are a few important factors to keep in mind. This Week's Circulars [...]

Here's what happens to your skin when you cut out dairy, according to dermatologists

Tuesday  18:21,   07 august 2018

<p>Eliminating dairy from your diet can improve skin texture and tone and improve skin conditions like acne and rosacea. And you'll never believe what kind of milk is the worst for your complexion.</p>Getting rid of foods like milk,[...]

Ever wake up to a numb, dead arm? Here’s what’s happening.

Tuesday  14:37,   07 august 2018

Ever wake up to a numb, dead arm? Here’s what’s happening.At first, the limb is limp and flops around like a useless bag of bone before coming back to life with a flood of "pins and needles"[...]

Bride-to-be shamed by personal trainer on Twitter — and her response is perfect

Tuesday  09:12,   07 august 2018

The pressure to look thin on your wedding day can seem constant. But what if someone outright insisted the way you look isn't good enough? For brides planning to walk down the aisle in the digital age, the pressure to look your best on your[...]

'I Cut Gluten And Processed Foods From My Diet—And Lost 50 Pounds'

Tuesday  09:12,   07 august 2018

<p>If this Southern chef could do it, you can.</p>As a classic Southern chef, my life used to revolve around[...]

5 Sources Of Hidden Sugar In Your Diet

Monday  11:41,   06 august 2018

5 Sources Of Hidden Sugar In Your DietSugar does not only come in the tempting forms of candy and soda. Sometimes, the sweetening ingredient can hide in foods that don't even taste all that[...]

Woman performs CPR on newborn while giving birth to two others

Sunday  09:55,   05 august 2018

Luckily all three children are now doing fine.A Canadian woman had to perform CPR on one of her newborn triplets - while she was still in labour with the other[...]

Why you should avoid washing containers with hot water

Sunday  09:55,   05 august 2018

Microwaving plastic is also not recommended.Researchers are suggesting you don't run dish-wash or run your favourite plastic containers under hot[...]

There's a link between mental health and climate change

Sunday  09:55,   05 august 2018

There's a link between mental health and climate changeMillennials are suffering from 'eco-anxiety', research has[...]

Why I traded in my wine for weed

Saturday  20:26,   04 august 2018

I stopped smoking marijuana years ago. But with pot being pitched as the answer to everything from stress to sleeplessness, I decided to find out if cannabis is the fastest route to wellness. Introducing the new world of weed.I had already cut back[...]

How often do happy couples have sex? Less than you think.

Saturday  14:56,   04 august 2018

How often do happy couples have sex? Less than you think."We have lots of expectations about how relationships are 'supposed' to look," says Dr. Logan Levkoff, who received her PhD in human sexuality, marriage and family life education from New York [...]