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Study Identifies Five Types of Diabetes, Not Just Two

Saturday  01:21,   03 march 2018

For many years, diabetes cases have largely been classified as either type 1 or type 2. But a new study suggests that there may actually be five different types of the disease—some of which may be more dangerous than others. A new classification[...]

Teen diagnosed with flu learns he actually has stage 4 cancer

Friday  18:18,   02 march 2018
New York Daily News

<p>Hunter Brady, 16, began feeling weak back in November and the family doctor determined he likely had the flu. But after weeks of no improvement, Hunter's parents rushed him to the ER.</p>Hunter Brady, 16, began feeling tired and weak[...]

‘How Many Eggs Is It Really Safe To Eat Per Week?'

Friday  18:16,   02 march 2018
Women's Health

I’m an egg addict. Despite the fact that “become a stellar cook” makes it onto my list of New Year’s resolutions year after year, life (and a dinky New York City kitchen) has a way of trumping my best intentions. Enter the egg. Whether in an omelet, [...]

This is Why You Should Never Drink Water Before Bed

Friday  08:27,   02 march 2018
Eat This, Not That!

This is Why You Should Never Drink Water Before BedWater is one of the most critical elements to the human body. When you don’t sip enough H2O, your body becomes dehydrated — which leads you to feel weak and decreases motivation — you may feel like[...]

This Rare Condition Makes A Toddler Allergic To Water

Friday  08:26,   02 march 2018
Medical Daily

18-month-old Ivy Angerman's skin breaks out in hives and rashes every time it makes contact with water.The Minnesota toddler’s parents were shocked to find that their daughter would suffer from blisters every time they gave her a bath. The same[...]

What Kim Kardashian Did To Get Her 24-Inch Waist

Thursday  20:20,   01 march 2018

What Kim Kardashian Did To Get Her 24-Inch WaistIf you're an avid watcher of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, then you probably remember the Season 14 episode in which Kim talks about the moment she found Alcantara on[...]

Here's the Real Cause of Winter Weight Gain, According to Science | Taste of Home

Thursday  20:20,   01 march 2018
Taste of Home

A new study shows that fat cells just beneath our skin shrink when exposed to sunlight, which could be a factor in winter weight gain.(Another reason to love sunlight? More vitamin D. Boost your levels with vitamin-D rich foods during winter[...]

Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Worries About Suffering Postpartum Depression Again

Thursday  17:54,   01 march 2018
US Weekly

Chrissy Teigen , who’s pregnant with a boy, admitted at the Create &amp; Cultivate conference in L.A. on Saturday, February 25, that she’s worried about suffering postpartum depression with her new baby. Chrissy Teigen Is Slaying Her Second[...]

The One Mistake You’re Making That Could Sabotage Your Workout

Thursday  07:27,   01 march 2018
Reader's Digest.CA

You probably suspect that there are plenty of secrets personal trainers won’t tell you for free. But when it comes to getting the maximum gains for your pain, here’s one complimentary tip from a certified PT: You might want to rethink the order of[...]

How My Daughter's Mental Illness Makes Me a Better Mom

Thursday  07:27,   01 march 2018

How My Daughter's Mental Illness Makes Me a Better MomThese are the most challenging moments we face as a family. These are the moments when my daughter’s PTSD triggers my own. We both have traumas from our early childhoods that were not our[...]

I Never Liked Yoga. Then, I Did It for 30 Days Straight

Thursday  07:25,   01 march 2018
U.S. News & World Report - Health

'I started to realize that yoga was so much more than just a workout.'Then I hit 30, and my relationship with exercise started to change. I began to listen to my body, taking more rest days and not beating myself up if I missed a workout.[...]

Tell Yourself This Before Making a Healthy Change

Wednesday  07:32,   28 february 2018
U.S. News & World Report - Health

Hint: It's not, 'You can do it!'"You'll be fine!" "Piece of cake!" "Come on, lightweight!" "Just do it!" The messages we tend to receive in advance of a difficult task can be confusing. The assumption is that claiming we'll be fine (when [...]

The Sad, Pathetic Truth About the Juice Cleanse and Detox Fad

Wednesday  07:31,   28 february 2018

The Sad, Pathetic Truth About the Juice Cleanse and Detox FadI was taken over by a mixture of frustration and panic as I stared at the number flashing between my toes. How did the pounds creep up so quickly? I thought to myself. Either the cheap[...]

A Disturbing 'Cinderella' Diet Is Going Viral

Wednesday  03:35,   28 february 2018
Marie Claire

<p>Meet the “Cinderella weight,” a diet challenge in which the goal is to have similar weight proportions as Cinderella — a fictional, anatomically-incorrect Disney character.</p><p></p>Meet the “Cinderella weight,” a diet challenge in[...]

Woman Born with Unique Birthmark Learns She's Her Own Twin: We 'Fused Together in the Womb'

Tuesday  22:42,   27 february 2018

Ever since Taylor Muhl was a little girl, she longed to have a twin sibling. The singer and model would often ask her mother whether she was a twin and became obsessed with dressing just like her friends. Years later, Muhl learned that her wish had [...]