relationships Busy schedule is taking a toll on our sex life: Ellie

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12 Easy Ways to Mimimise Jet Lag

  12 Easy Ways to Mimimise Jet Lag Jet lag can put a damper on a fun trip. To avoid feeling dehydrated and exhausted when travelling, try these easy tricks to prevent jet lag before it happens and to cure it when and if it does. These travel tips will help you enjoy your next big trip even more!Before you leave for your tripStart getting on your new schedule before you leave for your trip. If you will be jumping ahead a few hours, try going to bed a little earlier each night starting about a week before your trip. By the time you get to your destination, your body will have mostly adjusted to your new time zone.Choose an overnight flight.

If you feel like your partner isn’t as interested in sex as you, Ellie says to stop keeping score and to After our spring-break vacation, and despite being close to intimate and having a good time, sex I can’t take him talking about his health all the time and ignoring my advice for a more active life , going

Hectic schedules and full-time jobs don't have to get in the way of your weight loss. Work- Life Balance. TVS NTORQ. Places to visit in 2018. Choose your reason below and click on the Report button. This will alert our moderators to take action.

My husband of 10 years and I both have demanding professional jobs.

At the end of the day, when we’re with our school-age children at home, we’re equally tired but supposedly equally involved in getting them to activities, overseeing homework, music education, etc.

The difference is that he’s harsher, I’m more forgiving. He lashes out verbally (never physically) while I have gentler reactions.

Also, he gets fed up when a parent-child problem isn’t immediately resolved, so he will stalk off or immerse himself in something else, leaving me to clean up the mess.

We love each other, but we fight a lot. We’re both often tired and sex is the first thing to go.

Busy Philipps warns about dangers of 'flipped ovary' after ER visit

  Busy Philipps warns about dangers of 'flipped ovary' after ER visit Actress Busy Philipps spent a busy weekend in a Boston emergency room after checking herself in with "crazy excruciating pain" in her side.Actress Busy Philipps spent a busy weekend in a Boston emergency room after checking herself in with "crazy excruciating pain" in her abdomen.

9. Busy schedule : The daily grind takes a toll on you, leaving you tired, exhausted and not in the mood for sex . Men’s testosterone levels peak in their teenage years, although they can still enjoy a normal sex life until their 60’s. Women peak later than men, but their libido begins to decline much

Busy lifestyles are taking a big toll on the average American especially in the bedroom. According to a new report, a large number of adults are forced to schedule sex because of their hectic The Horror of Inhumane Immigrant Family Separation Demands We Cut Trump Supporters Out of Our Lives .

We recapture it when we have the odd few hours alone, if grandparents take the kids out and we don’t have other demands in the house or for work.

We end up having sex about once a month.

Our friends with jobs and kids joke about having similar pressures, and no time for sex.

But are we slowly coming apart as a couple? What should we do?


You’ve just made a start at confronting the possibilities ahead.

Reader needs to seize opportunities for relaxed family-time, where fun for all is the main goal, says Ellie. © Richard Lautens Reader needs to seize opportunities for relaxed family-time, where fun for all is the main goal, says Ellie.

By recognizing what binds you two — love, children, ambition — and what divides you — different reactions, overwork, fatigue — you can plan toward improvements.

First, examine whether you’re overscheduling the kids and thus yourselves, too.

Ignoring Your Kids Might Be the Best Thing for Them

  Ignoring Your Kids Might Be the Best Thing for Them Since when did children need boredom busters?No, I don’t mean ignore them and let them set the paper towels in the kitchen on fire as some kind of "learning experience.

Schedule Non- Sexual Relationship Time Too. We all love being recognized and validated for our efforts. Plus, taking the time to thank each other will help you recognize that you’re working together as a team to create the sex life you both want.

However, for about four months, sex is the last thing on my mind. I’ve been struggling to find a part-time job to pay the bills, also to Add life ’s other pressures and no wonder your libido has decreased! Trying to “fix” another’s emotional issues takes a personal toll on you. Read Ellie Monday to Saturday.

Not every exposure — sports, music, art, dance — has to be done in every segment of each year.

Then, rethink anything in your own work schedule that you can adjust. For example, have you added on too many extra projects, presentations, etc.?

Seize opportunities for relaxed family-time . . . a hike, picnic, movie outing, where fun for all is the main goal.

Besides those grandparent moments for time alone, create some house rules toward planned privacy after the kids go to bed.

Use the standby tricks of all busy couples — shower sex, mutual “massages” with the bedroom door closed, a sleepover at grandparents’ house.

Reader’s Commentary: Regarding the man coping with his wife’s serious health issues (Oct. 3):

“Twenty years ago, I developed a progressively worse chronic pain condition.

“I ended up leaving a great job at age 53. With the advice of a wonderfully compassionate pain specialist, I determined that not only one person has a serious health issue. The family does.

“I Fit An Hour Of Cardio In Each Day.”

  “I Fit An Hour Of Cardio In Each Day.” Marci Ien finds time to do an hour of cardio five days a week You know her bright smile and targeted questions from TV. Her face is instantly recognizable, as she is broadcast journalist, who was the host of Canada AM and is now on The Social. But what you don't see is how crazy fit she is. In fact she logs an hour a day of cardio, within her busy work schedule while raising two children. She recently decided on this health goal to be her #BHmoment. And this is how she did it. Why cardio for her #BHmoment? 'My goal was to incorporate a solid hour of cardio into my weekdays,' says Ien. 'I wanted the energy boost that exercise provides and also wanted to be stronger and more fit.' Ien's cardio strategy 'I started my personal program this past June,' she says. 'Instead of driving to the subway each morning and parking my car there - I walked the two kilometres. On rainy days I did a walk/run combination on my treadmill at home before work. The weather continues to be great, so I've continued my routine. I’m sneaking in four kilometres of walking per day. I’m walking at a pretty good clip, too.' Fitting it in is all about fitting it in With a busy schedule that includes prepping for and co-hosting a daily talk show, two kids aged 13 and six, and various speaking engagements and charitable initiatives, it was hard to make time for exercise - to make time for me. But this works.' Her friendly advice 'I tell my friends - all of whom are insanely busy - that taking time each day, even if you don’t have much of it, to devote to yourself is paramount. Nothing matters if we don’t have our health.' The post 'I Fit An Hour Of Cardio In Each Day.' appeared first on Best Health Magazine Canada.

With our chocked up schedules and some added milestones unexpectedly thrown in by our managers, one can’t help but wonder how we are managing to survive. Most of us are often too busy to value and appreciate anything except for a bag of chips or takeaways. This is how being busy is taking a toll

When it comes to your marriage and sex life , it may be the best way for today’s busy couples to maintain intimacy, said Janice Epp, Ph.D., dean of the Institute for Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.

“For the sufferer, it’s essential that the physical and emotional health of the partner is equally as important.

“At 71 now, my condition is still chronic and deepens as I age. It becomes more important that my partner has a life of her own. She benefits and I gain.

“She accompanied our eldest daughter and family to the United Kingdom last year. A future trip overseas is planned.

“She twice-weekly pursues her musical passion. (We were both musicians when we married, 48 years ago). A bedroom has been converted into a costume design and sewing studio.

“I created an art studio to paint landscapes.

“My partner became my producer and some of my art income feeds her travel fund.

“We’re partners, both for the good and not so good. Her quality of life helps me forge a new direction.

“The best thing for a strained marriage is to become a strengthened partnership.

“It’s a renewal of why the partnership began, and the freedom that open and frank dialogue can provide.

“A partner needs to know that someone experiencing chronic pain including sleep loss, is occupied daily with surviving and fighting potential depression associated with persistent pain.”

Tip of the day

Busy working parents can find ways to make time for sex through creativity and mutual planning.

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