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Parent to Parent – Session 4. Should you tell your kids they have ad/HD? By Tom Quinn. Should they tell their kid ? Like he or she doesn’t know something’s been going with them on all these years?

When and how should you tell your kids that your family is in debt? Photo: Gordon. Parenting is a no easy task, as you already know. There is no playbook or instruction manual to tell you the best way to handle a given situation.

When Yolanda Ng found out she was pregnant for the first time, she wasn’t living on the same continent as her boyfriend. Three weeks earlier, the Markham, Ont., native had moved to Hong Kong for work, leaving behind her boyfriend, friends and family. “I had just started a new job and having a child wasn’t in the plan,” says the fashion designer who was 29 at the time. An unappetizing sushi dinner tipped her off that something was amiss. “I looked at my best friend and said, ‘I think I might be pregnant.’” The following day, Ng’s work was cancelled due to an approaching category-9 typhoon. Residents were given a five-hour warning before it was expected to hit. With that in mind, Ng picked up a pregnancy test in the hopes of calming her mind before the storm. But when two blue lines revealed that she was expecting, she was anything but calm. “With my pants down, I literally ran out of the bathroom, holding myself up with the doorframe, crying my eyes out,” recalls Ng.

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Where your kids "pleasent" suprises or planned? My first was a pleasent surprise but my second was planned. I was the passenger in a 2-car accident , should I tell my parents?

What’s more disturbing is that of the 4,884 pedestrians who were killed in road accidents , 207 were kids . Tell your kids to cross only at an intersection and use the pedestrian crossing. If they are in a small neighborhood where there is no crossroad or marked crossing, they should follow the rules

Eight years later, that storm has become family folklore. “My son has always known he was an accident because he has always heard the story like that,” says the mother of two. “It’s always been this funny story in the family. It’s never been a big deal.” For Ng, it’s more than just a good story though. “It’s important for him to know his origin.”

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10 ways to make your child feel loved

According to the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada, 34 percent of Canadian births are unplanned. Many parents choose not to share that information with their little ones out of fear they may feel that they weren’t wanted. But it’s quite possible to share the news without hurting any feelings. As long as a child knows they’re loved, the news won’t damage their self-esteem, says Jen Theule, a child psychologist in Winnipeg and assistant professor of psychology at the University of Manitoba. “Showing them how much they are appreciated and loved despite being unplanned speaks to a sense of how much they are wanted now,” she says.

If you decide to tell your child that they weren’t planned, how you tell them is key. The conversation should take place in a warm and welcoming environment where the child feels valued, and “It should be in the context of, ‘You were an accident, but what a wonderful thing that turned out to be,’” says Dr. Joan Grusec, head of the University of Toronto Child Study Centre’s Social Development Lab.

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This will likely be a memory your kids carry forever. News about their parents' break-up is jarring to hear. Don't tell them as they 're going off to school in the morning or before they go to bed. What Should Witnesses Do at an Accident Scene? 7 days ago.

You should just tell them the truth like I did with my parents and they let me get diapers. Its nothing to be ashamed of. How long should kids wear diapers? As long as possible. Why burden them with the embarrasment of accidents .

It’s also important to remove any element of shame. “Children will only feel dismay if we tell them there is something wrong in this,” says Theule. It’s important to communicate that unplanned doesn’t mean unwanted. If a child feels unwanted, that is when their sense of security and self-esteem may feel threatened, says Grusec.

Ideally it’s best to have that conversation when children are older, around the time when they have a firm understanding of conception. “The idea of a planned or unplanned pregnancy doesn’t make sense to a young child who doesn’t know one could plan a pregnancy or how contraception works,” says Theule. Sexual education should be an ongoing conversation so it makes sense to bring up their origins during one of those talks.

In reality though, many children may approach their parents first. For example, if there is a large age gap between siblings, a kid may piece it together. “If the child discovers [they weren’t planned], ask them if it makes them feel different in any way,” says Grusec. “Reassure them it doesn’t make them different in your eyes.” It’s important to ensure that the child feels just as loved as their planned sibling.

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But not 'different' in a bad way, I was different because my mum and dad had 'chosen' me. Not for me the accident of a natural birth. Originally Answered: Should a couple who adopts kids , tell the kids they were adopted?

I think, kids should not be told to outstand in the event, they should , rather, be told to enjoy the event , give their best to the event and not worry Though she is good at her health , tremendously fast her in every action -a brilliant mind but often she meets with accidents -falling from cradle, skiing etc.

Sometimes, older siblings may take it upon themselves to share the news. To avoid this, don’t keep secrets, says Theule. “If it’s not a secret no one will bug anyone about it.” If, however, an older sibling spills the beans before you are ready to have that conversation, the best approach is to follow up with an open and honest conversation with the younger child. “It doesn’t need to be presented as a big deal, but simply a fact—not a negative or positive fact, just a neutral one,” says Theule.

After the birth of Dante, Ng thought she was finished having children, until her son asked his parents for a baby sister for his sixth birthday. His wish came true the day before his birthday when Ng and her husband discovered that they were unexpectedly pregnant for the second time. She plans to tell her 16-month daughter, Dylane, that her older brother wished for her and that she, too, was unplanned. “I think it makes it more exciting that they both have such interesting stories.”

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2017 the safest year on record for commercial air travel, 2 aviation groups say .
The past year was the safest ever for air travel, with no accident deaths in commercial passenger jets in all of 2017, a Dutch consulting firm says.Dutch aviation consulting firm To70 and the Aviation Safety Network both reported Monday there were no commercial passenger jet fatalities in 2017.

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