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The Grief Counselor Helping People Mourn Their Pets

Saturday  00:07,   11 november 2017
The Cut

“Because animals are thought to be replaceable, people say, ‘Well, you can solve this problem. Just go get another one.’”But mourning pet owners have at least one source of comfort always at the ready: grief hotlines specifically for them, staffed[...]

How I Moved on After Breaking up with Someone I Thought Was “The One”

Saturday  00:06,   11 november 2017

It ain’t[...]

I think my younger boyfriend is 'stashing' me: Ellie

Saturday  00:02,   11 november 2017
Toronto Star

I was married for ten years to a great guy (we had 15 years total together). We have two beautiful children. Recently, I decided I wasn’t happy and met someone else much younger than me. He’s 24, I’m 31. He’s never had a long relationship (I’m his[...]

Why It’s No Big Deal If You And Your Partner Have Different Sexual Appetites

Tuesday  23:01,   31 october 2017
Best Health

illustration credit: shutterstock Are you and your partner sexually mismatched? A couple can disagree about how frequently to make mortgage payments or go shopping each week, and it likely won't negatively affect your relationship. But disagree[...]

Blake Lively reveals the secret to her happy marriage

Tuesday  23:01,   31 october 2017

The actress revealed what makes her relationship with Ryan Reynold’s tick.Blake Lively hasrevealed the secret to her happy marriage to Ryan Reynolds, and it’s incredibly sweet. “My husband and I don’twork at the same time, so we all go together as a [...]

My 6-Year-Old Is Obsessed With National Tragedies — and I Doubt She's Alone

Thursday  19:42,   26 october 2017

How do you raise a kid in a world where the news is always upsetting?While he went to hunt for some fresh ones, talking heads on CNN revealed new timeline details that had emerged in the investigation following the Las Vegas[...]

Busy schedule is taking a toll on our sex life: Ellie

Thursday  19:42,   26 october 2017
Toronto Star

My husband of 10 years and I both have demanding professional jobs.At the end of the day, when we’re with our school-age children at home, we’re equally tired but supposedly equally involved in getting them to activities, overseeing homework, music[...]

Anna Faris explained why she doesn’t believe in “closure” after a breakup

Thursday  19:42,   26 october 2017
Hello Giggles

You’ll often hear people talk about a little thing called “closure” when it comes to relationships, but is it ever possible to…You’ll often hear people talk about a little thing called “closure” when it comes to relationships, but is it ever[...]

'I was so excited to tell my best friend I'm engaged. Her reaction infuriated me.'

Thursday  19:42,   26 october 2017

A 26-year-old woman has approached the Internet to ask whether or not it’s time to end one of her longest friendships. The woman, who has not identified herself but we will refer to as ‘Sally’, posted to the thread Reddit Relationships;[...]

A private investigator on the most disturbing thing he's noticed about people who cheat.

Thursday  19:41,   26 october 2017

“One man wanted to know if his partner was up to something because she lived in another state,” private investigator Lachlan Jarvis tells me over the phone.“So we surveyed her… she came out of the house with another man, and she was in a[...]

Why, Despite Always Wanting The ‘Picket Fence,’ I Chose To Become A Single Mom

Thursday  22:02,   19 october 2017

At 36, I decided I’d waited long enough. I ended my faltering relationship and made an appointment with a gynecologist. Then I ran into my ‘Middle Age Mack Truck.’Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to have children. I remember opening a[...]

6 signs you’re more in love with your significant other than they are with you

Thursday  22:01,   19 october 2017
Hello Giggles

6 signs you’re more in love with your significant other than they are with you Striking the perfect balance in a relationship takes hard work and a lot of compromise. When it comes to finding time to hang out while still giving people the space[...]

Woman sells wedding dress after new husband chatted up other ladies on honeymoon

Monday  23:27,   16 october 2017

Tongue-in-cheek ad goes[...]

The Healthy Reason Behind Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Big, Happy Family

Monday  23:27,   16 october 2017
Best Health

photo credit: shutterstock It is a full house for Chrissy Teigen and John Legend And then there were four - four fur babies, that is, in the Teigen/Legend household, and we can't take all the cuteness. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have just[...]

The Dating "Mistake" That Isn't Actually A Problem

Friday  21:00,   29 september 2017

It's the plot that launched countless rom-coms: A person in a happy relationship feels like they need to be single in order to "find themselves."But is it actually true? Should you ditch your[...]