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8 signs you learned bad relationship habits from your parents

Tuesday  23:56,   16 january 2018

We learn a lot of things from our family that stick with us well into adulthood. Although we might adopt and adapt…The study, done by Harvard Graduate School of Education, found that most families don’t sit teens down and talk about love when they[...]
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Four sisters put their wedding dresses on again as a special favor to their mom

Tuesday  23:56,   16 january 2018

Usually, a bride only gets to slip on her wedding gown and be professionally photographed just the once. In fact, second-youngest sister Nikki hadn’t even worn hers to her December ceremony when she got dressed up with her three[...]

An Open Letter to Kanye West, re: Emailing Kim Fashion Rules

Thursday  00:02,   11 january 2018

Telling your S.O. what to wear isn’t[...]

What is demisexuality? 5 signs you might be demisexual

Thursday  00:47,   28 december 2017

With so many dating apps currently at our fingertips, quickly swiping right for a potential relationship or hookup has never been easier….For those who don’t know, demisexuality falls under the asexuality umbrella, and basically means you aren’t[...]

Women are less happy than men until they hit this decade, according to new research

Thursday  21:51,   21 december 2017

Women are less happy than men until they hit this decade, according to new research Every year, British researchers release data from the Health Survey for England, an ongoing study designed to monitor trends in the country’s health. The 2016[...]

Is It Okay To Question Your Engagement?

Thursday  23:55,   14 december 2017

If you're one of the people who finds themselves taking the ultimate plunge during this engagement season, congrats! You might be fielding thrilled texts from your friends and family, answering questions about wedding planning (which, good[...]

Want Mind-Blowing Sex? Here’s How To Spice Up Your Love Life

Saturday  00:21,   09 december 2017

Want Mind-Blowing Sex? Here’s How To Spice Up Your Love Life appeared first on Best Health Magazine[...]

Thinking About A One-Way Ticket To Splitsville? Here’s Who To Talk To First

Saturday  00:20,   09 december 2017

There’s value in talking to the right people before saying ‘I want a[...]

In marrying Meghan Markle, Prince Harry is proving the oldest dating advice to be true.

Monday  22:22,   04 december 2017

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their much-anticipated engagement, the news cycle was saturated with stories of the couple. We began to read about the details of the wedding, the intricacies of her ring, the nature of the couple’s[...]

Should you delete your ex and their friends off social media?

Monday  22:21,   04 december 2017

Anyone who has dated anyone post 2004 most likely has had access to social media. So lets take a common scenario. You start dating a guy (or girl), you meet their friends and get along very well. You add them on Facebook and other social[...]

Here's How Many People Say They've Fallen In Love At First Sight

Thursday  20:21,   30 november 2017

Here's How Many People Say They've Fallen In Love At First Sight . About 50% of people who identified as gay, 40% of people who identified as a lesbian and 36% of people who identified as bisexual said that they had formed an immediate[...]

This Super Common Thing Happens When A Couple Stops Having Sex, According to Relationship Experts

Thursday  02:21,   30 november 2017

illustration credit: shutterstock Fighting more? You likely you don't have sex as often as you used to - or stopped completely When it comes to sex, it almost goes without saying that no two relationships are exactly the same. When it[...]

Should you tell your kid they were an accident?

Wednesday  23:22,   22 november 2017

Just because you didn’t plan your pregnancy doesn’t mean you don’t love your child just the same—but should you tell them?Eight years later, that storm has become family folklore. “My son has always known he was an accident because he has always[...]

My wife and I stopped having sex and I’m frustrated: Ellie

Wednesday  23:21,   22 november 2017

I love my wife and always enjoy sex, but it is my biggest problem in our marriage. She’s 65 and I’m 75, working 20 to 35 hours a week. Even when my wife was in her 30s, we had sex once a month. She’s still sexually appealing to me. Later in our[...]

An Online Dating Pro on How to Spot a Red Flag Before You Swipe Right

Saturday  00:07,   11 november 2017

Excuse us while we reactivate all of our online dating profiles and give this another[...]