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Pro surfer Laird Hamilton helps rescue Hawaii residents after massive flooding

Friday  06:35,   20 april 2018
Global News

Some Hawaii families were surprised to find big wave surfer Laird Hamilton show up to rescue them from flooding in Hawaii.For the Gwilliams, the surprise was a welcome one as Erin Gwilliam said she didn't feel safe in leaving the Kaui vacation[...]

'Tremendous force': What happens when a hole opens on a plane in flight

Friday  06:30,   20 april 2018

'Tremendous force': What happens when a hole opens on a plane in flightIndeed, the differences between the inside and outside of an airplane while in flight are staggering: While it's warm and calm inside, just a few inches away is a deadly[...]

Sunwing passengers still waiting for luggage

Friday  06:30,   20 april 2018
Global News

Five days after weather delays triggered trouble for Toronto-based Sunwing Airlines, many passengers still haven't received their luggage.Mark Pospisil, a real estate agent in Oakville, Ont., returned to Toronto on Sunday from Jamaica aboard a[...]

11 Places Every Introvert Should Go In Their Lifetime

Thursday  16:57,   19 april 2018

<p>Introvert travellers tend to have little desire for big crowds, buzzy hostels and parties that last until dawn.</p>Take these 11 trips of a lifetime, for example: From to backwoods to beaches, they happen to be perfect for introverts who[...]

How it’s possible for a person to be sucked from an airplane mid-flight

Thursday  16:38,   19 april 2018
The Verge

<p>hen the left engine on Southwest 1380 exploded today, a woman was nearly sucked out of the plane through the broken window next to her, other passengers on the flight told NBC.</p>The Boeing 737’s engine exploded on Tuesday morning while[...]

Canada’s first pod hotel to open this summer in Whistler

Thursday  06:35,   19 april 2018
Global News

The pod hotel features stacked sleeping chambers, big enough for one or two people. It's not for everyone, but the owners believe there is a demand."We're catering to a clientele who when they go to bed at night want their personal privacy,"[...]

Relieved Pilot Kisses Ground Following Terrifying Emergency Plane Landing in Florida

Wednesday  16:27,   18 april 2018

Relieved Pilot Kisses Ground Following Terrifying Emergency Plane Landing in FloridaA Florida pilot couldn’t help but kiss the ground beneath his feet after the small plane he was flying on safely landed on[...]

It would be the world’s largest airplane. It’s being built by a billionaire. And it’s getting ready to fly.

Wednesday  16:26,   18 april 2018
The Washington Post

Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder, is building an airplane that could “air launch” as many as three rockets and perhaps even a space shuttle.If it flies successfully, Stratolaunch, as the plane is called, would be the largest aircraft ever to[...]

100 Tourists From Minnesota Stranded in Mexico After Airline Ends Service

Wednesday  06:51,   18 april 2018

Hundreds of travelers from Minnesota are stranded in Mexico because they are unable to rebook Sun Country Airlines flights that were canceled due to a storm at home , because the carrier has ended its seasonal service south of the border.Travelers[...]

What it's like to fly on the new 'millennial' airline that serves craft beer, signature cocktails, and organic coffee -- and has flights from €49

Tuesday  16:53,   17 april 2018
Business Insider Australia

Air France launched a "boutique" airline last summer targeted at a slightly younger clientele (18 to 35) - and "Joon" certainly has a number of millennial-friendly perks, including its selection of booze. Passengers can enjoy[...]

Love hills? These are the places for you

Tuesday  16:52,   17 april 2018

Love hills? These are the places for you1. 10 pocket friendly experiences in the hills! ©[...]

The Chicest Hotels in Canada for Your Next Staycation

Tuesday  16:37,   17 april 2018

Put down your passport—these luxe hotels will have you stoked to stay in your own cityBest Staycation Hotels in[...]

The world's most Instagrammable hotel named as Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, which features an underwater restaurant and thatched-roof rooms in turquoise waters

Tuesday  10:26,   17 april 2018
Daily Mail

The gong was awarded to Anantara Kihavah following a poll by Luxury Travel Advisor. The contest saw 121,000 votes cast online, with Anantara Kihavah taking 45,385. The hotel said in a statement: ‘Designed by Maldivian architects Group X Design[...]

The Best Travel Destinations, According To TripAdvisor Users

Monday  21:31,   16 april 2018
Lifehacker Australia

When you're planning an epic holiday, you want to be sure you're headed somewhere incredible in more ways than one. You want fascinating culture and history, eye-popping beauty, and, of course, incredible food.&nbsp;According to[...]

This Plane’s Engine Failed, and the Only Place to Land Was the Busiest Highway in America

Monday  21:01,   16 april 2018
Reader's Digest.CA

'Mayday! We got Mayday!' Frank Pisano screamed over the micro­phone to the air control tower at John Wayne Airport last June. One of the two engines on his 1975 Cessna had failed, and he was now on a collision course with one of the busiest[...]