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Here Are The Airports You Should Avoid This Summer (Unless You Like Delays, That Is)

Thursday  16:46,   20 july 2017

All the worst airports for delays in the United States seem to be clustered in one region, according to a new study from travel rewards website Unsurprisingly, it's the New York City metro area.MileCards collected Department of[...]

Enhanced security in effect on international flights to US

Thursday  10:10,   20 july 2017

Enhanced security in effect on international flights to USThe regulations could include asking passengers to present larger electronic devices for inspection and prove that they can be powered[...]

Seven Things Flight Attendants Notice About You When You Board A Plane

Thursday  10:08,   20 july 2017

Seven Things Flight Attendants Notice About You When You Board A PlaneFlight attendants may seem chipper and carefree, but don’t be fooled: While pouring bubbly and chatting with travelers, these trained first responders are also keeping a [...]

This Is Airbnb's Most Requested Listing Ever

Wednesday  18:52,   19 july 2017

With castles, possibly haunted Parisian catacombs, and plenty of celebrity-frequented homes available on Airbnb, the most-requested listing would probably be one of those flashy abodes, right? Nope. In fact, it's quite the[...]

10 of the most outrageous travel insurance claims ever

Wednesday  09:56,   19 july 2017

From disastrous haircuts to brothel visits that brought on heart ttacks, there's no limit to what people claim on their travel insurance. But were their claims successful?2: A British lad holidaying in Athens was so distracted by the sight of a[...]

12 Tricks To Rest, Restore And Grow Your Brain On Vacation

Wednesday  09:56,   19 july 2017

12 Tricks To Rest, Restore And Grow Your Brain On VacationVacation not only feels blissful, it’s also good for your body: Regular trips are linked to a lower risk of heart attacks and increased lifespan, among other[...]

10 unique Central American adventures you will want to book now

Wednesday  09:56,   19 july 2017

If it’s volcanoes, colonial towns, Mayan ruins and abundant nature you’re after, head to Central America. From Belize to Panama, Guatemala to Nicaragua, adventure is[...]

The Beauty and the Beast musical is coming to Disney Cruise Line and we are pumped

Tuesday  17:51,   18 july 2017
Today's Parent

Your next Disney cruise just got a lot more magical! We went behind-the-scenes on Disney's new Beauty and the Beast musical debuting in November 2017.Drawing inspiration from both the live-action film and the 1992 animated classic, the [...]

Investigators talk to plane's captain in taxiway close call

Tuesday  10:06,   18 july 2017

Federal investigators confirmed Monday that an Air Canada jet was descending toward a taxiway holding four other planes rather than the assigned runway and narrowly avoided disaster at San Francisco International Airport. WASHINGTON -[...]

What opening a plane door mid-flight would do

Tuesday  08:10,   18 july 2017

And what to do in an emergency[...]

Flight attendant filmed pouring champagne back into bottle

Tuesday  08:10,   18 july 2017

A business class passenger flying to Dubai filmed the moment on board the plane.A flight attendant on board an Emirates plane has been caught pouring what appears to be left over champagne back into the[...]

Cabin crew reveal their least favourite customers

Monday  23:51,   17 july 2017

And, who are the best passengers.But for flight attendants, there's apparently an entire season that brings out the worst in travellers, and it's - drumroll please - summer, aka when everyone is off on their family holidays with all manner of[...]

The world's Top 5 climbing destinations, from family-friendly to hardcore, by climbing legend Tommy Caldwell

Monday  16:39,   17 july 2017

The first person to free climb El Capitan's Dawn Wall in Yosemite reveals the climbing locations around the world that he enjoys and that should be on your climbing To Do list too. Some are easier than you thinkEl Capitan, Yosemite[...]

In an underwater cave with only an air pocket to breathe

Monday  11:37,   17 july 2017
BBC News

Xisco Gràcia experienced a diver's worst nightmare after finding himself without oxygen in an underwater cave beneath Mallorca.On Saturday 15 April, Xisco Gràcia slipped into the water in Mallorca for a routine dive. The geology teacher spent[...]

What Should You Do If You Leave Something Important on a Plane?

Monday  11:36,   17 july 2017

There's nothing quite like that sinking feeling you get the moment you realise you've left something important on a plane. In the chaos of scrambling to get your luggage out of the overhead compartment and stopping someone who doesn't[...]