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New 'no go' list ranks places to avoid visiting in 2018

Tuesday  22:41,   21 november 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

The Galapagos Islands tops an unusual index of the top places to avoid visiting in 2018. At a time of year when travel brands usually trip over one another releasing forecasts on the top trending destinations to visit for 2018, Fodor's is[...]

The Best Cities in the World for Every Type of Traveller

Tuesday  18:55,   21 november 2017
Reader's Digest.CA

If you’ve never travelled abroad, looking for a fun destination as your next vacation can be tough and intimidating. What’s the food like? What attractions can I find? How do I get around? Don’t settle for just any city--it’s important that your[...]

The Hottest Inhabited Place on Earth Is Shockingly Beautiful

Tuesday  11:37,   21 november 2017
Travel + Leisure

The Hottest Inhabited Place on Earth Is Shockingly BeautifulAmong the hottest places on Earth — from Death Valley to Sudan — the destination with the hottest regular temperatures is a remote spot in the Ethiopian desert that’s only accessible by[...]

Supersonic flights could return soon

Monday  16:22,   20 november 2017
Business Insider

Supersonic flights could return[...]

Can you guess which country has the best international image?

Monday  13:07,   20 november 2017

Can you guess which country has the best international image?The annual survey of 50 countries, which measures public opinion around the world on "the power and quality of each country's 'brand image,'” was carried out by British political[...]

This Alaskan Town Is Being Overrun by Polar Bears and Tourists

Sunday  17:50,   19 november 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

Climate change is driving polar bears south and tourists north.The Alaskan town of Kaktovik has a population of fewer than 250 people, but at this time of year, it receives a wave of visitors—first polar bears, then[...]

The Gross Reason Why You Should Think Twice Before Sitting in a Hotel Chair

Sunday  10:47,   19 november 2017
Reader's Digest.CA

Let’s face it—staying healthy on vacation isn’t necessarily as easy as it looks. Not only are you running on less sleep than normal, but every new environment exposes your system to hundreds upon thousands of foreign bacteria and germs. (And that’s [...]

Who ever heard of an 'over-punctual' train?

Sunday  10:46,   19 november 2017

Who ever heard of an 'over-punctual' train?Whilst this early departure may seem meaningless and insignificant to some, the efficient and uber-punctual train travel culture in Japan means that any form of disruption or slight change, no[...]

'This is bunk': WestJet apologizes for misleading passengers about why it cancelled flights

Saturday  17:10,   18 november 2017

WestJet cancelled flights to Turks and Caicos, telling passengers the local airport instructed it to suspend service following Hurricane Irma. Now the airline admits that wasn't accurate and that it cancelled flights for business reasons.The[...]

This stunning Swiss city is the most Instagrammed place in the world in the winter

Saturday  12:51,   18 november 2017

Shutterstock/BrunoK1 Bern, Switzerland is the most Instagrammable winter[...]

This Is Why It’s So Tough to Fall Asleep on an Airplane

Saturday  12:51,   18 november 2017
Reader's Digest.CA

This Is Why It’s So Tough to Fall Asleep on an AirplaneWhether you’re lounging or in the upright and locked position, a plane seat just isn’t your bed. (This is the reason why your seat needs to be “upright and locked” during takeoff and landing.)[...]

This Airline Is Selling Flights For The Price Of A Movie Ticket

Friday  20:06,   17 november 2017

Spirit Airlines may not get all of the attention of its budget-carrier counterparts, but fans of the airline have reason to celebrate. Travel + Leisure reports that some of the too-good-to-be-true fares include New York to Chicago for $12[...]

Flight Attendant’s Hilarious Safety Check Goes Viral

Friday  12:06,   17 november 2017
International Business Times

The Southwest flight attendant put his own spin on those routine safety guidelines.In video Kintner posted to Facebook Friday, the flight attendant could be seen putting his own spin on safety guidelines while another flight attendant read the[...]

Flight Attendant Falls Out of Airliner

Friday  12:06,   17 november 2017

Video captured the surgery-requiring accident.According to the South China Morning Post, the female flight attendant was loading a food trolley onto the stationary Xiamen Air Flight MF8253 at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport when she lost[...]

Canadian airlines gird for discount battle

Wednesday  17:05,   15 november 2017

Canadian airlines gird for discount battleMONTREAL - The ultra low-cost airline battle is heating up as fledgling airline Canada Jetlines prepares to take on WestJet's efforts to regain its mantle as the country's low-cost[...]