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Report: Passengers delayed nearly 12 hours on plane

Thursday  22:52,   22 february 2018
CBS News

The problem was rooted in an ice storm, which wreaked havoc on travelers trying to depart from Kansas City International Airport . CBS' Kansas City affiliate KCTV reports Delta Air Lines faced the majority of problems. Southwest, American and United [...]

Former Pilot Explains 10 “Code Words” Passengers Don’t Understand

Thursday  21:36,   22 february 2018
Southern Living

Even though more people are flying than ever before, the world of air travel still retains a certain air of mystery. In an effort to shed some light on the enigmatic industry, long-time commercial airline pilot and author of 2013’s Cockpit[...]

These two Asian countries now boast the world's most powerful passports

Thursday  18:06,   22 february 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Move over Europe. In a sign of the times, the latest ranking to measure the most powerful passports in the world has placed two Asian countries -- Singapore and South Korea -- at the top of the leaderboard. According to the latest edition[...]

This Is the Surprising Reason Why Airports Are Carpeted

Thursday  10:40,   22 february 2018
Reader's Digest.CA

This Is the Surprising Reason Why Airports Are CarpetedWhile common sense might call for terminals to be designed with tile floors — both for the benefit of passengers wheeling luggage and to make it easier for the staff to clean — most airports are [...]

How missing a flight can cause your other airline bookings to be cancelled

Wednesday  16:20,   21 february 2018

You could find yourself stranded in a foreign city because of this one mistake.I had an inkling something was wrong. Normally, about 24 hours before a flight, Swiss Air will send through a boarding pass to inform you you've been automatically[...]

Budget cuts, weak govt oversight caused rise in Canada airline accidents

Wednesday  15:37,   21 february 2018

A pilot group responsible for aviation safety inspections said on Tuesday that budget cuts had weakened government oversight and triggered a spike in airline accidents and near misses in 2017, after years of improving flight safety. According to[...]

Vancouver Island hike offers breath-taking views

Tuesday  16:51,   20 february 2018

Cradled below towering mountains at the centre of Vancouver Island is a lake whose name tells the landscape's history. Landslide Lake caught the face of one the Island's tallest mountains when a magnitude-7.3 earthquake shook it loose in[...]

Experts: Underwater archaeology site imperiled in Mexico

Tuesday  10:27,   20 february 2018

Experts: Underwater archaeology site imperiled in MexicoMEXICO CITY - Pollution is threatening the recently mapped Sac Actun cave system in the Yucatan Peninsula, a vast underground network that experts in Mexico say could be the most important[...]

Taking a Train Through the Great Smoky Mountains Needs to Be on Your Bucket List

Monday  10:52,   19 february 2018
Travel + Leisure

If you've never been to the most visited national park in the U.S., you should make a train trip through the Great Smoky Mountains a priority. The Watauga Valley Railroad Historical Society and Museum will be hosting its annual Spring[...]

A viral Facebook post describes an 'extraordinary' moment at LAX when a group of women comforted a screaming toddler and his mother

Sunday  14:35,   18 february 2018
Business Insider

Facebook post described a remarkable moment at Los Angeles International Airport.Traveling with a child isn't easy, let alone a child who's upset. A February 2 Facebook post that has been shared over 15,000 times described a remarkable moment at Los [...]

This Insane Deal Will Let You Travel The World for Under $2,000

Saturday  08:26,   17 february 2018

Do you harbor dreams of jet-setting and traveling across the globe, but feel it’s beyond your budget? You may be in luck.For cash-strapped travelers, you can travel around the world for less than $2,000. Travel Pirates, an online travel company[...]

Here's how much flight attendants really make

Saturday  07:22,   17 february 2018

A flight’s take-off can mean different things to different people. For flight attendants, it marks the beginning of their paid hours because their salary completely depends on the number of hours an aircraft is in flight. This means how[...]

Wife surprises husband with pilot’s in-flight pregnancy announcement

Friday  18:51,   16 february 2018
Global News

The woman asked the flight crew to help surprise her husband with the special news.In a telephone interview with Global News, Audrey Rose said that she had taken two separate pregnancy tests right before their trip to Chicago to make sure she was in [...]

X-ray images show woman riding conveyor belt with handbag through security machine

Friday  17:52,   16 february 2018
FOX News

X-ray images show woman riding conveyor belt with handbag through security machineSecurity footage shows the traveler riding down the conveyor belt and getting out at the other end with her belongings at the Dongguan Railway Station in southern[...]

Disney just announced Toy Story land's opening date

Friday  17:51,   16 february 2018
Travel + Leisure

Disney Parks announced on Friday when Toy Story Land, the new themed addition at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, will open. Disney Parks announced on Friday when Toy Story Land, the new themed addition at Disney's Hollywood[...]