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The good news is you 're going out of town, the bad news is that you only have a carry - on to fit everything you need . Sounds like a challenge, but we're up

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I just returned from a five-day trip to Paris, on a budget airline that charges a fee to bring a carry-on. I’m cheap, so that means everything had to fit in a small bag under the seat in front of me. Friends, I did it. You can, too.

We’ll get to the specifics of what I packed and how, but this is a feat that’s more about the planning than the execution. Here’s what I mean.

Measure Your Bag

The space under the seat in front of you is pretty roomy: it’s big enough for an average-sized backpack, or an overstuffed messenger bag. But don’t eyeball it: if you misjudge and you can’t quite wedge your bag into that space, the crew will ask you to put it somewhere else. That could mean another fee, or depending on how crowded the plane is, you might even need to hand it over to be gate-checked.

American Airlines Apologizes After Breastfeeding Mother Says She Was 'Humiliated' for Carrying On Breast Pump

  American Airlines Apologizes After Breastfeeding Mother Says She Was 'Humiliated' for Carrying On Breast Pump American Airlines is making amends after a breastfeeding mother says she was stopped from bringing her breast pump on board a flight, and berated by the gate attendants. Kelsey Myers was flying from Los Angeles back home to Chicago with a carry-on suitcase, a purse and a separate bag with her breast pump and milk. Although this is within American Airlines’ carry-on policy — they allow passengers to bring an additional bag for medical devices, including breast pumps — a male gate attendant said she had too many items, and had to check in a bag. He called over a female supervisor, who, according to Myers, did not ask about the contents of her bag before telling her she was violating the policy. “She did not even ask me the situation, but instead immediately told me I need to check a bag,” Myers wrote on American Airlines’ Facebook page. “I again told her it was a medical device and I needed to carry it on.” Myers said the woman then told her to check her carry-on suitcase, and Myers explained that she could not because it was holding extra breast pump supplies. “Then she responded to me with, ‘How many boobs do you have?’ ” Myers recalled to NBC5 in Chicago. “I was speechless. If I’m not violating the rules, and I knew I wasn’t, then why am I getting humiliated in front of 50 people?” The new mom said she gave in and checked her carry-on suitcase, and ended up being able to fit both her purse and the breast pump bag under the seat in front of her. “This is so wrong.

Pack your entertainment, electronics, and other smaller items into your carry - on bag (rather than your suitcase). It won’t be the most organized carry - on , but you will definitely have everything you need .[9]. Roll Clothes. How to . Pack a Carry on Bag for a Long Haul Flight.

Everything fits perfectly into a carry - on bag , along with all my zero waste travel essentials. Don’t forget about that credit for your Away Carry - on Bag . If you have any questions about how the heck I packed everything I need into a carry - on bag , drop me a line.

Avoid this minor nightmare by actually checking the airline’s bag measurements. For instance on Jetstar, a personal item may be 56 by 36 by 25cm (HWD), including handles and wheels and can’t weigh more than 7kg. Check the airline’s website and then whip out a tape measure and verify. (If your bag is soft-sided, make sure to measure it when it’s fully packed.)

To really be prepared, though, you also need a Plan B. Maybe you’ll buy a few too many souvenirs and need to check your bag. Or sometimes on domestic flights, you’ll end up in a tiny aeroplane that doesn’t have any space under the seat and you’ll have to gate-check your stuff. Here’s your insurance policy: pack your in-flight essentials in a small purse or packing cube that you can tuck in the seat back pocket.

Why You Should Never Put Your Passport in Your Carry-on

  Why You Should Never Put Your Passport in Your Carry-on Why You Should Never Put Your Passport in Your Carry-onThere's one major reason this method is a problem: On completely booked flights, airlines may try to expedite the boarding process by asking passengers to check their bags gateside. Some with larger suitcases may be forced to leave their bags at the gate to make space in the overhead compartments. Earlier this year in Europe, budget airline Ryanair introduced a new rule requiring those with basic fares to check their luggage at the gate.

Fitting everything you need into a bag that is 9” x 14” x 22” may seem an impossible feat, but Williams is sharing all of her insider tricks for maximizing space and packing more efficiently. How to maximize space in your carry on . Occupy dead space: “Shoes can take up a lot of space, but the

Discount carriers, especially in Europe, can be even more restrictive so find out your airline's carry - on allowance before you pack (see baggage information on your airline's website). Think outside the bag : Not everything needs to be packed .

This way, if you have to give up your bag, you’ll have the important things with you.

Prune Your Packing List Ruthlessly

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I don’t have a magical spell to fit a suit or a formal dress or a sleeping bag into a carry-on. The one-bag approach only really works for people with simple needs who are going on simple trips. I didn’t bring a laptop or any workout gear. I did bring a few changes of clothes, essential toiletries, a sketchbook and a phone charger.

I didn’t bother with soap or shampoo, since I knew I could buy those at my destination. (Showering with French soap made my stay in France feel just a little more authentic.) My husband bought a six-pack of electrical outlet adaptors and I caught him shoving the whole thing in his bag. “Wait, how many plug-in things are we bringing?” I asked. Just two: his phone charger and mine. So we left four of the adaptors at home.

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“Taking just a carry - on is liberating because you ’re not bogged down by heavy bags ,” she said. “If you ’re trying to get your bag into an overhead plane compartment, a soft one will The magic number for shoes Wear a pair of stylish and comfortable walking shoes on your flight, and pack two more.

Stuff the bags into the nooks and crannies of your luggage. How to Pack a Carry On Suitcase for Women - Duration: 10:45. Wolters World 128,321 views.

I packed fresh socks, shirts and underwear for each day, and planned to wear a dress once and my shorts and pants twice each. (If I were more hardcore, I would have packed just two outfits and washed one in the hotel sink each night.) I resisted the urge to pack a skirt “just in case”.

To winnow the “just in case” pile, ask yourself, what would I do if I needed this but didn’t have it? Without the skirt, I would just wear my dress or shorts instead. That’s fine; the skirt stays home. But if I got sore feet and didn’t have my packet of blister bandages, I’d have to walk the streets of Paris looking for a place to buy some. The bandages came with me.

Think Big, Pack Small

Dump out your bag, so you’re not bringing any detritus from a previous trip, and then begin to pack it wisely. A few tips:

  • Choose the smallest item that will do the job. Bring the travel-size toothpaste, even if the full-size is technically small enough to get through security. Compare your jackets and sweaters and bring the thinnest one that’s still warm enough — or perhaps you’d prefer a lightweight scarf that you can wear as a shawl?

    22 Airport Hacks to Remember Before Your Next Flight

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    So here is a peak of what’s usually inside my carry on bag and how you can put together the perfect “pro- packed ” carry on bag . Unfortunately, everything needed to be charged and to my dismay, all my adaptors were in my main bag . Best Travel Backpacks . Best Packing Cubes for Traveling.

    The jet-setting couple once flew to Morocco for nine days with only carry - on bags and backpacks . “Fully get rid of the ‘just in case I need it’ category,” he said. 4. Think Tetris: The best way to fit everything into one bag : Fill every inch of space.

  • Roll your clothes. Rolling is the most compact way to pack. Put socks and T-shirts on the inside of the roll and carefully smooth your wrinkleable items on the outside. Know how you will remove any surprise wrinkles: does your room come with an iron? Will you steam the clothes while you’re in the shower?

  • Wear the biggest items. You’ll have more room in your bag if you wear your jeans and pack your shorts than vice-versa. You can also wear your travel pillow on the flight and strap it to your bag while you’re trekking through the airport.

Make sure everything is accessible, too. You’ll be miserable if the interior of your bag is a random jumble. Use packing cubes, or arrange your rolls of clothes to divide up the space as needed. Make good use of pockets, too: flat things in the laptop compartment, for example, and your passport and phone charger in whatever pocket is easiest to reach.

Keep Souvenirs Small or Intangible

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You do, eventually, have to bring everything back. If you brought travel size toiletries, maybe you can finish them off and throw them out before you come home. You also don’t have to worry as much about keeping your clothes unwrinkled. These tweaks can gain you a few cubic centimetres.

If you’re serious about bringing home souvenirs, consider bringing a collapsible duffel from home, or buying a cheap bag on the road. Then you’re only paying the bag check fee in one direction, not both. Also compare the bag check fee with the cost (and time delay) of mailing things home.

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Read these tips for frequent travelers on how to pack a carry - on bag for an airline flight. ••• Packing to have one carry - on bag . jaminwell/Getty Images. Fitting your liquids into a small baggie on a carry - on bag - and avoid checking luggage - is an art worth learning, whether you are a frequent

Fashion-Blogger Secrets for Packing a Carry - On . Here's how they pack light—beyond rolling clothes and preplanning outfits—without sacrificing style. "I always revisit my bag ," she says. "If something is clean, it means I didn't need it, and I make a note for next time."

But if you won’t have much room for souvenirs, keep an eye out during your trip for things that pack light. I picked up a French-language cooking magazine for my mum, and translated the tastiest recipes on the flight home. Foreign snacks also make great gifts and are easy enough to tuck into small spaces.

Photos, videos and good old fashioned memories make great souvenirs too, and they don’t take up any physical space at all. (You could even get a photo book printed when you return, or write down your thoughts in a journal, to make them more tangible without encroaching on your underwear.)

What I Actually Packed

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OK, time to prove that this is for real. Here’s what I did.

The bag: I used an Eddie Bauer messenger bag that I bought many years ago; it’s now discontinued. We have gone on many one-bag trips, this bag and I. My husband, who packed equally light, used a Swiss Gear backpack.

Large and unwieldy Items: My one extravagance was a pair of heeled T-strap leather shoes. I stuffed my socks and underwear inside of them, so they held their shape and then wrapped them loosely in a plastic bag so they wouldn’t get the rest of my items dirty. I also had a travel pillow, strapped to the handle of my bag.

Clothes: For a four-night trip, I brought four shirts, one dress, one pair of shorts and five sets of socks and underwear. I wore sneakers, a jacket and a shirt-and-pants outfit.

Toiletries: I had a small zippered pouch with the likes of lipstick and deodorant and a ziploc with just a few liquid-phase personal items like moisturiser and toothpaste.

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With more and more airlines charging you to stow a bag in the hold, it has never been more important to learn how to pack the perfect carry on bag – and in doing so it not This means when you get on the plane, the wheelie case can go straight up top, and you ’ve got everything you need at your feet.

Check out these 7 tried and true tips to pack everything you need in a carry - on . Watch the video to see how it's done so you can travel light. More tips on how to pack light. Here are 7 tips when packing just a carry - on

Electronics: All I need for a non-work trip is my phone, a charging cable, and a battery pack. (My husband prefers an electric toothbrush and razor at home, but made do with analogue versions for this trip.) We also brought a headphone splitter and a pair of earbuds for each of us.

Fun stuff: A book for the plane; a sketchbook and a small pack of art supplies; energy bars; wallet, passport, etc.

With hindsight, I only made a few mistakes. I should have left the fancy shoes behind and either gone without or brought a pair of plain flats instead. I didn’t need the jacket that I wore in the airport, although I’m glad I brought it. And that’s about it; this is one of the most perfectly calibrated trips I’ve taken.

I’ve had a rough time in the past, though. I can think of two trips where I ended up freezing because I didn’t want the bulk of packing warm clothes. In one of those cases, I only had skirts to wear; a pair of tights or leggings would have only taken up a tiny amount of space and would have been a lifesaver.

On a few trips, I forgot to pack a purse, because somehow in my mind the messenger bag was my purse. It is much better to have a real purse (or tote bag, or laptop bag) for your daily excursions instead of having to dump out all your clothes on the hotel bed to make do with your carry-on.

Now, I visualise each day’s activities when I write my packing list and this helps me remember things like purses. And I apply the “just in case” test to all of those “just in case” items. And now I’m the person who hops off a plane with just a small backpack, breezes past the baggage claim and takes the Métro to her Airbnb. It’s a great way to holiday.

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