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The Eiffel Tower Could Be Repainted Its Original Vibrant Color

Wednesday  20:07,   14 march 2018
Travel + Leisure

Many Parisians hated the Eiffel Tower when it was first erected in 1889. In its 129 year history, the Eiffel Tower has had 19 different paint jobs. And when the monument undergoes its 20th painting later this year, the Ministry of Culture[...]

24 Pets Died Flying With U.S. Carriers Last Year. 18 Were On United.

Wednesday  07:06,   14 march 2018

News that a dog died aboard a United Airlines flight on Monday has renewed interest in the airline’s track record of safely transporting animals. According to data from the Department of Transportation, United Airlines had the highest number of[...]

6 tricks to keep your home safe during travel

Tuesday  23:41,   13 march 2018
FOX News

6 tricks to keep your home safe during travelAs you cross chores off your to-do list before an extended vacation, don’t forget to secure one of your most precious possessions: your home. According to the most recent data from the FBI Uniform Crime[...]

Norwegian Air responds to passenger's poem complaint with witty rhyme, waives fee

Tuesday  19:37,   13 march 2018
FOX News

The passenger was frustrated over the airline’s ticket change fee.Budget-airliner Norwegian has a quirky repsonse for passenger Gus Dolding who left a scathing poem on Facebook complaining about the[...]

Woman Finds the Love of Her Life by Renting an Airbnb in Italy

Monday  06:07,   12 march 2018
Travel + Leisure

<p>One woman’s romantic journey is proof that love can be found in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times.</p>Frances Alban, after being disillusioned with the dating scene in her hometown of Miami, decided to take a break[...]

How Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Wedding Is Affecting British Tourism

Monday  06:06,   12 march 2018
International Business Times

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding is definitely bringing major revenue to the British tourism industry.Those who are planning to head to the United Kingdom for the royal nuptials are in luck, because while they likely won't score an[...]

Mi casa, su casa: The world’s 5 most family-friendly countries

Sunday  06:30,   11 march 2018

A recent survey of expats asked them to rank the world’s most family-friendly countries on inclusivity, attitudes to children, safety and family-friendly activities. The results may surprise you ...1. UgandaUganda was the surprise packet of the[...]

Antarctica keeps attracting visitors — and it may be ‘last-chance tourism’

Saturday  20:06,   10 march 2018
Global News

Between April 2016 and 2017, 44,376 travellers came to the continent — the number of visitors has been rising steadily since 2011. In the early 1990s, there were about 5,000 tourists visiting Antarctica each year.Amanda Lynnes, a spokeswoman for[...]

Don't Look Down: Traveling With Anxiety as a Flight Attendant

Saturday  12:30,   10 march 2018

Before working as a flight attendant, I was able to use yoga to keep my anxiety under control. Over the past couple of years my new, high-stress job has invited my anxiety to creep back in. It rose to an all time high last Summer, when I had[...]

What it's like to fly on the shortest commercial flight in the world, which lasts just 57 seconds

Friday  20:51,   09 march 2018
Business Insider

The shortest commercial flight in the world is a 1.7-mile route between two Scottish islands. The flight between Westray and Papa Westray near the mainland of Orkney lasts just 57 seconds. 1/3 SLIDES [...]

Meghan Markle always follows this routine when flying to avoid getting jet leg and travel sick

Thursday  17:15,   08 march 2018
Business Insider Australia

US actress and future royal Meghan Markle is used to travelling for work. She shared her secrets on beating jet lag and sickness in a blog, which is being recirculated from her now-closed website, The Tig.Many people would agree that the reality of[...]

This Secret Button on Your Airplane Seat Will Instantly Give You More Space

Wednesday  22:05,   07 march 2018

Ever wish you could just press a button and your airplane seat would become instantly less confining?&nbsp;As a traveler, there’s a lot we don’t know about airplanes: why the windows are round, why the lights dim during landing and takeoff, and[...]

How a flight diverted by the nor’easter became a 9-hour bus ride — and left two travelers hospitalized

Wednesday  09:50,   07 march 2018
The Washington Post

Two Chinese nationals endured a travel nightmare on American Airlines, a fellow passenger said.But an American Airlines flight diverted to Baltimore by a massive East Coast storm last week morphed into a nightmarish travel experience, one woman[...]

Richard Branson Is Hiring an Assistant to Work on His Private Caribbean Island

Tuesday  17:40,   06 march 2018
Travel + Leisure

Richard Branson is hiring a personal assistant, and you're going to want to brush up your resume, stat. Not only does the billionaire Virgin Group founder seem like a pretty great guy to work for — his business trips are next-level, he believes[...]

Qantas staff given list of 'offensive, gender-inappropriate' words to avoid

Monday  18:05,   05 march 2018

<p>Qantas employees have been given a list of 'gender-inappropriate' words to avoid so they don't offend passengers or fellow staff members.</p>Qantas employees have been given a list of 'gender-inappropriate' words to avoid so[...]