Canada Trudeau says he did not reach out to soldier's widow in wake of Khadr payout

07:15  15 july  2017
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Widow of U.S. soldier goes after Khadr payout

  Widow of U.S. soldier goes after Khadr payout Widow of U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Christopher Speer files to receive money Canadian government will give Omar Khadr as compensation

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he did not reach out to Tabitha Speer in the wake of his government' s decision to apologize and compensate Omar Khadr .

  Trudeau says he did not reach out to soldier's widow in wake of Khadr payout © CBC

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he did not reach out to Tabitha Speer in the wake of his government's decision to apologize and compensate Omar Khadr. 

Speaking to reporters in Rhode Island after delivering the keynote speech at the National Governors Association conference on Friday, Trudeau also would not comment on reports former prime minister Stephen Harper called both Speer and wounded U.S. soldier Layne Morris after the settlement became public. 

"I did not reach out and I have no comment on what the former prime minister did," he said. 

Omar Khadr receives $10.5M from Ottawa, sources say

  Omar Khadr receives $10.5M from Ottawa, sources say Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr has received his $10.5-million settlement, sources tell CBC News.The sources said the payment was made Wednesday night.

While Trudeau officials insist this payout was the result of a case that went to the Supreme Court and ruled in favour of Khadr The Omar Khadr case has left Canadians deeply divided, said public safety minister Ralph Goodale as he made a statement of apology Friday to the former child soldier .

@AndrewScheerMP - Trudeau ’ s outrageous payout to Khadr . @Andywarski - Canada Pays Out .5 Mil to Omar Khadr . @Kevin J. Johnston - Please President Trump, Remove Jihadi Justin Trudeau By Force He Gave Million To A Terrorist.

Earlier this month, the federal government formally apologized to Canadian-born Khadr, giving the former Guantanamo Bay prisoner a reported settlement of $10.5 million. 

In 2002, when Khadr was 15, he was captured by U.S. troops in Afghanistan after a firefight that resulted in the death of U.S. Sgt. Christopher Speer and the wounding of U.S. Sgt. Layne Morris. 

In 2010, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Canadian officials had failed to protect Khadr's rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms while he was detained in Cuba. Based on that ruling, Khadr's lawyers were suing the federal government for $20 million in damages.  

- Trudeau urges governors to stand with Canada 

Lawyer for U.S. soldier’s widow calls for ‘urgent hearing’ on freezing Khadr’s $10.5 million settlement

  Lawyer for U.S. soldier’s widow calls for ‘urgent hearing’ on freezing Khadr’s $10.5 million settlement Lawyer for U.S. soldier’s widow calls for ‘urgent hearing’ on freezing Khadr’s $10.5 million settlementToronto lawyer David Winer, who represents U.S. Delta Force soldier Sgt. First Class Christopher Speer’s family and retired Sgt. Layne Morris, who was wounded in the July 2002 firefight where Khadr was shot and captured, appeared briefly to ask for an “urgent hearing” into the matter.

His wife Leisl said that Khadr ' s transportation from Guantanamo to Canada in September 2012 was 'just as secretive.' The Special Forces soldier said he doesn't understand why the government would pay out to 'the They said Speer died in a battlefield killing that did not amount to a war crime.

He said he agreed to the plea so he could get out of the American prison and return to Canada. He was released on bail in 2015 pending his appeal Toronto judge dismisses request to freeze Canadian payout to Omar Khadr . Trudeau says Khadr settlement troubles him , but it could have cost more.

On Friday, Trudeau offered his sympathy to Morris and Speer's widow, saying he could not imagine the "anguish those families have gone through and are going through" and noting the situation is an extremely difficult one. 

"I understand how Canadians are troubled by this, including by the settlement, as am I," Trudeau said, explaining that he made the decision to settle with Khadr because he was advised that pursuing the matter through the courts could have ended up costing taxpayers four times as much. 

Trudeau, who has been facing a public backlash since the settlement was leaked to the press, also repeated his hope that future governments understant that when a citizen's charter rights are violated, it will end up costing taxpayers. 

'Orchestrated leak'

One of Khadr's lawyers, John Phillips, told CBC News Network's Power & Politics he was surprised at the public backlash, but suspects that is why the information was leaked to the press in the first place. 

On Khadr, Trudeau says Charter protects all Canadians 'even when it is uncomfortable'

  On Khadr, Trudeau says Charter protects all Canadians 'even when it is uncomfortable' On Khadr, Trudeau says Charter protects all Canadians 'even when it is uncomfortable'"The Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects all Canadians, every one of us, even when it is uncomfortable. This is not about the details or merits of the Khadr case. When the government violates any Canadian's Charter rights we all end up paying for it," he told reporters in Hamburg, where he's wrapping up the G20 summit.

On Khadr , Trudeau says charter protects all Canadians. Liberals, Conservatives cite principles on Khadr payout . The poll was conducted by the Angus Reid Institute (ARI) between July 7 and 10, in the wake of news that the government had reached a financial settlement with Khadr and had

Law professor says widow , U. S . soldier may have difficulty in court proving former child soldier will try to hide or move payout . Also on The Globe and Mail. Trudeau says Khadr settlement about Charter rights (The Canadian Press).

"It strikes me as it was orchestrated by someone inside government that leaked information to cause the embarrassment to the Trudeau government for doing what it did," Phillips said. 

The lawyer also said that if Khadr asked him, he would advise not giving any money to Speer or Morris because of the potential legal problems it could cause. 

"Omar can choose to do what he wants to do with his proceeds," Phillips told host Rosemary Barton. "My view is that there is a fundamental misunderstanding of the facts surrounding what happened in the firefight, where Omar, as a child, was apprehended by the Americans.

"And I think if you were to actually unpack the facts and the forensic evidence, there's really nothing there that points to Omar as having done anything other than be present for the firefight."

Utah court judgment in question

Since the federal government settled with Khadr, Speer's widow and Morris have been trying to pursue the settlement in the courts. Part of that effort is to have a 2015 Utah court judgment for $134.1 million in favour of Speer and Morris made enforceable in Canada.

Freeze Khadr's assets, Canadian court urged

  Freeze Khadr's assets, Canadian court urged TORONTO - The widow of an American soldier killed in Afghanistan will ask a Canadian court on Thursday for an urgent order aimed at preserving any money the federal government paid former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr for breaching his rights, new documents show. The motion before Ontario Superior Court asks for a freeze on his money — the government reportedly paid Khadr $10.5 million last week — pending the outcome of a request to recognize a US$134.1-million Utah judgment against him.The default American judgment was handed down in 2015 in Utah in favour of Sgt. Chris Speer's widow Tabitha and that of another former American soldier, Layne Morris.

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Log out of your CBC account. My Profile. .5M settlement 'makes me angry,' says ex- soldier wounded in firefight involving Khadr . When the government violates Charter rights 'we all end up paying for it,' Trudeau says of Khadr payout .

"Well, there are standard sets of enforcement techniques to have the judgment from Utah recognized in Canada," said Phillips. "I think it is a universal legal view that they don't have a lot of chance of getting it enforced."

Lawyers for Speer and Morris also tried to have Khadr's assets frozen, but this week that effort failed when Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba refused the request. 

"I think there were several reasons why that injunction didn't have a chance to go ahead. But it was defeated on the basis of a lack of evidence," Phillips said.

CSIS suit

​In an unrelated case, Phillips is representing five CSIS employees suing for $35 million in damages for allegedly suffering racist, sexist and homophobic discrimination by management and colleagues at Canada's spy agency.

Asked about the suit Friday in Rhode Island, Trudeau was quick to say action was being taken. 

"Harassment, discrimination, toxic work environments are things that I, this government, find absolutely unacceptable, and I can also assure you that the new director of CSIS David Vigneault also finds that to be unacceptable," Trudeau said.

"I am confident that director Vigneault is working very hard to ensure that we get to the bottom of this issue."  

Phillips told Barton that the claimants tried to resolve their issues internally at CSIS, but "it just never happened, and so they were forced to court."

Khadr payout starts getting U.S. attention .
Khadr payout starts getting U.S. attentionIt was the subject of a condemnatory national newspaper column, the top story on the Fox News website, fodder for cable-news chatter on Fox and a huge surge in interest by Americans online.


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