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Canada Tory staffer fired for urging senators to delay final vote on pot legalization

10:35  12 may  2018
10:35  12 may  2018 Source:

Pot legalization a 'process,' says PM

  Pot legalization a 'process,' says PM Prime Minister Justin Trudeau left the door open Wednesday to a possible delay in enacting his government's cannabis legalization bill — a move recommended by a Senate committee concerned with Indigenous issues. In a report issued Tuesday, the Senate aboriginal peoples committee called on the government to put off legalizing marijuana for up to a year so broader consultations on the matter could take place with Indigenous communities.The report said the government's "atrocious" lack of proper consultation on its cannabis bill undermines its claims to be trying to have a new and better relationship with Indigenous peoples.

UPDATE: Senators voted 44 to 29 Thursday to send the Liberal government's marijuana legalization bill to committee. Earlier Thursday, the government's representative in the Senate , Peter Harder, urged senators to Tory Senator Says Feds' Pot Branding Looks Like Hockey Canada Logos.

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a man wearing a suit and tie: Sen. Claude Carignan said Friday he did not authorize Malcolm Armstrong, whom he'd hired on contract to advise him on the marijuana issue, to propose delaying the vote.© Adrian Wyld/CP Sen. Claude Carignan said Friday he did not authorize Malcolm Armstrong, whom he'd hired on contract to advise him on the marijuana issue, to propose delaying the vote.

Senators are being encouraged to postpone a vote on a bill to legalize recreational cannabis by a now-former employee of the Conservative's chief critic of the legislation.

Sen. Claude Carignan said Friday he did not authorize Malcolm Armstrong, whom he'd hired on contract to advise him on the marijuana issue, to propose delaying the vote. The Conservative senator called the idea "crazy" and unrealistic.

Indeed, Carignan said he fired Armstrong on Friday after finding out he'd circulated a paper among independent senators urging them to postpone the final vote on Bill C-45 until they hear back from a special committee that he suggested should be set up to study aspects of legalization that have not yet been adequately considered.

Liberals won't stall legalized pot: Trudeau

  Liberals won't stall legalized pot: Trudeau Liberals won't stall legalized pot: TrudeauTrudeau says the plan to make recreational pot legal by this summer will go ahead without delay.

ABOVE: Trudeau fires back at senate recommendation to delay pot legalization . OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t backing down from his government’s much-maligned timeline for legalizing marijuana, despite a growing chorus of calls from senators

Read more: Senate deal to vote on pot bill on June 7 means no sales before August. Tony Dean, the independent senator who sponsored the marijuana bill in the Senate accused Conservatives of taking marching orders from Scheer to delay the bill.

A spokeswoman for Conservative Senate leader Larry Smith disavowed the paper and said the Conservatives continue to abide by an agreement among all Senate factions to hold a final vote on the bill by June 7 — a timetable aimed at allowing the Trudeau government to meet its commitment to having retail sales of legal marijuana available late this summer.

That deadline could not have been met were senators to adopt the proposal advanced by Armstrong. In his paper, he argued that a special committee is needed to conduct a thorough examination of a lengthy list of complex issues — including the impact of high-potency cannabis on the formation of sperm, the societal impact of online cannabis sales and whether Indigenous people are "negatively predisposed to cannabis, like alcohol."

Andrew Scheer Says He Smoked Marijuana When He Was 'Young'

  Andrew Scheer Says He Smoked Marijuana When He Was 'Young' Andrew Scheer Says He Smoked Marijuana When He Was 'Young'"I hope my father isn't watching this show," Scheer joked Sunday after he made the admission on Radio-Canada's "Tout le Monde en Parle," a hugely popular French talk show in the battleground province of Quebec.

A right-wing group has forced a delay in a vote in the Italian parliament for Colorado-style marijuana legalization . Learn the latest at

Republican Don Blankenship — running in Tuesday's West Virginia Senate primary — has escalated attacks on Mitch McConnell. "The president has repeatedly been proven to be exactly right in his decision to fire James Comey," Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

"This document does not reflect our views," Smith's spokeswoman, Karine Leroux, said in a statement.

"It is inconsistent with our approach to the bill, the due diligence being applied to it by our caucus, and our work with our Senate colleagues over the past number of weeks. To date, we are satisfied with the process of examination taking place on Bill C-45 and anticipate no change with the third reading vote set for on or before June 7th, 2018."

A rogue initiative

Carignan, who is the lead Conservative senator on C-45, said in an interview that he hired Armstrong a few months ago on a short-term contract to advise him on the bill. That contract was cut short Friday.

"He was finished today," Carignan said.

While he welcomed the Conservatives' repudiation of the paper, Sen. Yuen Pau Woo, leader of the Independent Senators Group, said the incident raises questions about why Armstrong was hired in the first place, who was supervising him and what instructions he received from his employer.

Why Americans pay more for weed than Canadians

  Why Americans pay more for weed than Canadians In the Great White North, marijuana consumers get a bargain compared to their American counterparts.Cannabis is 30% cheaper in Canada than in the parts of the U.S. where it is legal, according to a report released this week from data analysis firm Priceonomics. In the U.S., an eighth of an ounce of marijuana costs $40 on average, versus just $27.90 in Canada.

The delay has been caused by some 20 Conservative senators who have signed up to speak on Article Continued Below. After all, the legalization of marijuana was not only a Liberal campaign The prohibition on pot has driven up the cost of policing, contributed to a national crisis of court delays

The final tally showed that of the 44 who voted to pass it, 29 were Independent senators appointed NDP, Tories question whether PM's new Senate picks can be truly independent. Weir not ruling out legal action following ouster from NDP caucus. Amid pot legalization border uncertainty, feds' advice?

Woo noted that Armstrong's paper was laid out and designed to look like an official Senate report, complete with the upper chamber's logo. It identified the author only as "Dr. Malcolm Armstrong," with no mention that he worked for a senator.

Armstrong is not a medical doctor; he has a PhD in philosophy.

The fact that the paper was distributed to independent senators left Woo wondering if it was designed to trick them into delaying the vote, rather than have Conservative senators take the heat for breaking the agreement to vote by June 7.

"Clearly, all of those thoughts crossed my mind," Woo said in an interview.

"This initiative is a rogue initiative — there is no other way of putting it — that is intended to mislead individuals, senators into thinking that (postponing the vote) is somehow sanctioned or part of an official Senate review process which subverts, I guess, the official, rigorous process that is already taking place."

Toronto may need emergency centres to house refugees, says Mayor Tory .
With only 20 beds vacant, Toronto is within seven days of evoking an emergency plan to house the growing number of refugees settling in the city after crossing the U.S.-Canada border, Mayor John Tory says.“We could not, cannot and should not be doing this alone. If these daily arrivals continue, as we expect them to, to some degree or another, we will be in a position within the next seven days, where we will need to open an emergency reception centre,” Tory told a news conference Friday.As of Thursday, there were 2,683 refugee claimants in the Toronto shelter system, accounting for 41 per cent of the shelter population.


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