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Canada Blood stains on bedsheet tell story of girlfriend’s gruesome murder, prosecutors at Blake Leibel trial say

16:27  14 june  2018
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Reconstruction cop to testify at Millard trial

  Reconstruction cop to testify at Millard trial Reconstruction cop to testify at Millard trialDellen Millard, 32, of Toronto, has pleaded not guilty to killing his 71-year-old father, Wayne Millard, on Nov. 29, 2012.

The murder trial for Blake Leibel , a wealthy graphic novelist from Toronto accused of killing his girlfriend in 2016, commenced in Los Angeles this week with gruesome details revealed in the first couple of days in court.

The murder trial for Blake Leibel , a wealthy graphic novelist from Toronto accused of killing his girlfriend in 2016, commenced in Los Angeles this week with gruesome details revealed in the first couple of days in court.

WARNING: Story contains disturbing content

LOS ANGELES — The garbage chute in the hall outside Blake Leibel’s third-floor condo led down to a dumpster. Inside, investigators found bloodied towels, some bedding, a few t-shirts. But prosecutors in Leibel’s murder trial on Wednesday seemed most interested in what looked like a white bedsheet marked by three red handprints.

There was something different about them, said Tom Bevel, a blood spatter expert called by the prosecution.

“If you look at the right hand,” he told the jury. “The little finger is shorter than what is to be expected.”

At that point, Deputy District Attorney Tannaz Mokayef showed a photo of Blake Leibel’s right hand. His pinky finger was missing from the knuckle up, matching the bloody handprint on the sheet.

Ex-lovers get life sentences for murdering ‘gentle and decent man’

  Ex-lovers get life sentences for murdering ‘gentle and decent man’ Along with sentencing two ex-lovers to life in prison for a seven-year-old murder Thursday, a Toronto judge has blasted the pair — and their previous lawyer — for using tactics to avoid going to trial.On Sunday, after hearing six months of evidence, a jury convicted Michael Ivezic, 57, and Demitry Papasotiriou-Lanteigne, 38, of first-degree murder for the March 2, 2011, killing of Allan Lanteigne, who was the latter’s spouse.They returned to court Thursday, where Superior Court Justice Robert Goldstein sentenced them to automatic life sentences with no parole eligibility for 25 years.

COMIC book creator, screenwriter and director Blake Leibel has been ordered to stand trial for the gruesome and drawn-out murder of his longtime girlfriend .

Canadian Blake Leibel ’ s girlfriend may have still been alive when she was mutilated, L.A. murder trial told . Hollywood horror story : The inside story of Canadian accused killer Blake Leibel .

From Bevel’s assessment, the sheet told a story. There was a large splotch of blood above the handprints. That, he said, showed where the victim, 30-year-old Iana Kasian, had laid her head, sometime after her scalp had been sliced and torn away. And the handprints showed that her attacker lurched over top, with arms on either side of her — though, as Leibel’s lawyer pointed out, the handprints and the head impression could have been made at different times.

It was part of an onslaught of little scenes and fragments the prosecution has methodically presented to the jury throughout this trial — glimpses of the horror Kasian endured in the hours before her death. Witnesses have testified in disturbing detail about what Kasian would have felt and seen as she bled to death through deep wounds on her head. But what the prosecution has yet to answer, as it nears the conclusion of its case, is why anyone would do this, especially to the mother of a baby girl born weeks earlier.

Millard called father a failure, trial hears

  Millard called father a failure, trial hears TORONTO - A Toronto murder trial has heard that a man accused of killing his father called his dad a failure and blamed him for the family company's financial woes in the days around his death. Dellen Millard has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the death of his father, Wayne Millard, whose passing was initially ruled a suicide.

Cody Leibel , brother of Blake Leibel , and said to be the world’ s youngest owner of a Ferrari Enzo. New Hotel Project Proposed for Barney’ s Beanery Site. Trial in the Most Gruesome Murder Ever in WeHo, if Not the World, Began Today.

Tuesday, May 31: Graphic artist Blake Leibel was charged in a Los Angeles courtroom with the murder of Iana Kasian , his girlfriend and the mother of his newborn daughter. Leibel is accused of torturing and mutilating Kasian; the prosecutor ’ s office said in a statement that “all the blood was

Leibel, a Canadian graphic novelist and son of a prominent Toronto real estate developer, has pleaded not guilty to mayhem, torture and murder charges.

One of the most bizarre facts of the case has been the state in which Kasian was found. Though her body was drained of more than half its blood, Kasian was clean when police found her, lying beneath a Mickey Mouse comforter. The tan, wrinkled sheet beneath her was clean too. The mattress, however, was covered in blood.

blake-leibel-1: Blake Leibel is accused of torturing, mutilating and murdering his girlfriend, 30-year-old Iana Kasian.© Facebook Blake Leibel is accused of torturing, mutilating and murdering his girlfriend, 30-year-old Iana Kasian.

The prosecution continued trying to answer the question Wednesday, with Bevel, the blood spatter expert, testifying that the apartment Leibel and Kasian shared in West Hollywood showed signs of extensive cleaning. The fact that the bloodied mattress didn’t stain the top sheet meant the blood must have had ample time to dry before the new sheet was put on, with Kasian on top of it.

Coroner defends calling Wayne Millard's death suicide

  Coroner defends calling Wayne Millard's death suicide TORONTO - The coroner who initially ruled an aviation executive's death a suicide has told a murder trial he believed there was a "reasonable chance" Wayne Millard killed himself, but that it was possible someone else pulled the trigger of the gun found beside him. Dr. David Evans says he ruled the death a suicide within two days of Millard's body being found in his home in November 2012 but noted that a request for a toxicology test at the time was turned down.

Blake Leibel , 35, was arrested and accused of murdering his 30-year-old Ukrainian girlfriend Iana Kasian on Thursday after her mangled body was found in his Hollywood apartment. A cartoon in that story shows a woman' s decapitated body on a blood - stained bed .

Blake Leibel , the son of a millionaire Toronto property developer, has He killed his girlfriend Iana Kasian, 30, sometime between 23 May and 26 May at the West Hollywood apartment, prosecutors say . "All of her blood was drained from her body," the district attorney ' s office said in a statement.

Investigators sprayed a chemical substance that glows when it comes in contact with blood that has been treated with cleaning products (it reacts to both the metals in the cleaners and the iron in blood).

In photos of the apartment shown to jurors, the apartment floors are streaked with a fluorescent blue – in the dining room and in the hallway, in both the guest and master bedrooms and bathrooms. For Bevel, it was a sign Kasian had been transported throughout.

As for Kasian’s body, the prosecution suggested she had been washed before she was laid in bed, with her head on a pillow and two comforters on top of her. Prosecution witness Michael Habib, an assistant professor of anatomy at the University of Southern California, testified that it was extraordinary for a person to die of blood loss through a scalping wound, suggesting her legs must have been elevated above her head to allow for gravity to assist the heart in pushing the blood out. He agreed with the prosecution’s theory that she was transported to a bathtub, with her head beneath the faucet. The running water would have stopped her blood from clotting, letting it flow freely from the gashes in her head. And, Habib said, because the blood would have been rushing to her brain, she would have likely been conscious until she died.

“I would expect she would have been in a good position to watch multiple litres of blood flow past her face,” he said Tuesday.

Close to the end of the day Wednesday, prosecutors showed a photo of a tub in the apartment after it was treated with the blood-detecting chemical. It glowed pale blue, with streaks spilling down the front and to the tile floor – another glimpse at how Iana Kasian died, but not why.

The trial continues Thursday.

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