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Ford government moving forward with Indigenous lesson plan despite austerity push

  Ford government moving forward with Indigenous lesson plan despite austerity push Ontario’s new Progressive Conservative government is sticking with an updated curriculum to reflect the experience of Indigenous peoples although efforts to tweak the lesson plan are being scaled back.“The Ministry of Education will continue to move ahead with the updated Truth and Reconciliation Commission curriculum revisions,” said Ben Menka, a spokesman for Education Minister Lisa Thompson.Menka said Monday the ministry would “work with experts, elders and Indigenous communities to develop the support materials for the updated curriculum.

Doug Ford has wanted to be premier of Ontario for a long time. Last week he finally got his wish. We don’t know he’s going to do in the future, but here, in any case, is what his fledgling government has done so far .

But Trump had far more time to campaign. Robyn Urback · CBC News · Posted: Jun 08, 2018 6:00 AM ET | Last Updated: June 9. Ontario PC leader Doug Ford reacts with his family after winning the Ontario Provincial election on Thursday.

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Doug Ford was elected on a platform that promised to find billions of dollars in efficiencies in the provincial budget.  Now that he and his majority Conservative government have been sworn in, we’re keeping a running tally on where exactly the Ford government is making those promised cuts—and what the consequences of those actions might be.

Cap and Trade program 

One of Ford’s key campaign promise was to lower the price of a litre of gasoline by 10 cents. The primary way he planned to achieve this was by scrapping the Cap and Trade program, sometimes known as The Carbon Tax. Basically, this is Ontario withdrawing from a joint marketplace with Quebec and California in which companies could buy and sell credits that allowed them to produce carbon emissions. The idea behind the program was that companies would have to “pay” to pollute, and so would be incentivized into maker greener investments in their businesses. The extra cost to businesses to buy these carbon credits was passed on to consumers, and again, this was designed to spur people to make more conscious, environmentally-friendly choices. Cancelling the program was Ford’s first act as premier. When he did so, he said in a statement: “Every cent spent from the cap-and-trade slush fund is money that has been taken out of the pockets of Ontario families and businesses. We believe that this money belongs back in the pockets of people. Cancelling the cap-and-trade carbon tax will result in lower prices at the gas pump, on your home heating bills and on virtually every other product that you buy.”

'We live in the greatest province in the world' Premier tells residents on Canada Day

  'We live in the greatest province in the world' Premier tells residents on Canada Day The Greater Toronto Area is abuzz with activities and special events marking Canada’s 151st anniversary on Sunday. The extremely hot and humid weather, brought on by an ongoing heat wave, did not stop thousands of people from heading out for the various activities. Premier Doug Ford, who was among those celebrating at Queen's Park, said he would be making whistle stops throughout the province. 'We live in the greatest country,' premier says "We're heading over to Scarborough and Etobicoke and a few other places," he said. The premier said Canada Day is a time for fun and spending time with family.

I am getting the impression that Doug Ford , newly minted leader of the Ontario PC Party, really does not want to have the talk. You know, the talk about sex. They need the kind of details Ford is so far unwilling to give.

The PCs under Doug Ford have vowed to shrink government and cut taxes, but questions remain about how many platform policies from Patrick Brown’s “People’s Guarantee” will be adopted. So far , Ford has promised

The Green Ontario Fund 

The Green Ontario Fund was funded (to the tune of around $377 million) by proceeds from Cap and Trade, and was designed to help people retrofit their homes and businesses with green technologies via a rebate system. The rebates applied to things like smart thermostats, more energy-efficient windows and other improvements to reduce a building’s carbon footprint. The government announced in June that it would wind down by September.

$100 million in funding for school repairs

Another consequence of cancelling Cap and Trade is that school boards across Ontario are suddenly short $100 million in money earmarked for repairs to their facilities. This happened as a result of the cancelling of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, which was funded by the now-scrapped Cap and Trade. The Toronto District School Board, for example, has a $300 million annual budget for repairs, of which $25 million came from this fund. They have a total repair backlog of $4 billion.

Hydro One Continues to Slide as the Company Faces a Lot of Uncertainty Under the New Government

  Hydro One Continues to Slide as the Company Faces a Lot of Uncertainty Under the New Government Hydro One Continues to Slide as the Company Faces a Lot of Uncertainty Under the New GovernmentLoad Error

The first, named " Doug Ford Calls on the Millionaires Club Running Hydro One to Resign," has racked up the most of any so far —over 1 million in just two weeks. It's not a stretch to expect that some voters will take everything in the Ford campaign's videos as unbiased truth.

Friday’s swearing-in ceremony for Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his 20 cabinet ministers was entirely normal. The June 7 election has many in this province fearing four years of savage budget cuts and unceasing political chaos, and many others eagerly anticipating everything from billions in new

Free prescriptions for children and young adults with private coverage

On June 30, the Ford government’s health minister Christine Elliott announced that the PCs would be dialling back the Liberal OHIP+ extension. When the program came into effect last year, all Ontarians under 25 qualified for free prescriptions to 4,400 medications covered under the Ontario Drug Benefit Program. Under Ford, however, this will only now apply to under 25s who don’t already have drug coverage under private insurance.

Hiring in the public sector

Even before he was sworn in as premier on June 29, Doug Ford announced a hiring freeze across the public service. Additionally, Ford shut down all discretionary spending, so no non-essential travel, for instance, or food at meetings. This freeze will be in place until the Progressive Conservatives have done a line-by-line audit of the province’s finances. (Frontline workers, like fire fighters and the police, are exempt. And teachers and doctors don’t actually work for the public service, so this doesn’t apply to them, either.)

What Ontario Liberals need to learn from Doug Ford

  What Ontario Liberals need to learn from Doug Ford <p>The best person in the room is there to make you feel like you matter. Mike Harris did this. Dalton McGuinty did this. Trudeau is a master at this. Doug Ford is, too.</p>A few days after the Ontario election, I was walking with a group of Liberal staffers on Wellesley St. We had just picked up our termination papers. It was about to rain. Suddenly, beside us, the window of a big black SUV opened and Doug Ford stuck out his head. He was grinning from ear to ear.

The result has been the frequent amplification of Doug Ford ’s claim to be an outsider, in alliance with the “little guy,” crusading against the elite – the ones he says “drink champagne with their pinkies in the air.”

“[ Doug Ford ] is so much like Donald Trump that I could have predicted almost everything Trump has done by asking ‘what would Doug Ford do under those “That’s why Doug Ford becomes such an interesting character. Although he’s not a perfect fit, he is by far the closest thing to a populist leader.”

Writing sessions to revise Indigenous education curriculum

The Conservative government will go ahead with planned revisions to Ontario’s curriculum, updated to reflect the experiences of Indigenous Canadians. These updates were a key recommendation of 2015’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and will include teaching the dark history of residential schools. What they have cancelled, however, are the curriculum writing sessions—which were supposed to happen this week—to further update the curriculum. The Ministry of Education has said that the cancellations are the result on the new ban on non-essential travel.


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Ontario throne speech highlights campaign pledges .
Ontario throne speech highlights campaign pledgesThe speech, written by the premier's office and read by Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell at the Ontario legislature, sets out a road map for the new Progressive Conservative government's term.


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