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Audit of immigration detention review system reveals culture that favours incarceration

Saturday  06:40,   21 july 2018

The first-ever audit into the way Canada reviews immigration detention cases reveals a system that unfairly keeps people behind bars for months on end due to ill-informed adjudicators and a culture that favours incarceration. The damning findings,[...]
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Jonathan Bettez illegally arrested as police pressed for info about Cédrika Provencher, defence lawyer argues

Saturday  06:40,   21 july 2018

Quebec provincial police did not have sufficient motive to arrest Jonathan Bettez in 2016 on child pornography charges and tried to extract information about the disappearance of Cédrika Provencher, his lawyer says. Marc-Antoine Carette argues[...]

Canadian consecrated virgins welcome Vatican directive

Saturday  06:40,   21 july 2018

Rose Marie Fowler was in her 40s when she decided to live a life in the service of God, becoming what the Catholic Church calls a consecrated virgin. It was a deeply personal decision reached after years of contemplation, she[...]

Teamsters vote in favour of CP Rail deal

Saturday  01:21,   21 july 2018

Teamsters vote in favour of CP Rail dealThe agreement covers more than 3,000 conductors and locomotive engineers and addresses equity issues, improvements to work rules, benefits, and provides a nine per cent salary increase over the agreement set[...]

Trudeau slaps down Harper's claims NAFTA being delayed for political gain

Saturday  00:01,   21 july 2018

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is rebutting claims made by former prime minister Stephen Harper that the Liberal government is dragging out the NAFTA negotiations for political gain."I think I've been very clear for a long time now that the issue of[...]

Peterborough woman charged for leaving infant in hot car at auto dealership

Friday  22:02,   20 july 2018

A Peterborough woman is accused of leaving an infant in a hot car while she went for a test drive in a new vehicle.A 38-year-old Peterborough area woman has been charged after abandoning an infant child in a hot vehicle while taking a new car out[...]

Hope dwindles after man falls off fishing boat southeast of Halifax

Friday  22:01,   20 july 2018

A helicopter, plane, coast guard vessels and several fishing boats are searching for a man who fell overboard about 65 kilometres southeast of Halifax on Thursday night.The man was on a fishing boat with four other people when he fell into the water [...]

National pharmacare ‘blueprint’ will be unveiled next spring

Friday  20:56,   20 july 2018

SAINT ANDREWS, NEW BRUNSWICK — With more than 100 different public drug plans available across Canada — including Ontario’s recently scaled-back OHIP+ — one challenge for a countrywide pharmacare program will be finding agreement on which one will[...]

6 Burnside inmates charged with attacking guards in alleged swarming

Friday  20:45,   20 july 2018

Six inmates at the provincial jail in Burnside, including Tyrell Dechamp, are facing charges following an attack on two correctional officers at the end of May. On May 31, one correctional officer was allegedly  punched in the face after opening a [...]

Brown water an unpleasant surprise for Munster residents

Friday  20:31,   20 july 2018

Residents of Munster, a hamlet in Ottawa's rural southwest, are concerned the water gushing from their taps is brown, and say they've had little communication from the city about the problem.  'I was taking a shower, and[...]

'Botched' renovations in Nunavik homes will cost $100M to fix, lawyers claim

Friday  20:31,   20 july 2018

Nunavik and Quebec's social housing authorities are suing construction companies for a total of $100 million for alleged faulty renovations in the province's northern region.The Société d'habitation du Québec and the Kativik Municipal[...]

Thousands of Canadian mothers were forced to give up their babies. Some were told to ‘get a puppy’ instead.

Friday  20:21,   20 july 2018

A new report from Canada's Senate details a “disturbing chapter” in the country's history.More than a half-century after unmarried and largely non-consenting Canadian women were sent to maternity homes to give birth in relative secrecy, a[...]

Ottawa funds marine noise reduction research

Friday  19:31,   20 july 2018

Ottawa funds marine noise reduction researchDarren Fisher, a Halifax-area MP, made the announcement today at Halifax's Bedford Institute of Oceanography, where much of the research will be carried[...]

Eighth alleged Bruce McArthur victim now identified: police

Friday  17:41,   20 july 2018

Eighth alleged Bruce McArthur victim now identified: policeToronto police say they've now identified the remains of all eight men allegedly murdered by Bruce[...]

Battle brewing between Quebec and Vermont over landfill expansion plan

Friday  15:22,   20 july 2018

Some people in the Eastern Townships are furious about the plan to increase the capacity of the only landfill in Vermont. The Casella landfill site in Coventry, Vt., is located just across the U.S. border — about 20 kilometres south of Standstead,[...]