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19:11  18 april  2017
19:11  18 april  2017 Source:   Entertainment Weekly

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When the familiar countdown chime starts during the final round on " Jeopardy !" contestants have just moments to come up with the winning answer (in the form of a question, of course). As it turned, Manjrekar was wrong — but hilariously so.

HOW IS THIS WRONG ?! They should have gone to the judges with this one. I think she nailed the question. Check out the entire video below

  'Jeopardy' contestant offers hilariously wrong answer © ABC

Unlike other more guess-based game shows (or word games in general), Jeopardy! relies on contestants being able to use their wealth of knowledge to give the right answers and move ahead.

Unfortunately for one competitor on Monday night's episode, the category "3+3" (meaning the correct response should be two words, each consisting of three letters) proved to be a stumper.

The player in question, Kevin, had buzzed in after his fellow competitor Jamie opted for the $200 answer, and host Alex Trebek read out the words, "A Hired Killer." Kevin's guess, after some thought, was, "Hot gun."

Luckily, even though Kevin had given the wrong answer - which he also hadn't framed in the form of a question - there was someone who knew the correct one, as it didn't take long for Jamie to buzz in and ask, "What is a hit man?"

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A contestant on " Jeopardy " on Friday managed to botch her question, lose the game and insult liberals all at the same time. The "Final Jeopardy " answer was: The flower pictured here is called this, also a disparaging term for people on the political left.

'Red Eye' Takes on Jeopardy 's Most Uncomfortable Moment. Kid Crushed as ' Jeopardy ' Judges Deny Correct Final Answer . A woman's incorrect answer to a Final Jeopardy question about liberals gave the audience a good laugh, and even elicited a chuckle from stoic host Alex Trebek.

Hopefully Ellen DeGeneres will also be able to helpthis Kevin make up for his -$200 gamble. You can watch the hilarious gaffe above.

The 50-Year Evolution of Jeopardy:

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