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The conservative case for a carbon tax in Canada

Friday  02:31,   23 february 2018

Opinion: Instead of scoring cheap political points on Trudeau’s carbon tax, Conservatives need to get serious and offer their own[...]

So long, free Footlongs: Subway to shake up rewards program

Friday  02:31,   23 february 2018

NEW YORK - Subway is shaking up its loyalty rewards program, giving customers the ability to earn $2 discounts instead of free Footlongs. The changes, taking place next month, are part of Subway's attempts to revamp its image, lure people back[...]

Need cash in a hurry? Here are the best and worst ways to get it

Thursday  22:15,   22 february 2018
Global News

We asked two financial experts to rank the options for getting cash in a financial emergency.Running out of money is a financial worst-case scenario – but it[...]

The Liberals’ supercluster plan is an economic fantasy

Thursday  21:55,   22 february 2018

Government funding for clusters is highly unlikely to be able to deliver the enticing possibility of “Made-in-Canada Silicon Valleys” ?The answer to that last question is almost certainly no, and the Minster should be ashamed for ever having used[...]

CIBC raises dividend on strong first quarter

Thursday  21:26,   22 february 2018

TORONTO - The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce set the tone for banks' earnings season with a dividend hike and better-than-expected first-quarter net income, helped by a boost in earnings in its U.S. division as it looks to expand south of[...]

Mortgage rates are rising — Kevin O'Leary says follow these tips to buy a home that will appreciate

Thursday  18:21,   22 february 2018

With mortgage rates rising, "Shark Tank's" Kevin O'Leary explains a how to choose a house that you'll be able to sell for a profit one day.And that can have an effect on how quickly homes appreciate, Kevin O'Leary, an investor[...]

Loblaw Companies Ltd. hit by PC Optimum costs

Thursday  18:20,   22 february 2018

BRAMPTON, Ont. - Loblaw Companies Ltd. reported a drop in its fourth-quarter profit compared with a year ago, hit by costs related to the announcement of its PC Optimum loyalty rewards program. The company merged the Shoppers Optimum and PC Plus[...]

GM cutback in car production at Oshawa plant to be extended: report

Thursday  18:20,   22 february 2018

General Motors Co. is reportedly extending a cutback in car production at its plant in Oshawa, Ont., into April and May before it begins a second shift to produce pickup trucks later this year. define("homepageFinanceIndices", ["c.deferred"],[...]

Canada Revenue Agency Is Coming For Your Undeclared Income From Tips

Thursday  13:35,   22 february 2018
Huffington Post Canada

If you earn income through tips and don't report it, watch[...]

The viral story of a serial squatter who forced a dozen people from their homes holds a sobering lesson for anyone in need of a roommate

Thursday  10:05,   22 february 2018
Business Insider

Shutterstock New York Magazine published a story that's being billed one of the worst roommate horror stories ever.If you've ever lived in an apartment or a college dorm, you probably have at least one roommate horror[...]

'25 per cent is a big number': B.C. luxury car dealers brace for impact of new surtax

Thursday  10:05,   22 february 2018

The mood in B.C.'s auto industry has soured in the wake of the NDP government doubling the surtax on luxury cars in its 2018[...]

How a $1.8 Billion Indian Bank Fraud Lasted Seven Years

Thursday  09:50,   22 february 2018

<p>India’s Reserve Bank issued reminder after Bangladesh[...]

Investors Bail on Trapped Canada Oil as Pipeline Woes Deepen

Thursday  09:40,   22 february 2018

Canada’s energy companies can’t get any love, even from many Canadians. With pipeline, regulatory and political frustrations reaching new heights, the nation’s energy stocks slumped to their lowest level in almost two years this month. The iShares[...]

Bill Gates Reveals His Most 'Extravagant' Purchases, Including an Indoor Trampoline Room

Thursday  08:21,   22 february 2018

The Microsoft billionaire made his first appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres[...]

Ford ousts top exec over 'inappropriate behavior'

Thursday  06:50,   22 february 2018

Ford Motor Co. has ousted one of its top executives over allegations of inappropriate behavior.North America[...]