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17:36  18 may  2017
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Kobe Bryant says many NBA players have asked for advice

  Kobe Bryant says many NBA players have asked for advice Retired Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant says he talks with many NBA players who seek his advice and wisdom. Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas recently said that he and Bryant have been texting and going over film after playoff games. Thomas and the Celtics are locked in a heated playoff battle with the Washington Wizards. That Eastern Conference Semifinal matchup is tied at two games apiece. "I'm around for all the guys," Bryant said to "Anybody can reach out. It's an open book." He scoffs at the idea that former Laker should be helping a Celtic in any way. "Well that's complete nonsense," Bryant said. "I love watching IT play. Is he a superstar? I don't even know what that means. All I know is he goes out and competes every single night. He's been playing at a level rarely seen. Bryant says he also talks to Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving, Houston Rockets guard James Harden, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook, and Utah Jazz guard Gordon Hayward. Since retiring at the end of last season after 20 seasons with the Lakers, Bryant has been focused on his many business projects, "I don't miss it -- not even a little," Bryant says. "It's crazy, right? I love what I'm doing right now. I'm all in on my studio projects." - Scooby Axson This article was originally published on SI.

As consumers grow tired of downloading new apps, savvy companies are turning to the lowly text message to keep in touch.

Gino shares why texting customers creates a personal connection and is an efficient and effective way to communicate with a targeted audience. We ’ re always connected to our phones, and if that’s the channel your customers are using, then you should be communicating there with them.

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Mike Gozzo’s latest startup was born, in part, from disillusionment with his previous one. Back in 2011, the Montreal-based product developer co-founded a platform that allowed companies with little technical know-how to create their own apps in less than a minute.

During those heady days of app proliferation, Gozzo thought he was pursuing a great opportunity. But there was a drawback. “I realized that we were contributing to app fatigue,” he says.

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Air Canada ditching Aeroplan for its own loyalty program

  Air Canada ditching Aeroplan for its own loyalty program Air Canada is jettisoning Aeroplan and replacing it with a homegrown loyalty program, the airline said Thursday. Aeroplan is currently operated by Aimia, a Montreal-based data and analytics firm. Click to expand Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer", "#video_player_528543c4-48d9-46f8-adf5-3e1cddb0a721").

The 2014 Businesses Texting Customers Survey shows a surprising number of customers actually want text messages from businesses. This means you should only send relevant text messages to your customers .

Why you should be texting your customers . Rogers is fielding customer service inquires on Facebook Messenger. Peter Aceto on why CEOs need to pull shifts in the call centre. Giving customers the white-glove treatment.

Fuelled by the growing of smartphones, the skyrocketing popularity of apps seems to be stalling, as what’s known as “app fatigue” sets in. People are simply tired of having to download (and search their phones for) hundreds of apps to access services like online shopping, ordering food or booking travel. Now Gozzo’s latest venture, Smooch, is cutting through the noise of an over-apped world to allow businesses and customers to communicate in the simplest way possible: text message.

Indeed, the text message is proving to be a potent source of innovation for startups looking to deliver new services, and for established companies that need an effective way to reach customers. Ivey Business School professor JP Vergne says consumers still read text messages—studies suggest more than 90% are opened within minutes. “It’s more personal, [and] it’s more immediate,” Vergne says.

1.9 million Bell customer names, phone numbers, and email addresses stolen

  1.9 million Bell customer names, phone numbers, and email addresses stolen Bell attributes the leak to "an anonymous hacker" and says it is working with the RCMP.The country's largest telecommunications company attributed the incident to "an anonymous hacker," and says it is working with the RCMP to investigate the breach.

Even though I’m sure you all know that you should be thanking customers all the time and not just at Thanksgiving, you may not know the stats that go along with it. The Ultimate Guide to Customer Retention. Why Apple Does Not Have a Loyalty Program.

Does it refer to a mobile app, texting , or a mobile website? At OneReach, we think businesses should offer customers the chance to text customer service, and we’ve got seven data-backed reasons why .

Compare that to trends in smartphone usage. Research from digital marketing agency Catalyst Canada found the number of apps Canadians have on their phones declined from an average of 26 in 2014 to less than 19 last year. And there was a 53% drop in average monthly downloads during the same time period.

Gozzo is taking note. Smooch, where he serves as head of product, creates systems that allow customers and companies to correspond using whatever channel they prefer, whether that be through Facebook messaging, app or text. For example, using Smooch, a dentist can set up a phone number for patients to text, and configure those texts to show up at the office as emails. A receptionist can reply over email—but the patient receives the response as a text.

The key, says Gozzo, is working with whatever system a business already has in place. “We don’t want to have to retrain your staff,” he says. Text messaging is proving enormously popular. “What we’ve seen is that more and more businesses want to communicate with their customers over text messaging,” says Gozzo.

Customers are key in softwood lumber dispute: Doer

  Customers are key in softwood lumber dispute: Doer Customers are key in softwood lumber dispute: DoerPressure from big-name U.S. wood retailers will be Alberta’s key ally in resolving the softwood lumber dispute, says the man hired to plead the province’s case.

So why should businesses listen to their customers ? Here are 10 reasons Listen to your customers - hold focus sessions, feedback forms, conduct surveys, and they will give you the answers you need to grow your business.

Are you trying to market your small business to Millennial customers ? Then you 'd better get comfortable with texting .

Other startups are taking advantage of the efficiency of texting, too. The U.S. company Magic raised eyebrows when it launched in February 2015, offering a phone number that users can text with any (legal) request they want fulfilled. Operators on the other end of the line arrange everything from pepperoni pizza deliveries at 6 a.m. to international airline travel.

Digit offers clients an automatic savings service they can access by texting—a message requesting a transfer is all it takes to move money around. Intuit’s Tada tax service asks users a series of questions it then uses to complete their tax return forms, all by text message. Home cleaning services, airlines and even exterminators are all expanding their ability to communicate with customers through texts.

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The Thompson Toronto hotel is an early adopter of the technology. Director of rooms Theo Kolovos says the boutique hotel connected with customer engagement solutions company GuestDriven (which, in turn, works with Smooch) in 2014 in search of a platform to make it easier to communicate with patrons. Now, guests can contact the hotel through text, email or an app, and their messages arrive in the hotel’s pre-existing communications system. A text asking for an upgrade, room service dinner or any other request automatically funnels to the appropriate department.

Starbucks customers say outage leads to free drinks

  Starbucks customers say outage leads to free drinks <p>Some Starbucks customers are posting on social media that they were getting their drinks for free because of a payment system outage.</p>Starbucks Corp. spokesman Reggie Borges says a "limited number" of stores in the U.S. and Canada were temporarily offline as a result of an overnight technology update. As of Tuesday afternoon, he said "virtually" all the stores were back up and running again, with the few remaining stores scheduled to be back up shortly.

Comment by mediaengineer - April 7, 2010 at 7:20 am . Pingback: Quote :: Invent the future … :: Why You Should NEVER Listen to Your You should never ask your customers anything. Asking is for someone who doesn’t know how to collect data on customers ’ usage (that is , what they actually do).

Instead, it should be calculated with other (more important) factors such as how long they are likely to remain your customer . 13 Customer Loyalty Best Practices for B2B Companies. Why (and How) Your Team Should Personalize the Customer Experience.

“We don’t have to add any more technology; it uses our existing technology platforms,” says Kolovos. Likewise, it also enables the hotel to contact guests. “We have a lot of nightlife and restaurants throughout our facility and many times we have special events going on, so we’re able to send them a text and say, ‘Hey, join us in the lobby bar or on the rooftop for a cocktail this afternoon.’” The service has helped boost Thompson’s quality scores and online rankings.

Texting-based services seem poised to grow. Digit, for example, is planning expansions to Canada and beyond. Developing countries such as China and Brazil are using text-based services at unprecedented levels for daily tasks like booking medical appointments and travel—a development that seems likely to spread around the world.

“We know this trend is here to stay because it’s the way customers want to talk to businesses,” Gozzo says. “And up until now, there’s been no great solution that helps businesses really use all the systems they already have in place.”

  Why you should be texting your customers © Used with permission of / © Rogers Media Inc. 2016. Why human resources is the future of marketing


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Strong winds knock out power to 10s of thousands across B.C. .
A strong blast of cold windy weather has hit B.C. hard, resulting in power outages in communities far and wide across the province.  As of 10:30 p.m. PT, there were over 70,000 customers without power, with significant outages in Prince George, Quesnel, the entire Shuswap region, Parksville, Pender Island, Oak Bay, Saanich, and throughout the Lower Mainland.A full list of outages can be found here. "Damaging winds have caused multiple outages to customers in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and the central Interior. We expect outages to increase until the winds abate," wrote BC Hydro in a statement.


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