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‘Sophia’ the robot’s unsettling words drew a response from Elon Musk

  ‘Sophia’ the robot’s unsettling words drew a response from Elon Musk Musk’s lighthearted tweet belies what he sees as a real threat. In previous warnings, the has said people should be “extremely afraid” and that artificial intelligence could lead to World War III.Something about those “be nice to me” words has to strike fear in the hearts of those, like Elon Musk, who have been sounding the alarm on the potential threat of artificial intelligence.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk came under fire recently as reports surfaced of his company suddenly firing about 700 employees. Comparing Tesla 's firing of 2 percent of its employee base for performance-based reasons is "a remarkably lower number compared to other companies".

Comparing Tesla ’s firing of 2 percent of its employee base for performance-based reasons is “a remarkably lower number compared to other companies”. Did Elon Musk Just Prove The Earth Isn't Flat? Why Is Elon Musk Digging Tunnels Under Los Angeles? |

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk came under fire recently as reports surfaced of his company suddenly firing about 700 employees. In a third-quarter earnings call on Wednesday, Musk addressed these reports.

And his response was ... interesting.

Here's what he said:

The other thing I want to mention--that there are a lot of articles about Tesla firing employees and layoffs and ... these are really ridiculous. And any journalist who has written articles to this effect should be ashamed of themselves for lack of journalistic integrity.

Every company in the world, there's annual performance reviews. In our annual performance review, despite Tesla having an extremely high standard, a standard far higher than other car companies, which we need to have in order to survive against much larger car companies ... you can't be a little guy and have equal levels of skill as the big guy. If you have two boxers of equal ability and one's much smaller, the big guy's going to crush the little guy--obviously. So, the little guy better have a heck of a lot more skill ... or he is going to be clobbered. So that is why our standards are high. They're not high because we believe in being mean to people. They're high because if they're not high, we will die. Despite that, in our annual performance reviews, only 2% of people didn't make the grade. So that's about 700 people out of 33,000. This is a very low percentage. GE, I don't know if they still do, but they certainly for a long time had a policy of firing 10% of their employees for performance every year, no matter what.

SpaceX launches Korean satellite, sticks rocket landing

  SpaceX launches Korean satellite, sticks rocket landing SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket Monday carrying a South Korean communications satellite to boost broadband coverage for southeast Asia and the Middle East, and stuck its 19th rocket landing in two years. The tall, white rocket roared into the blue sky over Cape Canaveral, Florida at 3:34 pm (1934 GMT), propelling Koreasat-5A toward a geostationary orbit some 22,000 miles (36,000 kilometers) from Earth.The satellite is designed to replace an earlier version, called Koreasat 5, which launched in 2006. The satellite was successfully deployed, SpaceX confirmed about 45 minutes after lauch.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk , explaining recent cuts of 700 workers , said it must have higher standards than its competitors if it hopes to survive. Elon Musk : Why Tesla Fired 700 Employees.

Tesla announced plans last week to lay off 9 percent of its workforce as part of a reorganization, but Musk did not indicate that this particular employee was included in those Elon Musk on Nikola Tesla – What He Said May Shock You - Продолжительность: 12:17 Bright Insight 1 822 303 просмотра.

If you were to stack Tesla's performance later releases compared to other companies, the number would be low. So, the only reason these articles had any play whatsoever is because journalists and editors with low integrity fail to provide any context for where this stood because the actual article would've read, Tesla fires 2% of its employee base for performance-based reasons, a remarkably lower number compared to other companies. But of course, that would be a meaningless article, so they forget to include that. Shame.

There's a lot to unpack here, but here are some initial thoughts on the good, the bad, and the ugly of Musk's message.

The Good

Musk has continually insisted that to compete with traditional carmakers, Tesla must perform at a higher level. "We obviously cannot compete with the big car companies in size, so we must do so with intelligence and agility," he wrote in one companywide email.

Model 3 ‘Hell’ Is Burning Tesla’s Other Projects

  Model 3 ‘Hell’ Is Burning Tesla’s Other Projects There will be no $35,000 Teslas in 2017.  The electric carmaker updated its website for customer reservations on Wednesday, including a table that shows the base Model 3 won’t be available until some time next year. That follows a painful earnings call for Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk, who described the company as being in the “eighth level of hell” (there are nine, in case you’re counting). The stock price fell 8.9 percent on Thursday, the most in more than 16 months.

Elon Musk : Why Tesla Fired 700 Employees. Tesla Reports Its Biggest-Ever Quarterly Loss. Tesla Earnings: The Three Big Questions Elon Musk Faces Today. This Analyst Says Tesla Could Be Out of Cash in a Year.

Tesla to lay off 9 percent of its workers . In a companywide email, chief executive Elon Musk described the decision as a “restructuring” and said it would affect only white-collar, salaried staffers — not the factory workers building the next fleet of Model 3 cars.

Through his boxer illustration, Musk does a great job of bringing this point home. When he says "our standards are high, because if they're not, we will die," he demonstrates emotional intelligence by using powerful language that will appeal to his supporters. And his explanation does provide necessary context.

The Bad

However, Musk's assertion that journalists and editors lack integrity for reporting on this doesn't really hold water.

Musk claims that:

  • Every company in the world holds annual performance reviews
  • Comparing Tesla's firing of 2 percent of its employee base for performance-based reasons is "a remarkably lower number compared to other companies"

The problem with that? For one thing, GE--the company Musk references--has gotten rid of performance reviews (just like countless other companies), because it's deemed them impractical, outdated relics of an era of management that was out of touch with its people.

Tesla Founder Elon Musk Lost $800 Million This Week

  Tesla Founder Elon Musk Lost $800 Million This Week The downside of owing most of your net worth to an erratically profitable company: Your paper value fluctuates. A lot. After a earnings report that did little to pique investor optimism over the Model 3, shares of Tesla fell, leading to a roughly 7% drop off since Monday. That made Elon Musk’s net worth drop by roughly $800 million over the same period. The billionaire CEO who backs Tesla and aerospace company SpaceX, who owes the majority of his net worth to his electric car company, owned a stake in Tesla worth about $10 billion as of Friday. His net worth is now nearly $19 billion thanks to his $9.6 billion stake in SpaceX, and excluding some liabilities, based on data from Bloomberg. Musk’s net worth has fluctuated by billions of dollars, as investors have increasingly bet on, or against, Tesla’s success. At one point earlier this year, the billionaire was worth nearly $23 billion thanks to optimism surrounding the Model 3. And both bulls and bears have a case. Tesla has been burning cash in a bid to produce its mass market Model 3. It has only posted two profitable quarters in its history as a company. Yet in a letter to shareholders recently, Tesla warned of Model 3 production bottlenecks. s a result, Tesla said it would reach a rate of producing 5,000 Model 3 vehicles at the start of 2018. Previously, Tesla said it would reach the rate by the end of 2018. On the other hand, bullish investors are betting on the future of electric vehicles, arguing some patience will result in a successful Model 3 production ramp, leading to steady profitability. Musk is also in a sense, better off than he was just a year ago. Over the course of the past 12 months, Tesla’s stock has risen 59%. According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, his net worth was about $8.2 billion back then.

"Excuse me, next, next. Boring, bonehead questions are not cool," Tesla CEO Elon Musk told analysts Wednesday after a question about his company's capital requirements. The automaker had just posted its worst quarterly loss in its history.

Elon Musk 's SpaceX is sending its Falcon Heavy rocket, the most powerful rocket that's launched from the US since the 1970s, into space on Tuesday. The rocket will include Musk 's 2008 Tesla Roadster as a test payload to show how the rocket could one day transport people and goods into space.

Secondly, remember that Musk's whole strategy hinges on not following the crowd. Any attempts to favorably compare Tesla with much larger companies is simply asking for trouble.

The Ugly

Here are two of the most troubling claims from former employees, as reported by CNBC:

  • Several current and former employees said that the round of firings appeared to be a cost-cutting measure, with many of those terminated being the highest paid in their position
  • One fired employee claims that "performance reviews were thrown out and rewritten by upper management"
  • At least some terminated employees "were informed via email or a phone call 'without warning,' and told not to come into work the next day"

Musk has not addressed any of these claims.

To his credit, Musk asserts he's ready to take responsibility for things that go wrong at the company. Referring to another problem at Tesla that needed to be addressed, Musk said the following:

"I move myself to wherever the biggest problem is in Tesla ... I really believe that one should lead from the frontlines and that's why I'm here."

Can't argue with that sentiment. But it looks like it may be time for another move.

Black workers' lawsuit claims Tesla is a hotbed for racism .
Tesla Inc.’s production floor is a "hotbed for racist behavior," more than 100 African-American employees claimed in a lawsuit in which they alleged black workers at the electric carmaker suffer severe and pervasive harassment. The employees are seeking permission from a judge to sue as a group and are seeking unspecified general and punitive monetary damages as well as an order for Tesla to implement policies to prevent and correct harassment.


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