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There's a new threat stalking Canada's homebuyers

  There's a new threat stalking Canada's homebuyers There's a new threat stalking Canada's homebuyersFor years, housing affordability was being eroded by rapidly rising prices in many housing markets. That has come to an end in recent months, with a market slowdown setting in. Home resales were down 13.9 per cent in April, and the average price was 11.9 per cent lower than a year earlier, at $495,000.

Why clean one sink when you can clean two? At some point I decided more doesn't mean better. That 1,000 square feet is good enough, and If we know that a house isn't the best investment, what's the rush in paying it off ? Let's take a look at your two options. Option #1: Extra mortgage payments .

I don’t regret it, but I am in no rush whatsoever to pay it off , and, in fact, expect to get a mortgage before I’ve put much of a dent in it. And in my opinion, that’s a perfectly responsible choice. Here are four concrete reasons why I ’ m in no rush to pay off my debt

Quite often, you hear people talking about how they want to pay off their mortgage quickly. It is a massive loan that lingers over your head every month, and who wants to have that amount of debt for an extended period? Wouldn’t you rather get it out of the way as quickly as possible, and free up some extra money each month?

Actually, no. As the title suggests, I’m in no rush to pay off the mortgage on my condo I bought in 2014. It has nothing to do with not having enough money to pay my condo off. Between my business and investments, I could — if I wanted to. However, I’m choosing to keep paying my mortgage and invest the rest.

Here’s why real estate stocks are a bad investment in 2018

  Here’s why real estate stocks are a bad investment in 2018 Here’s why real estate stocks are a bad investment in 2018Steps taken by federal and provincial governments and the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, Canada’s banking regulator, are curbing new demand and forcing sellers to remove their listings. The end result of these interventions may be more significant than what the government had originally intended, but these moves have slowed down the pace of price growth and the rampant speculation considerably.

Paying off your mortgage early is an excellent goal, but don't rush . Did you pay off your mortgage early? Do you have other tips on why we shouldn't? I 'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Should you pay your mortgage off early if you have a low interest rate? For me the answer is yes! Here's why I ' m paying off my mortgage early. Best of luck to you on your early mortgage payoff !!!! 🙂.

Read more below about why it might be best to focus on saving your money.

A Drain on Savings

For one, paying off the mortgage just to have that feeling of finally owning my home would snatch up so much of the money I worked hard to save. That is a significant factor to consider. Although it frees up whatever I am paying each month in mortgage payments, how hard of a life will I be living until I’m back to where I was before?

Investments Pay Off Big-Time

Honestly, though, the biggest reason why I won’t pay my mortgage off right away is the fact I make more money through my stock investments than what I pay in interest on my mortgage. Each month, I am making more money than what I am giving back to the bank. So, to me, that seems like a no-brainer. I’m still coming out on top in the end.

Sharing your husband’s debt might be unwise

  Sharing your husband’s debt might be unwise Sharing your husband’s debt might be unwiseQ: My husband and I still owe $44,000 in student debt between the two of us. We each have our own credit card, and I pay mine off in full every month while he owes $16,000 on his. We own our home together and have maybe $85,000 in equity today. My husband wants to use that equity to pay off our student loans and his credit card debt. I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

BUT, we aren’t rushing to pay off our new mortgage since it’s a 30 year loan at 4%. Not only do we do better with investments, but if the economy crashes again, we’ll refi at an even lower interest rate. 2. Dear Friend: Here Are 41 Reasons Why I ’ m NOT Lending You the Money.

I have a great guest post from my buddy over at Britt and the Benjamins. She recently wrote about how she isn’t rushing to pay off her mortgage . I thought it would be a great way to show that there are many roads to becoming a money master.

Typically, the average annual rate of return is 7 percent. Look at the interest rate on your mortgage. I’m sure it is not more than 7 percent, as right now the average rate hovers just below 5 percent. My current interest rate is 2.89 percent. Even when it is time to renew my mortgage in the summer, my offered rate is 3.19 percent. That is significantly lower than my 7 percent return, which means more money is going into my pocket.

Cheating Yourself Out of a Tax Break

But wait, there’s more. You can use your mortgage at tax time to lower your net income. If you have the opportunity to save on your income tax, why wouldn’t you? Using the interest paid on your mortgage on your tax return is a smart move. However, you need to have a mortgage to utilize this. So, if you completely pay it off, there is no tax break.

On top of that, I would max out my retirement savings and use that as a tax break, as well. Maxing out my contributions towards a retirement account lowers my taxable income. My contributions could actually take my income to a lower bracket, which means less of my income is taxable.

Why Capitals are having success vs. Golden Knights in Stanley Cup Final

  Why Capitals are having success vs. Golden Knights in Stanley Cup Final The Capitals stole home ice from the Golden Knights and then won Game 3 in D.C. in convincing fashion. Here’s why Washington has found success, and what Vegas can do to come back. The post Canadian figure skater Osmond takes a break from competition appeared first on three games in the Stanley Cup Final, the Washington Capitals have stolen home ice from the Golden Knights by splitting the games in Vegas to open the series, and then winning the first game in D.C. with a convincing performance.

If carrying credit card debt is so bad, then why did I pass on the opportunity to pay off the 0,000 that was (and still is) remaining on my home mortgage last year? I think people who want to get it paid off are just too rushed . It's a long term loan for a reason.

Pay off the mortgage or invest? Reasons to buy a house instead of renting. To repeat, this is not generalist advice along the lines of “Hey losers, why don’t you man-up and bet the farm on the stock market instead of paying off that mortgage ?

Do you see where this is going?

Playing the Long Game

The more that I can invest and put into my retirement savings, the happier I will be. Not only am I better off going this way each year (my investment is quite more than my interest payments on the condo), but I’m also smartly securing my future.

Since I own my business, I would rather keep more money in my business account as an emergency fund or as long-term savings. It would be a little hard to do that if all of my disposable income went toward my mortgage. I’m left with financial flexibility by going this route. I may end up selling the condo and buying a bigger house, or looking at rental properties. No matter what I choose, though, my investments allow me to do what I prefer.

Are You Willing to Gamble?

There are other factors to consider before making this type of decision, as every person’s situation is unique. Are you willing to take the risk of investing? There is no guarantee you will get a return of 7 percent, as the markets fluctuate on a daily basis.

Also, consider how you feel mentally about living with a mortgage for a long time. It is a good feeling to be able to say you actually own your home with no mortgage. Is it worth, though, missing out on potential income from investing?

In my situation, my smartest choice is to not rush into paying off my mortgage. I can’t ignore the numbers.

Canada debt-to-income ratio hits two-year low as rates set to rise .
Canada debt-to-income ratio hits two-year low as rates set to riseCanadian household debt as a share of income slipped in the first quarter to a two-year low, a development sure to please policymakers worried about the pain that rising interest rates will cause.


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