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Kinder Morgan to restart construction on Trans Mountain in August

  Kinder Morgan to restart construction on Trans Mountain in August Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd said in a filing on Tuesday it is restarting construction in August on the Trans Mountain pipeline's expansion after halting work in the spring due to opposition from environmentalists and other groups as Canada prepares to buy the project in a bid to boost country's oil exports.The expansion work will begin in Alberta in August and the North Thompson region of British Columbia in late September, according to a construction schedule for the next six months filed with the National Energy Board.

The Trudeau government and the Trump administration have found common ground at the NATO summit -- shared concern over a proposed Russian pipeline that would cross through the Baltic Sea into Germany.

But its search for a united EU stance on the proposed pipeline is deadlocked by divisions among member states over whether to do more business with Moscow despite its military incursions in Ukraine and Syria and (Graphic: EU imports of Russian gas - SECURITY CONCERNS .

a group of people standing in front of a large building with Cinquantenaire in the background© Provided by

The Trudeau government and the Trump administration have found a rare patch of common ground at the NATO summit in Brussels — shared concern about a proposed Russian pipeline that would cross through the Baltic Sea into Germany.

Canada has "significant concerns" with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, which would bring gas from Russia to the Baltic coast of Germany, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Wednesday.

She said she has discussed the issue with Ukraine, which opposes the pipeline because of the leverage it would give Russia over European countries.

Nexen fined $750K over huge pipeline spill

  Nexen fined $750K over huge pipeline spill  A Calgary energy company has pleaded guilty to federal and provincial environmental charges over one of the largest pipeline spills in Alberta history. Load Error

The United States has already sanctioned Russian companies over Moscow’ s involvement in the Ukraine crisis, and foreign companies investing in or helping Russian energy Nordic nations have already voiced security concerns over the pipeline being laid near their shores under the Baltic.

BERLIN (Reuters) - The planned Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany raises U . S . intelligence and military concerns since it would allow Oudkirk told reporters the U . S . Congress had given the president new authority to impose sanctions against a variety of Russian pipeline projects.

At the summit's opening, U.S. President Donald Trump railed against what he characterized as a "massive gas deal" between Germany and Russia, calling it inappropriate. He said the deal makes Germany "captive" to and "totally controlled" by Russia, and he urged NATO leaders to take a closer look at it.

It is unusual for Trump to express concerns about Russian behaviour. His meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland next week is generating widespread concern.

Trump has dismissed the assessment of his own intelligence agencies that Russia tried to meddle in the 2016 presidential election that brought him to power. And he has affixed a "witch hunt" label to the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into potential co-ordination between Russia and Trump's Republican presidential campaign.

NATO to reinforce Russian threat to Trump: PM

  NATO to reinforce Russian threat to Trump: PM OTTAWA - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says President Donald Trump will face anti-Russian solidarity around the NATO table on Wednesday. Ahead of the 29-country military summit, Trump said Tuesday that Putin is less of a problem for him than under spending NATO allies, and the EU's pending Brexit breakup with the U.K.Trudeau says the NATO "table" remains united in its view that Russia is creating significant problems in the world. © Provided by thecanadianpress.

The sharpening U . S .-German conflict over Nord Stream 2, which would expand the direct flow of Russian natural gas to Germany, is adding to points of contention including trade Merkel and President Vladimir Putin discussed the pipeline ’s future during a meeting in Sochi, Russia , on Friday.

The Trans Mountain pipeline , which carries oil from Alberta to a port in a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, has become a flashpoint in a wider debate in Canada over the environmental impact of tapping Alberta’ s oil sands.

His remarks Wednesday were a sharp departure from the previous day, when he suggested Putin would pose less of a problem for him during his current European travels than his miserly NATO allies or the European Union's pending Brexit breakup with Britain.

Trump arrived in Brussels lashing out at Canada and other allies for not spending enough on defence. But he quickly honed on in Germany in a terse face-to-face exchange with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

"Germany is totally controlled by Russia, because they will be getting from 60 to 70 per cent of their energy from Russia and a new pipeline," Trump told Stoltenberg.

"And you tell me if that's appropriate, because I think it's not, and I think it's a very bad thing for NATO and I don't think it should have happened," he added. "We're supposed to be protecting you from Russia, but why are you paying billions of dollars to Russia for energy?"

60% of Albertans support Ottawa's Trans Mountain pipeline purchase, poll suggests

  60% of Albertans support Ottawa's Trans Mountain pipeline purchase, poll suggests 60% of Albertans support Ottawa's Trans Mountain pipeline purchase, poll suggests The federal government announced at the end of May it had reached a deal with Kinder Morgan Canada to purchase the Trans Mountain pipeline and related infrastructure for $4.5 billion, and that it could spend billions more to build the controversial expansion.

“We are very concerned about the reliability of Russia as a supplier of natural gas to our European partners.” Related. Russia online ‘troll farm’ that meddled in U . S . election also targeted Trudeau, Canadian pipelines . Russia expels 23 British diplomats as crisis over nerve toxin attack deepens.

Any operations for the second string of the Russian natural gas pipeline Nord Stream remain under scrutiny, the European Commission said Friday. Europe vetting comments on Russia ' s control over gas.

Trump didn't identify Nord Stream 2 by name.

But Freeland elaborated on Canada's concerns with the project, saying she had discussed it as recently as last week at a conference in Copenhagen on economic reforms in Ukraine.

"When it comes to Nord Stream, Canada has significant concerns about that project," she said. "Canada has been clear in our international conversations with many countries."

Freeland said she had a "good conversation" with the Danish foreign minister because the pipeline "is an issue that touches very much on Denmark."

Denmark, Finland and Sweden are on the long underwater pipeline route that would double the amount of Russian gas Germany receives.

Andriy Shevchenko, Ukraine's ambassador to Canada, said he was "very pleased" with Freeland's statement Wednesday. He said opposing the pipeline is not only in Canada's national security interest but its economic interest as well, because even if it lacks the capacity to ship gas to Europe, it keeps future markets open.

Russia has a long history of cutting off access to energy as leverage over Europe and that won't stop, he said.

Pipeline protesters removed from B.C. bridge

  Pipeline protesters removed from B.C. bridge VANCOUVER - Greenpeace Canada says a protest that saw a dozen protesters dangling from a Vancouver bridge to block a tanker carrying crude oil from the Trans Mountain pipeline ended Wednesday night. The environmental group says the climbers who spent more than 35 hours on the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge were "peacefully removed from their positions" and taken to the North Vancouver RCMP detachment. The RCMP had earlier said all would likely be charged with mischief and jeopardizing the safety of a vessel.North Vancouver RCMP Cpl.

Canada is concerned about the reliability of Russia as a supplier of natural gas to European partners. Photo from UNIAN. Canada ' s Liberal government is raising an alarm over a proposed Russian -owned natural gas pipeline , arguing the US.7-billion project would undermine Europe' s

The United States and some other German allies have bristled at the project, warning that it could give Moscow greater leverage over Western Europe. Jens Mueller, a spokesman for Nord Stream 2, dismissed concerns from the US and several European countries, saying the new pipeline would

"They will use that to weaken the European Union, to divide the European allies," Shevchenko said in an interview. "It's not just about Ukraine."

Several eastern European countries oppose the pipeline, saying it would give the Kremlin greater sway over the energy needs of the entire continent.

Freeland has been a vocal opponent of Russian meddling in the affairs of democratic countries. And she has been a steadfast defender of Ukraine, which saw its Crimean Peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014 and continues to contend with Russian-backed separatists in its eastern region.

"We discussed it with Ukraine," Freeland said. "So, Canada is clear with our partners about the concerns that we have with Nord Stream."

Freeland also went out of her way not to overstate the newfound simpatico with the Trump administration on this one issue, saying Canada has imposed sanctions on Russia "in close collaboration with our European and U.S. allies."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel — who grew up behind the Iron Curtain in communist East Germany — shot back at Trump.

"I've experienced myself a part of Germany controlled by the Soviet Union," she said.

"I'm very happy today that we are united in freedom as the Federal Republic of Germany, and can thus say that we can determine our own policies and make our own decisions — and that's very good."

Trudeau insists Canada spending enough on defence, as Trump declares victory at NATO .
Trudeau insists Canada spending enough on defence, as Trump declares victory at NATO Instead, Trudeau said at the wrap of the summit in Brussels that Canada has reaffirmed its commitment to work toward contributing two per cent of its gross domestic product to military spending — the military alliance's benchmark —and reverse any cuts.

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