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Tesla shares fall 5% on Wall St. skepticism, SEC probe reports

Friday  08:01,   10 august 2018

Tesla Inc.'s shares slipped almost five per cent to a two-day low on Thursday, wiping out all the gains fueled by chief executive Elon Musk's recent tweet announcing a plan to take the company private. Shares fell early in the day[...]
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Judge: Canadian firm can go after Venezuela's US refineries

Friday  08:01,   10 august 2018

A Canadian gold mining company on Thursday won the right to go after Venezuela's prized U.S.-based oil refineries and collect $1.4 billion it lost in a decade-old take-over by the late socialist President Hugo Chavez. Chief Judge[...]

Canada’s dispute with Saudi Arabia has agriculture industry on edge

Friday  07:20,   10 august 2018

Market access is not a new problem for the grain industry and this latest tiff with Saudi Arabia adds to the struggle."The consequences are quite negative extensively, everywhere," says business manager John Van[...]

Why Jeff Bezos doesn't like the idea of work-life balance

Friday  04:56,   10 august 2018

He calls "work-life balance" a "debilitating phrase." It's actually about harmony. Here's how to do it.But not Jeff Bezos. The Amazon CEO and the world's richest person lives by a different concept. In fact, he called the [...]

Trump Stays Publicly Quiet While Saudi Arabia-Canada Tensions Rise

Friday  03:30,   10 august 2018

The Trump administration is privately trying to coax Saudi Arabia to dial back hostilities with Canada even as the U.S. maintains a hands-off public approach to the escalating dispute between the two key allies, a senior U.S. official said. The U.S. [...]

Toronto stock index closes up in broad advance

Friday  03:15,   10 august 2018

Canada's main stock index closed higher in a broad advance Thursday as tensions with Saudi Arabia appeared to ease, while U.S. markets were mixed. The Toronto Stock Exchange's S&P/TSX composite index closed up 101.90 points at 16,416.98 as[...]

Credit card firms to trim fees for merchants

Friday  03:05,   10 august 2018

Major credit card companies have struck an agreement with the federal government to trim the fees they charge to merchants in a move Ottawa hopes will provide a boost to small businesses. Ottawa announced Thursday it has reached voluntary,[...]

Samsung unveils gaming-friendly Galaxy Note 9 to boost sales

Friday  03:05,   10 august 2018

Samsung unveils gaming-friendly Galaxy Note 9 to boost salesThe focus on gamer-friendly features appears to be a shift away from Samsung's previous positioning of the Note as a productivity-boosting device, and is an attempt to lure younger[...]

Crocs is closing all of its manufacturing facilities

Thursday  19:40,   09 august 2018

Niwot, Colorado-based footwear company says facility in Mexico will shutter and one in Italy is slated to close; company's top financial exec is quittingCrocs, based out of Niwot, Colo., noted in a press release Tuesday that a facility in Mexico [...]

The executor of my wife’s family estate is waiting for all the beneficiaries to die

Thursday  18:20,   09 august 2018

This man says his wife’s aunt refuses to give people their inheritance.Dear[...]

The Warren Buffett trend that should worry investors

Thursday  17:01,   09 august 2018

Berkshire Hathaway's growing cash position may portend trouble.On Saturday, Aug. 4, Berkshire Hathaway released its second-quarter operating results, and as usual, the conglomerate dazzled. Operating earnings soared by 67% to almost $6.9[...]

My 5 biggest money mistakes and what I learned from them

Thursday  17:01,   09 august 2018

Small missteps can have lasting effects.As a lifelong perfectionist, it’s always painful to admit mistakes. When it comes to my finances, I’ve made plenty of good[...]

Why has Canada spent billions of dollars buying Saudi Arabian oil?

Thursday  12:15,   09 august 2018

Despite sitting on an ocean of oil, Canada still buys $300 million per month of Saudi crudeFor years, it has been an oft-repeated Alberta grievance that these imports exist at all. Despite sitting atop an ocean of proven oil reserves, Canada[...]

Tesla likely to face SEC investigation following Musk tweets amid debate of market manipulation

Thursday  10:26,   09 august 2018

<p>Elon Musk's lawyers are probably pouring over rule 14e-8 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 right about now.</p>That regulation is the one the Tesla CEO may or may not have violated when he sent the markets into a frenzy and halted[...]

Saudi Arabia reassures Canada on oil supplies as dispute drags on

Thursday  07:45,   09 august 2018

Saudi Arabia reassures Canada on oil supplies as dispute drags onThe world's largest oil exporter has a "firm and long-standing policy" that petroleum supplies are not influenced by political considerations, Khalid al-Falih said in a[...]