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Girl, 12, Brings Down the House With Adoption Proposal Song to Stepdad During Talent Show

Friday  19:37,   28 april 2017
Inside Edition

<p>For the past 10 years, Hailey Quinones has felt in her heart that Juan Gamez was her rightful father. But now she wants to make it official.</p>Twelve-year-old Hailey stood before some 150 people at her school’s talent show and sang a song[...]

Brother Dresses Up as Prince Charming in Adorable Photo Shoot With Little Sister, 5, as Snow White

Friday  15:40,   28 april 2017
Inside Edition

He wanted to surprise his little sister. An Ohio teen and his litter sister dressed up as Prince Charming and Snow White in a cute photo shoot shot by their mom.Christina Angel said her son, 13-year-old Anthony, approached his mom, asking her to[...]

Tearful Girl Who Pleaded With Politicians After Charlotte Shooting Gets to Be Policewoman

Friday  15:38,   28 april 2017
Inside Edition

Zianna Oliphant, who tearfully addressed a city council after a fatal officer-involved shooting, got to "arrest" some cops this week.The African-American girl was shedding copious tears, her voice breaking, as she told the packed Charlotte [...]

Wearable warns when you and your lover are about to fight

Friday  10:06,   28 april 2017

Commentary: Researchers at the University of Southern California believe they've developed technology that predicts lovers' tiffs 86 percent of the time.We rather like[...]

Mom And 6 Sons Grow Hair Out, Donate 17 Feet Of It To Kids In Need

Friday  10:06,   28 april 2017

Phoebe Kannisto and her six sons made their latest haircuts a true (and charitable) family affair after deciding to grow their hair out together and donate it.&nbsp;Kannisto’s oldest son, Andre, is 10 years old. She also has 8-year-old identical [...]

Photo of husband's devotion goes viral

Friday  10:06,   28 april 2017
CBS News

Husband set up table at cancer-stricken wife's door to keep her company while she was in isolation after radiation treatmentsSo when Marci, 49, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in October, John was there for all of the doctor appointments,[...]

This food pantry manager loves serving the needy, so he persuaded his four children to get jobs there, too

Friday  05:25,   28 april 2017
The Washington Post

The Dixon children said they have learned both the value of items like food, toiletries, electricity, and water, and also the value of helping. “It makes you feel happy, it’s almost like they bounce their energy off of you,” Devante said.Clients who [...]

Twitter Is Going Crazy Looking For A Snake In A Pile Of Leaves

Friday  05:25,   28 april 2017

A photo posted by a PhD student in snake biology has gone viral because Twitter users are trying to spot the hidden snake in the pile of leaves.&nbsp;A photo posted by a PhD student in snake biology has gone viral because Twitter users are[...]

Boy With Down Syndrome, 12, Runs Cupcake Store With His Mom's Support

Friday  05:25,   28 april 2017
Inside Edition

John Truel, 12, was handed the cupcake business from his mom, who said she wanted her son to be able to take care of himself when he gets older. This Wisconsin 12-year-old runs his own small business — a cupcake shop operating in a storefront[...]

A Gym Is Going To Start Offering Napping Classes — & For Good Reason

Friday  05:25,   28 april 2017

&nbsp;Deskercise, yoga with baby animals, prancing around the park — fitness fads come and go. But a fitness center in the U.K. is giving weary gymgoers one workout that almost anyone can commit to.&nbsp;Mashable reports that David Lloyd[...]

When a woman couldn't pay for her groceries, a stranger stepped in

Friday  02:02,   28 april 2017

So Zimmerman, later that evening, shared her encounter on Facebook. She wanted to show the true good that exists in people — even strangers. "I wanted to show other people that there are people out there that will do whatever it takes to help a[...]

97-Year-Old Man Gets Ride on a Firetruck for His Birthday

Friday  02:02,   28 april 2017
Inside Edition

Bill Grun, at age 97, got to ride in a firetruck for his birthday. It was a birthday present a boy of any age would appreciate.So what if Bill Grun was turning 97? For most of those years, he dreamed of being a fireman.On Monday, he got to ride[...]

MIT students bring back tradition of tossing piano off building

Thursday  15:36,   27 april 2017
The Boston Globe

The tradition of tossing a piano from the top of a building on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s campus took a gap year.&nbsp;But thanks to students at the school’s Baker House, a dormitory on Memorial Drive, hundreds are once again[...]

A Woman With Disabilities's Best Friend Asked Her To Prom & It's The Sweetest Thing

Thursday  11:41,   27 april 2017

Prom-posals can get seriously creative. But perhaps the sweetest prom-posal we've seen this year But perhaps the sweetest prom-posal we've seen this year was also the simplest. Air Force cadet Nick Waterman graduated from high school two years[...]

Mom Gives Birth to Daughter at Nebraska Zoo: 'Truly a Blessed Experience'

Thursday  08:36,   27 april 2017
Inside Edition

They've nicknamed her Pooh Bear.It's not the typical question when people face urgent medical issues in public, but for a mom who went into labor at a Nebraska Zoo, it may have been the best[...]