Offbeat Desperate scientists created a profile for a frog who may be the last of his species

04:21  11 february  2018
04:21  11 february  2018 Source:   Quartz

Bid to find a Valentine for Romeo, world's 'loneliest frog'

  Bid to find a Valentine for Romeo, world's 'loneliest frog' With Valentine's Day approaching, please spare a thought for Romeo the lonesome Bolivian frog. Ten years a bachelor, the childless amphibian has had to enlist human help to mount a last-ditch search for a Juliet which, if it fails, could mean the end of his species.Romeo, you see, is the last known frog of his kind.And he has been fruitlessly calling for a mate from his tank at the Cochabamba Natural History Museum for years.

Romeo the Sehuencas water frog is the last known member of his species . Those who are feeling this frog ’s plight can donate to his love journey on his Match profile . Match and GWC will match every donation made from now until Valentine’s Day.

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There’s a chance a frog who lives in a tank in a Bolivian museum is the last of his species. But he reportedly hasn’t given up hope, if one can ascribe hope to a frog. The male Sehuencas water frog continues to make mating calls from within his confinement at Bolivia’s Cochabamba Natural History Museum.

Conservation biologists haven’t given up hope either. They tend to hate watching species they study go extinct. So a group of local scientists have named him Romeo and created a dating profile for the frog on website, in hopes of endearing him and his plight to the masses.

“Not to start this off super heavy or anything, but I’m literally the last of my species,” the profile reads.

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Who can control his urges for the better prize. My dad always said a man likes a bit of mystery in a I think the story of the frog and the spider is appropriate here: A frog and spider were on one side of As a scientist I realize that the feeling of longing and desire create the chemical PEA in the brain that

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Scientists are currently searching streams and rivers in Bolivia for a female with whom Romeo can mate, before it’s too late. Sehuencas water frogs normally live around 15 years; the 10-year-old Romeo probably has about another five years to reproduce before he dies.

“We continue to remain hopeful that others are out there so we can establish a conservation breeding programme to save this species,” Arturo Munoz, a conservation scientist, told AFP news.

As the Earth faces what some experts call its “sixth mass extinction,” amphibians, like frogs, are among the most imperiled. Around half of amphibian species (which includes toads, salamanders, frogs, and newts) are reported to be in decline. A third are considered to be threatened with extinction.

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To give Romeo a platform and bring his story to life, Match has created a profile for the amphibious bachelor where singles can learn more about him “Romeo may be the world’s loneliest frog now, but his fate stands to change dramatically with the help of Match and generous singles and couples who

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Last year, 10,000 critically endangered “scrotum frogs” that lived in Lake Titicaca on the border between Bolivia and Peru died en masse. In the US, federal scientists say the overall amphibian population is shrinking in size by 3.8% every year. That trend has continued since the 1960s, due to a mix of climate change, pesticide applications, and diseases like infectious fungi which can quickly decimate populations.

Frogs seem to be especially vulnerable. Roughly 74% of frog species globally are in decline, and 80% of the frog species that live in India are threatened, a researcher recently told the Hindustan Times.

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