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Stepdad Weeps During 10-Year-Old's Adoption Proposal: 'It Would Bring Any Big Man Down'

Wednesday  14:11,   10 may 2017
Inside Edition

Ten-year-old Kalani Watson wanted stepdad Brandon Williamson to be his legal father. From the beginning, Brandon Williamson knew it was a package deal.If you loved Porsche, you had to love her son, too. There was no having one without the[...]

Dad Keeps "Embarrassing" Promise to His Daughter, Makes the Internet Melt

Wednesday  14:11,   10 may 2017
Good Housekeeping

"I'm just a Daddy that wants his kids to truly understand that I love[...]

Ain't No Mountain High Enough For This Couple Who Wed On Mount Everest

Wednesday  14:11,   10 may 2017

These newlyweds wanted to take their love to new heights ― literally. California couple James Sissom, 35, and Ashley Schmieder, 32, tied the knot at the end of March in the most unlikely of places. These newlyweds wanted to take their love[...]

Cops on prom duty for fallen officer's daughter

Wednesday  10:37,   10 may 2017

Sierra Bradway had the prom date, the corsage and the long, beautiful dress, which she wore with sparkly silver sneakers. For those quintessential prom photos with her family, she headed to Crown Hill Cemetery.[...]

Meet the World's Smallest Fruit

Wednesday  08:25,   10 may 2017
Mental Floss

It's easy to be impressed by big things. The blue whale, the African elephant, and the giant sequoia are all easy to spot, if you ever get lucky enough to see them in person. But sometimes the smaller things—particularly the things that you can [...]

Bill Clinton co-writes White House thriller

Wednesday  08:00,   10 may 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

Clinton is collaborating with bestselling US author James Patterson on "The President is Missing" to be published in June 2018 by Alfred A. Knopf and Little, Brown and Company. The book "will offer readers a unique amalgam of intrigue,[...]

Sri Lanka evicts thousands of wasps ahead of Modi visit

Tuesday  19:46,   09 may 2017
Al Jazeera

Sri Lanka has taken the unusual step of clearing thousands of wasps from a tea plantation to ensure Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not stung during his upcoming visit.  Police in Hatton, some 125km east of the capital Colombo, hired [...]

Why a boy and his dog, Sinatra, graduated high school together

Tuesday  15:46,   09 may 2017
CBS News

Sinatra is Tyler McCready's diabetic alert dog, trained to let McCready know when his blood sugar is low or high . The two went to every class together, so Tyler made sure Sinatra's outfit looked good on graduation day.  "His[...]

Slow down! China to set tempo of national anthem

Tuesday  15:46,   09 may 2017
Sky News

China has already banned its national anthem from being belted out at weddings and funerals – but now, even more restrictions are on the way. A law is being prepared to set the tempo at which the ballad should be played and sung, with consequences[...]

Things get Messi for Iranian lookalike

Tuesday  15:46,   09 may 2017

Iranian student Reza Parastesh looks so much like his sporting hero Lionel Messi that it almost landed him in jail for disrupting public order this week. So many people came out to take selfies with Parastesh in the western city of Hamedan over the[...]

Gator Girl: 10-Year-Old Who Fought Off Alligator Reveals How She Cheated Death

Tuesday  09:01,   09 may 2017
Inside Edition

Juliana Ossa kept hitting the alligator on the head in a desperate bid to save her own life. A brave 10-year-old girl is lucky to be alive after successfully fending off an alligator that attacked her in Orlando over the weekend.Little Juliana[...]

This iPhone Case Will Brew You a Cup of Espresso

Tuesday  08:51,   09 may 2017
Mental Floss

Here's a new way to reinforce your smartphone addiction.The Italian-made Mokase case allows you to pour a shot of espresso right out of your phone. The case (which does not appear to be a parody) comes with coffee filter inserts, which look like [...]

Irish beach reappears 33 years after vanishing into Atlantic Ocean

Tuesday  07:41,   09 may 2017

A beach that was swept away more than 30 years ago from a remote island off the west coast of Ireland has reappeared after thousands of tons of sand were deposited on top of the rocky coastline. The 300 metre beach near the tiny village of Dooagh on [...]

Hero dog saves family with 9 children from fire

Tuesday  07:25,   09 may 2017

He had barked and barked for two minutes before the fire alarm even went off and the house already going up in flames.She also had two dogs to care for while her trucker husband was out of[...]

12 adorable animal babies around the world – where to see them and the right time to go

Monday  19:42,   08 may 2017

From baby sloths to whale calves, watching infant creatures can be a magical wildlife experience. Here are 11 top spots to see newborns and infants, plus - importantly - the right time of year to goOf all the weird and wonderful creatures that call[...]