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6-Foot-Tall Baby Giraffe Takes First Steps Minutes After Its Birth

Thursday  14:06,   15 december 2016
Inside Edition

Lizzy is thriving at the Blank Park Zoo in Iowa. In an amazing birth video, a baby giraffe was welcomed into the world and was up and walking in less than an hour.Uzuri, a 19-year-old giraffe, gave birth to baby Lizzy at the Blank Park[...]

Photographer uses Facebook to locate couple in touching engagement shot

Thursday  14:06,   15 december 2016
CBS News

Chicago photographer just happened to be in the right place at the right time when a couple got engaged -- and then he turned to Facebook to help find themHe already had his tripod and lighting set up, so when he heard cheering, he turned and began[...]

Neighbours rally to buy house for 89-year-old woman who had been evicted

Thursday  07:20,   15 december 2016
The Independent

 'I went through hell and back,' said Angie Tyma, who had been threatened with the prospect of homelessnessOne in particular went the extra mile. Danielle Calder shelled out $167,500 to buy the property and give it back to Ms Tyma[...]

Octogenarian jewelry thief Doris Payne arrested again in Atlanta

Thursday  06:51,   15 december 2016
Los Angeles Times

<p>Doris Payne, a notorious octogenarian jewel thief with a long rap sheet in Southern California, has been arrested yet again on larceny charges in an Atlanta suburb.</p>Payne, 86, was arrested Tuesday for trying to steal a $2,000 diamond[...]

Brexit, YouTuber and Bama among new words in Oxford English Dictionary

Thursday  06:05,   15 december 2016
The Guardian

Politics, business and social media coin 2016’s official additions to the English language – and, naturally, Beyoncé has a hand in it tooOED editors steered clear of political controversy by defining the process of Brexit rather than its[...]

Squirrels have declared war on Christmas

Thursday  05:51,   15 december 2016
The Washington Post

But they probably didn't mean to.Hard to tell. Either way, they’re messing with it across the[...]

Short-Spined Dog Does a Perfect Pirouette as Sugar Plum Fairy's Pooch in 'Mutt-Cracker'

Thursday  05:35,   15 december 2016
Inside Edition

"She has been working on her pirouettes since last year, and she's gotten them pretty well," the director of the ballet said. This short-spined border collie mix may be classified as a disabled dog, but no other pup can pirouette[...]

Couple graduate after beating crack addiction and raising three children

Wednesday  18:07,   14 december 2016
The Independent

Addicted to crack cocaine, 20-years ago Charles and Renate Cole were struggling to beat their habit and raise their children.&nbsp;But after getting clean and returning to college, the couple both managed to graduate earlier this[...]

America’s Oldest Polar Bear Turns 36

Wednesday  18:07,   14 december 2016
Mental Floss

Happy birthday,[...]

Boston woman with Down syndrome turns passion for baking into career

Wednesday  18:07,   14 december 2016
CBS News

Collette Divitto said she hopes to be a model for other people with disabilities“This is the recipe,” said correspondent Jim Axelrod, pointing to a[...]

Messi meets Afghan boy famed for plastic bag shirt

Wednesday  13:06,   14 december 2016

A six-year-old Afghan boy, who shot to Internet fame this year by sporting a Lionel Messi shirt made out of a plastic bag, fulfilled his dreams on Tuesday by meeting the Argentine soccer great. Murtaza Ahmadi, from Ghazni province in rural eastern[...]

Lost 'sensual' Da Vinci drawing discovered in France

Wednesday  13:06,   14 december 2016

A lost drawing by the Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci has been discovered in the papers of a French provincial doctor, a Paris auction house said Tuesday. The dreamily sensual sketch of Saint Sebastian is thought to be worth around 15 million[...]

Watch the Magical Moment a Real Lion Meets a Baby Dressed as a Lion

Wednesday  13:06,   14 december 2016
Good Housekeeping

Their connection is[...]

Inspiring teen goes right back to work after car accident

Wednesday  07:36,   14 december 2016
CBS News

Photo of injured teen wearing sling and neck brace while working at Chik-fil-A goes viralThe teenager, Jakeem Tyler, was counting change on one hand. His other arm was wrapped in a sling and he was wearing a neck[...]

Japanese Spaceship Makes Christmas Delivery at Space Station

Wednesday  07:20,   14 december 2016

It may not be a sleigh driven by a jolly old elf, but a Japanese cargo ship arrived at the International Space Station. Tuesday's successful docking comes 12 days after the failure of a Russian Progress cargo ship during its Dec. 1 launch.Two U.S.[...]