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A Field of LEGO Daffodils Is "Blooming" in England

Thursday  14:45,   13 april 2017
Mental Floss

The spring-inspired installation celebrates Hull's designation as the UK City of Culture for 2017. The government grants the title of UK City of Culture to one city every four years. This designation lasts for one calendar year. During this[...]

You Won't Believe What These Kids Did To Get Cheeseburgers

Thursday  14:45,   13 april 2017

How far will you go when you've got a case of the munchies? Whatever your upper limit is, a pair of kids from Ohio just one-upped it.Cleveland's Fox affiliate reports that on Sunday night, an 8-year-old got behind the wheel of his dad's work[...]

This Artist Will Make You A Teeny-Tiny Version Of Your Wedding Cake

Thursday  10:21,   13 april 2017

Artist Rachel Dyke is taking couple’s big day memories and turning them into itty bitty keepsakes. Artist Rachel Dyke is taking couple’s big day memories and turning them into itty bitty[...]

Twin Babies Are Born 2 Weeks Apart: 'I Didn't Even Know That Was Possible'

Thursday  10:21,   13 april 2017
Inside Edition

They were born severely premature. They may be twins, but this brother and sister pair will always have separate birthdays — two weeks apart.LaTroya Woolridge knew something was wrong when she began to experience excruciating pain in[...]

You could buy 90 Ferraris for the cost of this 'Billionaire' watch

Thursday  10:20,   13 april 2017

The luxury timepiece sells for $18 million."The Billionaire," an ultra-luxury watch by Jacob & Co., took nearly two years to build and is decked out in 260 carats of diamonds. As the name suggests, you'd probably have to be one of the world's[...]

Dortmund attack sees #BedForAwayFans go viral after supporters offer accommodation to Monaco counterparts

Thursday  08:06,   13 april 2017
The Independent

The hashtag #bedforawayfans went viral in the wake of the shock attack on Borussia Dortmund's team bus just minutes before their Champions League game with Monaco. Three explosions occurred as the Dortmund squad were travelling to the[...]

Squirrel Visits Ice Cream Store Twice a Day for Her Regular Vanilla Cone

Thursday  06:05,   13 april 2017
Inside Edition

"We give her a little treat twice a day -- that's probably enough," store owner Scott Martin told Now that ice cream stores are opening for the season, everyone is lining up to get their frozen desserts — and this [...]

Bangladesh bowler concedes 92 runs from 4 balls: Here's all you need to know about his bizarre spell

Thursday  05:56,   13 april 2017
International Business Times

The incredible over was bowled during a match in the Dhaka Second Division Cricket League.Mahmud, who is the opening bowler for Lalmatia, only bowled four legal deliveries and conceded 92 runs in an over when Axiom Cricketers were batting; with 65[...]

What's the Hurry, Young Man? Cop Pulls Over Toddler in Toy Car, Tells Him to Slow Down, Buddy

Wednesday  18:30,   12 april 2017
Inside Edition

Nathan Snow, 3, was speeding, the policeman said. Take it easy, little man.A 3-year-old Canadian boy has been busted for driving his pint-sized Ford F-150 truck just a little too fast.Nathan Snow was behind the wheel of his battery-powered toy[...]

Eighty-two-year-old DJ thrills crowds on Tokyo's club scene

Wednesday  18:30,   12 april 2017

By day, Sumiko Iwamuro runs a Chinese restaurant, while by night, she spins records.But the juggling of long days and frenzied nights is not the most inspiring thing about[...]

The Internet Appropriately Freaked Out Over This Trippy Sky Pool Hanging Off a Building

Wednesday  18:27,   12 april 2017

A new pool is not for the faint of heart. This residence tower in downtown Houston comes equipped with a rare extra perk for the brave at heart: a glass-bottomed pool located precipitously on its 42nd floor. Daredevils and residents of the[...]

Dog Accidentally Gets Bed That's Too Small for Him, but Enjoys It Anyway

Wednesday  15:02,   12 april 2017
Inside Edition

He knows how to be[...]

Man Tears Up When Stepdaughter Asks Him To Adopt Her (And You Will Too)

Wednesday  15:02,   12 april 2017

When Vincent VonTobel turned 39 in February, his 17-year-old stepdaughter, Sarah Leonard, gave him the gift of a lifetime: a pen and adoption papers.When Vincent VonTobel turned 39 in February, his 17-year-old stepdaughter, Sarah Leonard, gave him[...]

Meet the woman who's motorbiked across the globe

Wednesday  15:02,   12 april 2017
The Independent

You might not think that by the time you’re 30, you’d have slept by the roadside in a tunnel in Italy, sold your house and all your belongings, and maxed out your Facebook friend limit, but Nikki Misurelli has done all that. She’s also motorcycled[...]

Vietnam Veteran Reunited With War Buddy 50 Years After Losing Touch, Thanks to Twitter

Wednesday  15:01,   12 april 2017
Inside Edition

Charles Lacy and Kermit Powers met while serving in the Vietnam war, and 50 years later, the pair are now preparing to reconnect through Skype. One came forward with a LinkedIn page that may have belonged to Powers. Another stranger offered to[...]