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Baltimore middle-schoolers’ viral rendition of “Rise Up” helps soothe a troubled nation

Saturday  14:51,   14 october 2017
The Washington Post

"For this song to have inspired hope and happiness, it just makes me happy.” The four soloists in the video, in order of appearance, were Young (sixth grade), John Paige (sixth grade), Bryana Hardison (fourth grade, and Kenyatta’s daughter) and [...]

Chocolate teacake travels to space

Saturday  14:51,   14 october 2017
Sky News

A chocolate teacake has been launched into space from Glasgow, as part of an experiment to spark people's imagination about science.Terry, a Tunnock's teacake made of marshmallow and chocolate, was lifted into the atmosphere and reached a peak[...]

World's 'unluckiest' flight 666 makes final flight to HEL on Friday the 13th

Saturday  14:50,   14 october 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

Passengers boarded the world's 'unluckiest' flight, numbered 666 to HEL on Friday the 13th, for the last time. In an unfortunate and sinister series of coincidences, travelers flying between Copenhagen and Helsinki, Finland[...]

This guy Photoshopped himself into his childhood photos so he could hang out with his younger self

Saturday  08:10,   14 october 2017

Montreal-based photographer Conor Nickerson has a stunning collection in which he Photoshops himself into his old family photos from circa 1997 to 2005.Photographer Conor Nickerson is going viral for Photoshopping himself into his old family[...]

Kindhearted Stranger Walks Around Randomly Handing Out $100 Bills

Saturday  08:10,   14 october 2017
Inside Edition

He is doing it to spread some kindness, and he hopes it inspires others. Some pedestrians couldn’t believe their luck as a complete stranger handed them $100.The generous man's name is Jeff Buell and he lives in upstate New York.He believes the[...]

Groom Exchanges Vows With Bride's Sister, Who Has Down Syndrome: 'I Promise to Look Out for You'

Friday  18:51,   13 october 2017
Inside Edition

Months ago, groom Will Seaton, 25, also proposed to his now-wife's younger sister.“Hannah, I’m thankful you’re my sister and my best friend,” Will Seaton, 25, of Santa Claus proclaimed, in a video licensed by SWNS. “You’re one in a million. I[...]

Mom Makes Halloween Costumes For Her 8-Month-Old Twins For Every Day in October

Friday  14:24,   13 october 2017
Inside Edition

She started designing her own costumes when she was a kid. A South Carolina mom is having double the fun this October as she dresses her twin daughters in an array of costumes in celebration of Halloween.Lauren Mancke, a designer from Columbia,[...]

The Internet Is Questioning Everything Thanks to This Teacher's Trick Question

Friday  14:24,   13 october 2017

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, while always a classic, is currently having a viral moment. The classic orchestral arrangement became an internet meme after a curious math test question began circulating online. “An orchestra of 120 players takes [...]

This Magical Floating Tent Will Make The World Your Waterbed

Friday  14:23,   13 october 2017

Campers, rejoice! This floating tent is all you need for a night on the water.  Fly fishing outfitter Smithfly is debuting a product they call the Shoal Tent, which they say will turn any pond, creek or salt flat into your personal[...]

The most expensive doughnut in the world is covered in 24-karat gold

Friday  14:21,   13 october 2017

<p>The priciest doughnut on the planet is filled with champagne and topped with 24-karat gold.</p>It's called the Golden Cristal Ube, and a dozen will set you back[...]

Teen With Cerebral Palsy Becomes First Girl on Soccer Powerchair Team

Friday  08:38,   13 october 2017
Inside Edition

She and other players use electric wheelchairs with large front bumpers to push the ball into the opposing team's goals.Hannah is the first and only girl on the Manchester United Powerchair Team, a division of the mighty Manchester United soccer [...]

Toy-telligence the smart choice for children at Christmas

Thursday  18:51,   12 october 2017

Tyler the Playful Tiger, who roars, purrs and moves during play is among a group of animatronic toys tipped to be the most in demand for Christmas, according to the world's oldest toy shop.Tyler the Playful Tiger, who roars, purrs and moves[...]

Houston baby smashes Whataburger instead of cake in first birthday photo shoot

Thursday  11:54,   12 october 2017
Houston Chronicle

If you're going to be covered in ketchup for your first birthday photos, it had better be fancy ketchup.&nbsp;If you're going to be covered in ketchup for your first birthday photos, it had better be fancy[...]

Why Millions of Dollars in Gold End Up in Sewers Every Year

Thursday  11:53,   12 october 2017

Millions of dollars worth of gold and silver are flushed away in Switzerland each year, a new study has found.&nbsp;More than $3 million of precious metals are found annually in sewage from more than 60 wastewater treatment plants in[...]

Bride Who Thought She Couldn't Conceive Hosts Gender Reveal at Her Wedding

Thursday  09:43,   12 october 2017
Inside Edition

Bride Meagan Bingham, 25, said doctors told her as a teenager she may never be able to have kids. A bride and groom celebrated the beginning of their new family by hosting a surprise gender reveal during their wedding.Bride Meagan[...]