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Spike in crime: Singaporean guilty of toothpicks in bus seats

Wednesday  19:47,   11 october 2017

A 60-year-old Singaporean pleaded guilty to "mischief" Wednesday after he was caught sticking toothpicks in bus seats, a case that highlights the tightly-controlled country's tough approach to even minor crimes. The city-state, whose[...]

Gold leaf from Napoleon's crown to go under hammer

Wednesday  19:37,   11 october 2017

A golden laurel leaf from Napoleon's crown is to go under the hammer next month, an auction house said Wednesday. The French leader crowned himself emperor at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris in 1804, famously taking the Roman-style laurel[...]

This wavy floor is actually a mind-boggling optical illusion that stops people from running in the hallway

Wednesday  16:01,   11 october 2017

UK-based tile company Casa Ceramica is going viral for its custom floor design, which looks like it has a giant dent, but is actually completely flat.- UK-based tile company Casa Ceramica is going viral for its custom floor[...]

Would-be car thief abandons Hulk hands on steering wheel

Wednesday  16:01,   11 october 2017
New York Daily News

A man spotted sitting inside a Pasco, Washington resident's vehicle early Monday morning quickly fled after being confronted, only to leave behind a set of Styrofoam Hulk hands still clutching the wheel, KOMO reports. A man spotted[...]

A photo of Carrie Fisher's dog watching the new 'Star Wars' trailer has fans heartbroken all over again

Wednesday  10:10,   11 october 2017

A new photo shared on Instagram shows Carrie Fisher's adorable dog Gary watching his "mom" in the new "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" trailer.- Carrie Fisher's beloved dog Gary was with her for "Star Wars" press appearances[...]

Worst prank ever: 3,800 foot glass walkway ‘cracks’ as you walk on it

Wednesday  10:10,   11 october 2017

What’s one of the meanest ways to scare someone? Trick them into thinking they’re about to die. This glass walkway that stands over 3,800 feet in the air seemed to “crack” as a tour guide walked on it. The transparent path overlooks East[...]

Meet the New York City Groomer Giving Free Haircuts to Help Shelter Dogs Get Adopted

Wednesday  05:36,   11 october 2017
Mental Floss

A well-groomed coat could make all the difference for these pups.The idea to start grooming rescue dogs struck Imhof when he adopted his first pit bull Cleo with his[...]

Deputy Proposes to Girlfriend Who Thought She Was Being Pulled Over for a DUI

Wednesday  05:35,   11 october 2017
Inside Edition

The traffic stop was an elaborate ruse. Nothing is more frustrating than being pulled over, but this California woman had a change of heart when she realized it was all an elaborate ruse for her deputy boyfriend to propose.Ellen Alexander of[...]

Clothing Drive Helps Students Affected by Hurricane Harvey Find Dresses for Homecoming

Tuesday  19:17,   10 october 2017
Inside Edition

The girls came out in droves to find dresses. Some Texas teenagers left without dresses for their high school homecoming events after Hurricane Harvey tore through the region have been treated to a glamorous surprise.Carissa Villareal's [...]

3 black bears break into pizza shop, eat salami and dough

Tuesday  15:51,   10 october 2017
CBS News

The pizzeria owner says the bears ate a light meal before exiting and he expects them to return for a second meal"It was really fun to come into that one," said Tony Francher, the co-owner of Antonio's Real New York Pizza in Estes[...]

One ton pumpkin wins European championship

Tuesday  15:46,   10 october 2017

For the second year in a row a Belgian man has secured the title of growing the heaviest pumpkin in Europe. The behemoth vegetable weighed in at more than a ton.The 24-year-old fell short of his pumpkin of last year, which weighed 1,190 kilograms to [...]

This Dad's "Interview" With His 3-Month-Old Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

Tuesday  15:31,   10 october 2017

If you've ever looked at a tiny baby and wondered what they're really thinking behind all of those cute coos, you're not alone. It was on one father's mind so much that he decided to just fill in the blanks one day. La Guardia Cross [...]

A Pair of Photographer Moms Created a Mock Wedding Photo Shoot With Their Children

Tuesday  09:52,   10 october 2017
Inside Edition

The kids had a[...]

For $666, You Can Spend Halloween Eve in a Recreated Alcatraz Jail Cell

Tuesday  05:16,   10 october 2017
Mental Floss

For thrill-seekers who prefer true crime to fake blood.Located on Fisherman’s Wharf, the San Francisco Dungeon recreates local history and legends using sets, special effects, and actors. Now, locals and visitors alike can pay $666 to reserve a[...]

A Giant Otter Gets Root Canal Surgery on Two Teeth

Tuesday  05:16,   10 october 2017
Inside Edition

She is doing[...]