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Atomic kittens: 'Trump and Kim' play nice at Olympics

Saturday  08:56,   10 february 2018

As the Pyeongchang Olympics opened Friday the sight of two bellicose "world leaders" putting aside the threat of nuclear war warmed the cockles on a freezing cold night. As excited spectators filed into the Olympic Stadium for the gala[...]

Bid to find a Valentine for Romeo, world's 'loneliest frog'

Friday  19:05,   09 february 2018

With Valentine's Day approaching, please spare a thought for Romeo the lonesome Bolivian frog. Ten years a bachelor, the childless amphibian has had to enlist human help to mount a last-ditch search for a Juliet which, if it fails, could mean[...]

Golden Retriever Working Like a Dog, Helping Master Mow the Lawn and Plow Fields

Thursday  15:47,   08 february 2018
Inside Edition

This dog gives new meaning to man's best friend.Rambo the Golden Retriever has become quite the attraction in County Down, Northern Ireland. Locals watch in disbelief as he enjoys riding tractors and lawn mowers, sometimes by[...]

Hogs and Kisses! Shelter Seeks Valentine's Day Cards for Its Unique Animals

Thursday  15:46,   08 february 2018
Inside Edition

The shelter's emu and cow have already received love letters.Ashburn's Animals in Selinsgrove is now accepting Valentine's cards for its residents to raise funds for their[...]

We're Absolutely Obsessed With This "ICU Grandpa"

Thursday  15:46,   08 february 2018
Good Housekeeping

He's sometimes even called the "Baby Whisperer"!It all began in the early '00s, when Deutchman, retired from his career as a marketing executive, approached the staff at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and asked about volunteer[...]

Take a Virtual Ride on This 90,000-Piece LEGO Roller Coaster

Thursday  13:38,   08 february 2018
Mental Floss

Get a minifig's-eye view in this POV video.Inspired by El Toro, a wooden coaster at New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure, the detailed structure took nearly 800 hours to build. The feat of LEGO engineering is made of almost 90,000 pieces and[...]

Gramma and Ginga Have the Funniest Sibling Rivalry

Thursday  09:46,   08 february 2018
Good Housekeeping

Introducing Gramma and Ginga, your new obsessions.It all started when Gramma's grandson, 50-year-old Frank Fumich, started filming their regular sisterly arguments and putting the videos on his Facebook page. His Facebook friends seemed to find[...]

London Photographer Captures the Dogs of the World in Their Own Habitats

Thursday  06:56,   08 february 2018
Mental Floss

The unique personalities of the dogs come through, no matter where they live.According to My Modern Met, Schaller started out photographing people he met on his travels. The high-contrast, black-and-white look of his work has earned him widespread[...]

People are leaving hilarious reviews on Amazon for this $100 inflatable ball that's way bigger than they expected

Wednesday  17:23,   07 february 2018

A giant beach ball that measures 12 feet in diameter is the latest product on Amazon to go viral, thanks to its reviews. While Amazon users have been trolling products like this $9,000 Swiss Army Knife, or this banana slicer, for years, they've only [...]

Fourteenth time the charm? Mother of 13 sons expecting another child

Wednesday  17:22,   07 february 2018

A Michigan couple with 13 sons in is expecting another child and they won't know the sex until the baby is born.Kateri and Jay Schwandt's baby is due in April but the couple has decided to keep the baby's sex a surprise, just like they did the[...]

'What are you talking about?': Rogue robot upstages Turkey minister

Wednesday  13:32,   07 february 2018

Being interrupted by impatient audience members is a headache -- but part of the job -- for most politicians. But for Turkey's Transport and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, the heckling on Tuesday came from an unusual source -- a stubborn[...]

World's Hairiest Man Has Hair Covering 98 Percent of His Body

Wednesday  13:31,   07 february 2018
Inside Edition

“Some people ask if it’s itchy," Larry Gomez says. "No, this is my normal life."With 98 percent of his entire body covered, the California man is officially the world’s[...]

108-Year-Old Canadian Man Shares the Secret to a Long Life: Get a Really Good Wife

Wednesday  07:11,   07 february 2018
Inside Edition

Even at age 108, Esmond Allcock remains a one-woman man.Esmond Allcock recently celebrated his 108th birthday with a giant party and good deal of fuss. Journalists came. Photographers snapped like mad. Asked the secret to a long life, Allcock[...]

Family Who Looked Like Cartoons in Professional Pictures After Photoshop Fail Gets a Do-Over

Tuesday  18:37,   06 february 2018
Inside Edition

Inside Edition arranged a re-do for the Zaring family, who were left unrecognizable in photos they received last month.The Zaring family, of St. Louis, Mo., went viral after their photographer attempted to edit their portraits earlier this[...]

Ancient Fossil of 'Lizard Fish' Found By Child Touring Colombian Monastery in 'Once-in-a-Lifetime Discovery'

Tuesday  18:37,   06 february 2018

This is the first time Candelarhynchus padillai has ever been seen in tropical South America.  A paper describing the research was published in the Journal of Systematic Paleontology."It tells us that there is this still-unknown diversity of[...]