News: Offbeat

3 black bears break into pizza shop, eat salami and dough

Tuesday  15:51,   10 october 2017
CBS News

The pizzeria owner says the bears ate a light meal before exiting and he expects them to return for a second meal"It was really fun to come into that one," said Tony Francher, the co-owner of Antonio's Real New York Pizza in Estes[...]

One ton pumpkin wins European championship

Tuesday  15:46,   10 october 2017

For the second year in a row a Belgian man has secured the title of growing the heaviest pumpkin in Europe. The behemoth vegetable weighed in at more than a ton.The 24-year-old fell short of his pumpkin of last year, which weighed 1,190 kilograms to [...]

This Dad's "Interview" With His 3-Month-Old Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

Tuesday  15:31,   10 october 2017

If you've ever looked at a tiny baby and wondered what they're really thinking behind all of those cute coos, you're not alone. It was on one father's mind so much that he decided to just fill in the blanks one day. La Guardia Cross [...]

A Pair of Photographer Moms Created a Mock Wedding Photo Shoot With Their Children

Tuesday  09:52,   10 october 2017
Inside Edition

The kids had a[...]

For $666, You Can Spend Halloween Eve in a Recreated Alcatraz Jail Cell

Tuesday  05:16,   10 october 2017
Mental Floss

For thrill-seekers who prefer true crime to fake blood.Located on Fisherman’s Wharf, the San Francisco Dungeon recreates local history and legends using sets, special effects, and actors. Now, locals and visitors alike can pay $666 to reserve a[...]

A Giant Otter Gets Root Canal Surgery on Two Teeth

Tuesday  05:16,   10 october 2017
Inside Edition

She is doing[...]

The best optical illusion this year shows how easy it is to miss what's right in front of you

Tuesday  05:15,   10 october 2017

Pause any part of the video, and you'll see the shapes disappear before your very eyes.- The "Best Illusion of the Year" contest has a[...]

In a Uganda slum, chess inspires young players to make their next move

Monday  20:08,   09 october 2017
ABC News

A chess prodigy whose rags-to-riches story was told in a Disney film inspires a new generation of chess players looking to escape poverty in Africa.It is only a few kilometres from the city centre but for the many young people who live here,[...]

Food bank receives decades old can of soup

Monday  20:07,   09 october 2017

A Wales foodbank that received a decades-old can of kidney soup, tweeted a friendly reminder last week to check the expiration date before donating canned food.Cardiff Foodbank tweeted a photo of the vintage can of soup on October 5. According to[...]

Japanese airport dogged by runaway poodle

Monday  16:05,   09 october 2017

A poodle's dash for freedom briefly shut down one runway at a major Japanese airport Monday, forcing its owner to come out and catch the canine, police said. The fully-grown dog escaped at Tokyo's Haneda airport while cargo crews were loading[...]

Kitten Rescued With Homemade Pole After Being Trapped in Pipe, 25 Feet Underground

Monday  09:05,   09 october 2017
Inside Edition

"Animals don't always understand that we are there to help, so making the grab is never easy," one of the rescuers said.Los Angeles rescuers Ernesto Poblano and Felix Lopez were alerted to the scene last month by a geologist who could[...]

Army soldier surprises little brother on stage at Carnegie Elementary School

Monday  08:40,   09 october 2017

Damon Chiodo expected a good grade when he turned in his essay about his personal hero. But as he read his report about his older brother, Devin Tomei, to his sixth-grade English class in the Carnegie Elementary School auditorium last week, he got a [...]

Former mayor uses boxing to fight his Parkinson's

Monday  07:51,   09 october 2017

 "I thought it was a death notice." To David Hollister, this was merely an unexpected distraction as the then Lansing mayor worked on his State of the City address and continued negotiations with General Motors to get[...]

Man Fakes Peanut Allergy Emergency to Propose to Nurse Girlfriend

Sunday  11:16,   08 october 2017
Inside Edition

Lauren Trulli, a nurse in New Jersey, jumped into action when she saw Tom Ciancia, who has a peanut allergy, being brought out on a stretcher. A prankster faked a medical emergency to propose to his girlfriend — but she still said yes.Lauren[...]

Goats, Horses, Camels and More Gather for 'Blessing of the Animals' at Church Ceremony

Sunday  09:21,   08 october 2017
Inside Edition

The ceremony was held at a New York church. Several pet owners helped their pets embrace their spiritual side as they brought their animals to a New York church on Sunday.Ranging from a bearded dragon, to a horse, to baby chicks, animals gathered [...]