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Surviving a Nuclear Disaster in Luxury! Underground Bunker Has Its Own Pool and Movie Theater

Sunday  10:10,   13 august 2017
Inside Edition

The bunker is housed in an abandoned missile silo. The owner of an underground Doomsday bunker in the Midwest says business is booming.Larry Hall, the owner of the Survival Condo Project, gave Inside Edition a peek behind the 16,000-pound doors[...]

This Guy Proposed To His Mermaid-Obsessed Girlfriend Underwater

Sunday  10:10,   13 august 2017

One man just gave his mermaid-obsessed girlfriend the magical, under-the-sea proposal of her dreams.  Eric Martinez popped the question to Cammy Rynae Cuoco on June 8 in the middle of a photo shoot during their vacation in Riviera Maya,[...]

Couple, 69 and 70, Stuns Crowd With Their Smooth Dance Moves in Viral Video

Sunday  10:10,   13 august 2017
Inside Edition

They go to the club most Saturdays. One couple’s dance moves are only getting better with time.Nick, 70, and Emma Nichols, 69, went viral after a video of them dancing at a Ludacris concert in Virginia in July went viral.“The DJs were playing. I[...]

Treadmills to karaoke -- China goes sharing crazy

Sunday  05:35,   13 august 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

Backed by a torrent of venture capital, China has gone sharing mad with everything from treadmills to karaoke booths and napping capsules all up for short-term rent -- and at the click of a smartphone.  With the boom spawning some novel[...]

Goldfish turn to alcohol to get through winter

Sunday  05:35,   13 august 2017
Sky News

Scientists have figured out how goldfish produce alcohol to survive when trapped beneath the icy surfaces of frozen lakes and ponds. Unlike most vertebrates which die within a few minutes without oxygen, goldfish and their wild relatives crucian[...]

This Lucky Bride Got A Wedding Photo And A Kiss From Justin Trudeau

Sunday  05:35,   13 august 2017

Canadian prime minister and part-time wedding photobomberJustin Trudeau is at it again. Canadian prime minister and part-time wedding photobomberJustin Trudeau is at it[...]

New Mexico Chaco Canyon Rock Art Shows Ancient Eclipse

Saturday  20:36,   12 august 2017

The engraving, known as a petroglyph, shows a circle with curved, intricate swirling emissions issuing from it. Around the circle, believed to depict the sun, human figures can be seen in different positions and engaged in different[...]

Just Cool Cars: This '30 Ford Model A honors vets

Saturday  19:37,   12 august 2017

This old Ford is a tribute to America's veterans. Nick Arrington, 63, an auctioneer living in Virginia, has turned his 1930 Ford Model A Phaeton into a car that celebrates how the U.S. rallied to win World War II.  Nick Arrington, 63,[...]

Ancient mug workshop found near site of Jesus wine miracle

Saturday  16:07,   12 august 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

Israeli archeologists on Thursday unveiled a 2,000-year-old workshop for making stone vessels similar to those Jesus is believed to have used to miraculously turn water into wine.  Located near the Galilee village of Reineh in northern[...]

Sailing, sailing, over the grassy waves

Saturday  12:25,   12 august 2017

It is a tram or a train? Neither, it's a boat.It is a tram or a train? Neither, it's a[...]

Afghan migrant 'Little Picasso' exhibits in Belgrade

Friday  20:26,   11 august 2017

A 10-year-old Afghan refugee dubbed "Little Picasso" exhibited his paintings and photographs in Belgrade on Wednesday, hoping to raise money for a Serbian child's post-cancer therapy.Farhad Noory has lived in a refugee camp in the city [...]

Huge Ancient Statue of Iron Age Goddess Discovered

Friday  19:32,   11 august 2017

<p>Excavations in Turkey have uncovered a massive 3,000-year-old statue that is believed to have depicted either an Iron age goddess or political leader, partially destroyed in what appears to have been a ritual act of iconoclasm.</p>The[...]

100-year-old cake found near South Pole

Friday  15:57,   11 august 2017
Sky News

A 100-year-old fruit cake has been found in the oldest building in Antarctica and those who discovered it think it looks fresh. The cake is believed to date to Robert Falcon Scott's Terra Nova Expedition between 1910 and 1913.Although the tin[...]

Black swan at Bavarian palace seeks partner

Friday  15:56,   11 august 2017

The Rosenau Palace in southern Germany has published a lonely hearts ad on behalf of its resident black swan. Ground keepers believe the bird's former companion was eaten by a fox. The department that oversees state-owned palaces, gardens and[...]

In a remote Irish town, a goat reigns supreme

Friday  15:55,   11 august 2017

For a few days this week a goat will be king of a small town in Ireland's rural south west.Billed as one of Ireland's oldest festivals, the Puck Fair sees locals in the town of Killorglin pluck a wild mountain goat from its habitat and crown him [...]