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This is what happens when a cat gets stuck in the bumper of your Tesla

Monday  08:15,   19 june 2017
The Daily Dot

A YouTuber who goes by the name S U woke up on Saturday, ambled out to the garage, and suddenly heard a meow.  Ultimately, he discovered that a cat somehow found its way into the rear bumper of his Tesla and had no way to actually escape[...]

This 2-Foot-6-Inch Beauty Vlogger Is Challenging Perceptions on Beauty Standards

Monday  08:15,   19 june 2017
Inside Edition

"I hope I can inspire people to follow their dreams and live big Meet all two feet and six inches of the Michigan vlogger challenging the perceptions of beauty standards.Michaela Davert, 18, is the glamorous face behind FunSizedStyle, a[...]

A German came to Mexico and turned the border into a musical instrument

Sunday  19:25,   18 june 2017

This week, marks 30 years since former President Ronald Reagan stood near the Berlin Wall and told Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev: “If you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe ... Mr. Gorbachev, tear[...]

Senegal artist a legend fusing West African, modern dance

Sunday  19:11,   18 june 2017
Associated Press

She grew up embracing tradition while challenging traditional roles in West African society. "I'm Christian, I'm Muslim and I'm animist," she said.Born in Benin, she was raised in Senegal. She divorced her husband at 23 after refusing his request[...]

A Florida woman discovered a treasure trove of rare space documents in the trash

Sunday  15:10,   18 june 2017
The Verge

A Navy veteran accidentally stumbled upon a number of rare documents and images from the height of the space age — in the trash outside of a home in Florida. Former aviation electrician Yvette Quinn discovered the documents several weeks[...]

NFL Player And Wife Skip Wedding Gifts And Raise Money For Rescue Animals Instead

Sunday  15:10,   18 june 2017

NFL player and dog lover Logan Ryan used his wedding as an opportunity to say “I do” to a cause he and his wife are passionate about ― animal rescue. NFL player and dog lover Logan Ryan used his wedding as an opportunity to say “I do” to a[...]

Couple Celebrates 68 Years of Marriage With Heartwarming Photo Shoot

Sunday  10:41,   18 june 2017
Inside Edition

Their anniversary is in September. A couple that has been married almost 68 years celebrated their upcoming anniversary with a sweet photo shoot. Ollie, 83, and Donald King, 87, of Kentucky, will celebrate their anniversary in September and their [...]

Dad with cleft lip adopts baby just like him

Sunday  05:25,   18 june 2017

ATLANTA – “She’s magnetic,” says Brian Pierce of his adopted daughter, Hattie. When Brian and Molly Pierce were on their honeymoon, they met a family with a 12-year-old daughter adopted from China. When Brian and Molly Pierce were on their[...]

NY exhibition asks what creation of world sounded like

Saturday  19:35,   17 june 2017

When the universe was born, what did it sound like? The question underlies an inventive and challenging new exhibition in New York that explores the fundamentals of sound and how they relate to the quest to understand the self and the cosmos.The[...]

Not Even the Cheshire Cat Could Live in This Insane Feline-Themed Home

Saturday  19:35,   17 june 2017
Good Housekeeping

I'm getting itchy just looking at the thing.From the exterior, this modest Arizona home seems like a respectable fixer-upper - the key word, here, is[...]

Unearthing treasures at a Rome metro stop and museum

Saturday  19:20,   17 june 2017
CBS News

A team of archaeologists unearthed these treasures during the excavation of Rome's San Giovanni metro stopAnna Giulia Fabiani led a team of archaeologists who unearthed these treasures during the excavation of Rome's San Giovanni metro stop[...]

Ancient Israelites Demand Booze, Secret Message Reveals

Saturday  15:41,   17 june 2017

Using new imaging techniques, scientists find “invisible” message on back of pottery shard.Tel Aviv University (TAU) researchers found the message on the back of a shard of pottery displayed at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem for half a century. They [...]

Boy becomes super hero for a day, saves Chicago

Saturday  15:31,   17 june 2017
CBS News

Make-A-Wish recipient Christian Clark spend a day roaming the lakefront in Chicago, battling villains while dressed as Super BlackCBS Chicago reports third-grader Christian Clark spent a day roaming the lakefront, looking for dastardly villains to[...]

Hospital Offers Adorable 'Graduation Day' To NICU Babies Going Home

Saturday  09:50,   17 june 2017

CaroMont Health in Gastonia, North Carolina, get their own “graduation days” when they leave the NICU. 2/7 SLIDES © Bella Baby Photography On a baby’s “graduation day,” he or she receives a homemade grad cap, a[...]

Sweet Husband Got His Wife's Fingerprint Etched Onto His Wedding Band

Saturday  09:50,   17 june 2017

Men often get the short end of the stick as far as wedding rings go. Reddit user Im_High_Tech did just that by having his wife’s actual fingerprint etched onto his wedding[...]