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These Drones Can Plant 100,000 Trees in One Day

Friday  11:22,   11 august 2017
Mental Floss

They're 10 times as fast as humans and half as expensive.BioCarbon Engineering has assembled a fleet of drones that can plant thousands of trees a day, as Fast Company reports. The company will soon focus its efforts on Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River [...]

Woman Who Lost Her Arm Has A Hilariously Brilliant Tinder Bio

Friday  07:35,   11 august 2017

A woman with one arm is single-handedly winning Tinder thanks to her awesome sense of humor. Lauren, a 20-year-old woman from San Diego, California, had her left arm amputated a year ago. Lauren, a 20-year-old woman from San Diego,[...]

Chicken balloon with Trump-like hair seen near White House

Thursday  19:56,   10 august 2017

A giant, inflatable chicken that has Trump-esque hair was spotted near the White House on Wednesday. Yes, seriously.The chicken balloon, designed by Seattle artist Casey Latiolais and produced in China, was placed on the Ellipse, just[...]

Japan gives world-beating fidget spinner a whirl

Thursday  19:46,   10 august 2017

One company in perfectionism-obsessed Japan is claiming it has developed a fidget spinner that whirls longer than any rival on the market -- 12 minutes and counting. Most fidget spinners, the must-have toy for 2017, can only rotate on their [...]

English church takes over the pub next door

Thursday  16:25,   10 august 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

An Anglican church in eastern England has become the first in the country to take over the running of a pub, hoping to bring people together and raise money for charity. The aptly named "Mitre" in Norwich was first licensed in 1867 but[...]

End of an era as typewriting tests phased out in India

Thursday  16:24,   10 august 2017

The unmistakable chatter of typewriters outside courthouses and government offices will soon fall silent in India's financial capital Mumbai as stenography colleges on Friday hold their final manual exams. The roughly 3,500 institutes teaching[...]

Brazen NYC rats reportedly jumping into strollers to steal snacks

Thursday  16:24,   10 august 2017
CBS News

There are about 2 million rats in New York City, and parents at a Center Park playground say the rats are jumping into strollers to steal snacksThere are about 2 million rats in New York City, and some have settled in Central Park and Riverside[...]

Pokemon Go fans join giant Pikachus at Yokohama festival

Thursday  09:26,   10 august 2017

Thousands of Pokemon Go players gathered in the Japanese port city of Yokohama to try their hand at catching rare virtual creatures while watching dance shows featuring people dressed as giant Pikachus. Pokemon Go is a smartphone-based game, which[...]

These Newlyweds Are A Reminder That You Can't Put An Age Limit On Love

Thursday  05:56,   10 august 2017

In June, photos from 67-year-old Lucinda Myers and 70-year-old Murphy Wilson’s engagement shoot began going viral, reminding the internet that it’s never, ever too late to find love. In June, photos from 67-year-old Lucinda Myers and[...]

Dad Creates $32 Million Theme Park for His Beloved Daughter With Special Needs

Wednesday  18:37,   09 august 2017
Inside Edition

The park opened in[...]

This 77-Year-Old Grandma Just Got The Best Lady Gaga Surprise

Wednesday  18:37,   09 august 2017

Now this is one happy Little Monster.  Helene Oberhoff is a 77-year-old from Sarasota, Florida who’s been a fan of Lady Gaga ever since seeing her perform “The Edge of Glory” on TV during an awards show.“I couldn’t believe how she[...]

A Man Tried to Date 6 Women In One Night. They Became BFFs.

Wednesday  18:37,   09 august 2017

These ladies made a real-life version of "John Tucker Must Die" and the internet was here for it.Pylant shared her unlikely and crazy story on Twitter after she said she showed up at a Washington, DC, bar to find that her date had six[...]

This dinosaur is the largest ever discovered

Wednesday  14:41,   09 august 2017

It’s official: an Argentine dinosaur as heavy as a Boeing 737 is the biggest ever discovered.  The behemoth weighed more than 65 tons and perhaps as many as 77, a new study says. That makes the animal not just the biggest known dinosaur but [...]

An All-Cheetos Restaurant Will Open Soon

Wednesday  14:41,   09 august 2017

Cheetos are far more than just a snack — they're a cultural phenomenon. One that now includes a restaurant filled entirely with Cheetos-inspired recipes. Cheetos are far more than just a snack — they're a cultural phenomenon. One that[...]

Mom's Batman-Loving Daughter Inspires Awesome Pregnancy Announcement

Wednesday  14:41,   09 august 2017

Cara Boyer’s 4-year-old daughter Evie loves all things Batman. Cara Boyer’s 4-year-old daughter Evie loves all things[...]