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Dairy Queen of the Stone Age: T. Rex Cools Off by Getting Ice Cream

Saturday  09:50,   17 june 2017
Inside Edition

Temperatures got as high as 106 degrees Thursday in Phoenix, and this T. rex needed a refreshment. Did you hear the one about the dinosaur that went to a Dairy Queen?It may sound like a joke, but as temperatures reached 106 degrees in[...]

Grandfather, 90, Serenades Wife With Bing Crosby's 'Let Me Call You Sweetheart' for 70th Anniversary

Saturday  05:36,   17 june 2017
Inside Edition

Paul Miller, 90, is proving true love never dies. A 90-year-old Arkansas man is proving true love never fades with age.In celebration of their 70th anniversary, Paul Miller serenaded his wife with Bing Crosby’s “Let Me Call You[...]

Spanish school kids seek heat relief... in funeral home

Saturday  05:36,   17 june 2017

It's hot in Spain, so much so that over-heated students near Madrid were transferred from their school to a cooler place which turned out to be the local air-conditioned funeral home. The unusual decision is just one of several measures taken in [...]

Astronauts Are Getting a Space Bakery

Saturday  05:36,   17 june 2017
Mental Floss

Bread is banned on the ISS, but a German company aims to change that by bringing fresh rolls to microgravity.The culinary staple is currently banned from space missions because in space, crumbs can be dangerous. Currently, if an astronaut wants a[...]

Puppy who flunked out of the police academy for being 'too friendly' gets a new job

Saturday  05:36,   17 june 2017
The Week

A German Shepherd puppy that got kicked out of the police dog academy in Queensland, Australia, has found his dream job. The dog, named Gavel, was dropped from the 16-month program after just six weeks because his handlers deemed him "too[...]

Blind bison lived a lonely life until she met a calf to love

Friday  19:27,   16 june 2017

Before Oliver's arrival, Helen would be skittish around the mob of sheep, goats and a blind pig named Luke that share the pastureWhen she moved to the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Scio — the cost of caring for her had grown too burdensome for[...]

Woman Calls 911 Over Chicken Nuggets Order That Took Too Long: Cops

Friday  18:56,   16 june 2017
Inside Edition

An angry woman called 911 to complain her fast-food order wasn't quick enough, police said.A Texas woman called 911 after her McDonald's didn’t arrive soon enough to suit her, according to the Waco Police[...]

Little Girl Adorably Mistakes A Bride For A Princess From Her Favorite Book

Friday  11:36,   16 june 2017

Fairy-tale moments happen all the time in real life ― and these sweet photos are proof. Last February, Scott and Shandace Robertson tied the knot in Seattle. While taking wedding day pics in the Ballard section of the city, a little girl stopped and [...]

Watch this guy’s first attempt behind the wheel of a human-sized quadcopter

Friday  11:36,   16 june 2017
The Daily Dot

With all the talk around flying cars, it was only a matter of time before we saw someone attempt a homemade version of their own. The channel behind this behemoth posted a terrifying video Wednesday showing an unnamed Swede successfully[...]

This Dedicated Granddaughter Snuck Her Grandma's Dog Into A Hospital

Friday  11:36,   16 june 2017

Shelby Hennick's grandmother spent three days in the hospital recently after having a reaction to one of her medications , BuzzFeed reports.So, to help her feel better, Hennick was willing to do the absolute most — including finding a way to[...]

Pup who shared her food bowl still leaves half the kibble behind after other dog passes away

Friday  09:32,   16 june 2017
The Daily Dot

I am unashamed to admit I have tears streaming down my face as I sit at my desk and read the story of Cookie, the loving Labrador who is trying to share her food with a furry friend who’s no longer with us. .Twitter user @_EasyBreasy_ owned two[...]

This Artist Makes Amazing Carvings Out of Food

Friday  09:31,   16 june 2017
Mental Floss

Daniele Barresi's work is too pretty to eat.Food market aisles are like a blank canvas for Daniele Barresi, an Italian carving designer who’s now based in Sydney, Australia. The creative 26-year-old turns fruits and vegetables into edible art,[...]

118-year-old painting found in Antarctica

Friday  05:37,   16 june 2017
Sky News

A lost 118-year-old painting by one of Britain's most famous explorers has been discovered in Antarctica. Scientists stumbled on the delicate watercolour of a bird in a hut on Cape Adare, a peninsula on the continent's far east side.The almost[...]

Meet the World's Smallest Deer, Which Barks and Runs in a Zig-Zag Pattern

Friday  05:36,   16 june 2017
Inside Edition

The fawn will only grow up to only about 12 inches in adulthood. Ever hear of a tiny, barking deer?A male southern pudu fawn was born at the Wildlife Conservation society at New York's Queens Zoo last month.In addition to being the world’s[...]

Sushi chef in a day: Japan food firms showcase tasty technology

Thursday  19:37,   15 june 2017

From edible ink printers to chicken stick conveyor belts, Japan's food firms put it all on the menu at an industry show this week with one bold exhibitor claiming it could turn anyone into a top sushi chef. Newmind's colour printers can graft[...]