News: Offbeat

For these kids, the Bard rules the school

Monday  19:26,   17 april 2017
The Washington Post

Fourth- and fifth-graders learn about Shakespeare through performance.About a dozen fourth- and fifth-graders attend voluntary Saturday morning classes at the Leesburg-area private school to learn how to understand and perform Shakespeare’s works.[...]

Rare gold coin becomes a lifesaver for church looking to expand

Monday  19:20,   17 april 2017
CBS News

GracePoint Church was outgrowing its current space and needed $300K to secure a loan -- and then an angel showed upThe mystery person does not want the recognition for her good deed, but she did talk with CBS[...]

Man uses power of social media to reunite lost pet with owner

Monday  19:06,   17 april 2017
CBS News

Animal lover Micha Porat found a 13-year-old chihuahua wandering the street and turned to social media to help find its ownerEarlier this week, Micha Porat found 13-year-old Osita wandering alone in South Beach, reports CBS[...]

'New' world's-oldest-person is a church-loving, Jamaican 117-year-old

Monday  15:31,   17 april 2017

The new oldest person in the world eats what she wants — but no pork and chicken.  Born in March 1900, Violet Mosses Brown once told a hometown newspaper that hard work, devotion to the Baptist church and respect for family, life and people [...]

One of two missing Sydney crocodiles is found by family on Easter Sunday stroll

Monday  15:21,   17 april 2017
ABC News

One of two young crocodiles stolen from a mobile wildlife zoo early last month is found sunning itself on a riverbank in Sydney's south by a family on an Easter Sunday stroll. It was one of two young crocodiles, named Snap and Crackle, stolen[...]

This is how the facial hair of university grads has changed since 1898

Monday  08:07,   17 april 2017
The Verge

The early 80s were a dark timeTake a[...]

Dad To Run Boston Marathon In Honor of His Unborn Daughter With Down Syndrome

Sunday  19:46,   16 april 2017
Inside Edition

They received the diagnosis at just 11 weeks pregnant. A father-to-be plans on running in the Boston Marathon in honor of his unborn daughter with Down syndrome. Oliver and Kinnon Foley found out that their daughter, Tenley, had Down[...]

Kind-Hearted Man Spends $1300 on Ice Cream for Strangers and Tips for Employees

Sunday  19:16,   16 april 2017
Inside Edition

He was originally only planning to spend $300. A kind-hearted man racked up a $1000 bill paying for ice cream for hundreds of strangers at a Texas shop. Kory Close, the owner of Sweet Sammies in Forth Worth, told that he’s[...]

Blind N.J. piano prodigy draws comparisons to Stevie Wonder

Sunday  19:10,   16 april 2017

For the last two years, he's been organist at the New Hope Baptist Church in Hackensack. He's toured Europe, the Middle East and Asia.The "room" — showbiz-speak for the venue — might be large, like the  Apollo Theater in[...]

Giant pumpkins on show as locals compete at the Cadell Harvest Festival

Sunday  15:20,   16 april 2017
ABC News

Locals in South Australia's Riverland spend the weekend assessing giant pumpkins at the Cadell Harvest Festival, with the winning entry weighing 101 kilograms.Murray River Giant Pumpkin organiser Kevin Myers has been bringing new pumpkins into[...]

This Dad Posed For His Own 'Maternity' Photos And The Results Were Hilarious

Sunday  08:20,   16 april 2017
The Huffington Post

A Spanish dad gave traditional maternity photos a hilarious spin with his own photo shoot. A Spanish dad gave traditional maternity photos a hilarious spin with his own photo[...]

Baby inspires couple to build mini-wheelchairs

Sunday  07:40,   16 april 2017

Thanks to the efforts of a Webster couple, young children with disabilities are enjoying newfound mobility. For the last year, Rebecca Orr and her husband, Marty Parzynski, have been building miniature “Bella’s Bumba” wheelchairs for children[...]

Oh baby! April the giraffe finally delivers that long-awaited calf

Saturday  19:50,   15 april 2017

The baby giraffe, whose mom has been a web star for months, was born safely at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York.April the pregnant giraffe is finally April the no-longer-pregnant giraffe, after the star of the online world's favorite[...]

300-year-old Bible in New Jersey is known for a typo

Saturday  16:36,   15 april 2017

The 300-year-old Bible at Christ Episcopal Church sits locked in a glass case, untouched since 1916. It's opened to Luke 20, and that is not random. There, on the heading of the left-hand page, is one of Christianity’s most infamous typos.Jesus’ [...]

Dog, Cat and Rat Trio Are Inseparable: 'We Really Had to See the Bond to Believe It'

Saturday  12:41,   15 april 2017
Inside Edition

"We had never heard of a cat, rat and dog playing together and giving each other kisses," the shelter said."The Rat Pack," consisting of Sasha the dog, Jack the cat and Tweaks the rat, were turned over to a Wisconsin shelter last month[...]