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The World's Most Expensive Meatball Is Being Served for $100

Sunday  07:56,   04 march 2018
Inside Edition

The 7-ounce Wagyu beef meatball is stuffed with truffle cheese and foie gras.But this taste of opulence is being offered for one day only; Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse in Manhattan is serving it for National Meatball Day, which is March[...]

Everyone is obsessed with this powerful photo of a little girl staring at the portrait of Michelle Obama

Sunday  07:56,   04 march 2018

During a trip to the National Portrait Gallery, one little girl couldn’t stop staring at the former first lady’s portrait.- She was awed by Michelle Obama's[...]

Dr. Noah Arnold Sings to Animals to Relax Them Before Procedures

Saturday  08:40,   03 march 2018
Inside Edition

Dr. Noah Arnold says it helps him relax, too.The guitar-playing veterinarian, of Dr. Noah's Ark Veterinary Clinic in Shorewood, Wis., calms pets before their procedures by singing to[...]

Rescued Baby Chimp Becomes a Co-Pilot as He Flies to Primate Sanctuary

Friday  17:06,   02 march 2018
Inside Edition

Mussa, a chimp rescued from the clutches of poachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, looked completely at ease earlier this month while flying aboard a plane to a rehabilitation sanctuary.Mussa, a baby chimpanzee rescued from the clutches of[...]

This inspiring teacher found a way to teach Microsoft Word without a computer

Friday  09:55,   02 march 2018

This inspiring teacher found a way to teach Microsoft Word without a computerInstead of giving up, Owura Kwadwo took to his black board and sketched out Microsoft[...]

Rare, 7,000-year-old burial site discovered in Gulf of Mexico off Florida coast

Thursday  17:39,   01 march 2018

Called Manasota Key Offshore, the site was discovered after a tip from a recreational diver.Called Manasota Key Offshore, the site is off of Sarasota County and appears to have been preserved in what was at the time a freshwater peat[...]

The Hilarious Reason This Pizza Order Is Going Viral

Thursday  17:38,   01 march 2018
The Daily Meal

A spider named Frank is getting the recognition he deserves after the receipt to his guardian’s pizza order went viral on Reddit. “Crust a little crisper than normal But not too crispy… if that’s not vague enough — make it like you’re[...]

At church in Pennsylvania, worshippers attend ceremony with AR-15 rifles

Thursday  13:27,   01 march 2018
The Boston Globe

Crown-wearing worshippers clutching AR-15 rifles drank holy wine and exchanged or renewed wedding vows in a commitment ceremony at a Pennsylvania church on Wednesday, prompting a nearby school to cancel classes. With state police and a[...]

Zoo's Elderly Jaguar Gets a Teeth Cleaning

Thursday  13:27,   01 march 2018
Inside Edition

Mulac got a clean bill of health.Two veterinarians and six animal care experts were on hand as 17-year-old Mulac underwent a routine exam, including a full teeth cleaning, some X-rays, blood tests and a full body[...]

The Unexpected Optical Illusion Hidden in a Stack of Chairs

Thursday  13:26,   01 march 2018
Mental Floss

A scientist in the UK found a stack of classroom chairs that seemed to bend the laws of[...]

Pennsylvania Man With Red Sauce on His Face Arrested for Meatballs Theft: Cops

Thursday  07:22,   01 march 2018
Inside Edition

The giveaway was the red sauce on his face and clothes, police said.Leahman G.R. Potter was arrested Monday on burglary, trespassing and theft charges for allegedly walking off with a mess of the Italian mainstay, according to state[...]

Mandatory exercise at the office, Sweden's latest craze

Wednesday  16:56,   28 february 2018

Workers spending their lunch break at the gym may be commonplace in most Western countries, but in Sweden some employers are pushing the idea even further, making on-the-job exercise compulsory. Every Friday, employees of fashion and sportswear[...]

Inside a Singaporean socialite's 700-square-foot closet that's bigger than most people's apartments

Wednesday  16:55,   28 february 2018

Jamie Chua has over 200 Hermès bags, over 300 pairs of shoes, and drawers full of diamonds and gems.      - The closet requires fingerprint[...]

Israeli gardener discovers remarkable 700-year-old 'Santa Claus' ring

Wednesday  13:50,   28 february 2018

A gardener in Israel has unearthed a rare bronze ring bearing the image of St. Nicholas that dates back to the Middle Ages. The saint, a Greek Bishop who became famous for his acts of generosity, inspired the figure of Santa Claus.The 700-year-old[...]

People can't figure out if this woman's photo shows her with one or 2 legs

Tuesday  17:04,   27 february 2018

A woman's photo of her outfit has stumped the internet, but there's a simple way to figure it out.- The selfie went viral, as people can't tell if the picture shows one leg or two. But it's an optical illusion, there's only one leg in the[...]