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Man Photographed Comforting Mother Cow After She Lost Her Calf During Labor

Thursday  17:42,   18 may 2017
Inside Edition

"She was crushed. Just devastated, and she was tired fro the labor," the man's wife told When a cow lost her baby while in labor on Mother’s Day, a Texas man was photographed lying in the grass and offering his[...]

7-Year-Old Captures Man-Like Figure in the Clouds During Flight

Thursday  17:42,   18 may 2017
Inside Edition

The mom was shocked upon seeing the image. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It's a mysteriously shaped object in the clouds.Kerry Frey Liles, of Texas, said she was on a flight from Baltimore to Houston with her son AAsher, who has Down syndrome, when[...]

Rompers for men? The Internet is here for it

Wednesday  17:47,   17 may 2017

Picture this: A sunny beach swarming with hunnies, a few cases of crispy Bud Lites and a flock of your closest bros all chilling in their pastel rompers. EExcuse me: That’s “RompHims,” as in rompers for[...]

Meet the Woman Responsible for Rescuing Hundreds of Dogs From 'Dumping Site' Over 7 Years

Wednesday  17:37,   17 may 2017
Inside Edition

It started nearly seven years ago with just one dog. Judy Obregon, of Texas, never expected that saving one stray dog would lead to years of dog rescues.Obregon, 44, rescued her first dog from a local Texas “dumping ground” near Echo Lake in [...]

Dad's goal to pay off school lunch debt goes viral, raises $21,000

Wednesday  15:41,   17 may 2017
CBS News

"No kid should go hungry because they don't have any money," said Jeffrey LewSeattle parent Jeffery Lew found out the lunch debt at his third-grader's school was $97.10. So, he started a GoFundMe page to find parents willing to[...]

'The Saddest Dog in the World' Finds a New Forever Home After Being Returned to Kennel Twice

Wednesday  15:38,   17 may 2017
Inside Edition

<p>Things are looking up for "the saddest dog in the world".</p>The three-year-old Labrador named Lana is about to be matched with a new forever home after being abandoned at the kennel twice in two[...]

Golden retriever's roof-jumping routine goes viral

Wednesday  15:38,   17 may 2017
CBS News

"We appreciate your concern but please do not knock on our door we know he's up there!"Some dogs stare out the window, others keep watch in their backyard, but this golden retriever isn't like most dogs — he prefers the[...]

2 Hedgehogs Stolen From Petting Zoo Mysteriously Returned

Wednesday  10:12,   17 may 2017
Inside Edition

The thief placed them in a bathroom the next day. Two hedgehogs stolen from a Michigan zoo over the weekend were returned by the mysterious thief on Monday.Amy Laper, the owner and manager of Anderson & Girls Orchards in Stanton,[...]

If All Goes Well, Los Angeles Will Soon Be Home to the World’s Longest Pizza

Wednesday  10:11,   17 may 2017

If all goes according to plan, the final length will stretch to 1.3 miles, besting the mark set in 2016 in Italy . To make the 7,000-foot pizza happen, hundreds of pizzaiolos and volunteers will need to stretch, sauce, and top the nonstop pie over[...]

In Singapore, you can buy a car from a giant vending machine

Wednesday  10:11,   17 may 2017

That's one way to make a trip to the dealership more interesting.Autobahn Motors in Singapore just christened its new home, a 15-floor, 60-space showroom that doubles as a vehicular vending machine. The group sells high-end vehicles covering the [...]

This Cafe Is Dedicated Entirely to Marshmallows and We're Already in Love

Wednesday  06:55,   17 may 2017

Marshmallow lovers, get ready to add this new cafe to your travel bucket list. Chicagoans and owners of XO Marshmallow Lindzi Shanks and Kat Connor will be opening their very own cafe dedicated to the sugary treat after successfully raising enough[...]

How One Kind Woman Surprised A Mom During Her Son With Autism's Meltdown

Wednesday  06:55,   17 may 2017

When Shekira Farrell’s son with autism became restless while visiting a beauty supply store with her, the mom expected an employee to stare or possibly be rude. What happened instead surprised her.Farrell took her son, 6-year-old Jaiden[...]

Mom-to-Be Takes Sentimental Maternity Photos With Military Husband Who Is Deployed

Tuesday  19:24,   16 may 2017
Inside Edition

He's been deployed for most of her pregnancy. A Florida photographer provided a special memory for a mom-to-be whose husband is set to miss their baby’s birth while serving overseas.Veronica Phillips’ husband, Brandon, who is a member of the[...]

Police officer gives boy "the very best gift we could receive"

Tuesday  17:56,   16 may 2017
CBS News

"I think my new kidney will make me run faster," 8-year-old told his mom when he heard a police officer was his donorLindsey Bittorf, a police deputy in Milton, Wisconsin, saw a Facebook plea for a kidney donor from the mother of Jackson[...]

Two 100-Year-Olds Who Share the Same Birthday Go on Blind Date

Tuesday  16:10,   16 may 2017
Inside Edition

Neither of them had ever been on a blind date before. Two 100-year-olds recently went on a blind date and it may be leading to a lasting relationship.Arthur Moult and Florence Philips were brought together after home support staff realized the[...]