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Leafs' Dermott considered day to day after suffering ankle injury

  Leafs' Dermott considered day to day after suffering ankle injury The Toronto Maple Leafs can breathe a sigh of relief. Defenseman Travis Dermott is considered day to day after X-rays and a CT scan showed he did not suffer a broken ankle after blocking a shot against the Winnipeg Jets, according to multiple reports. OnDefenseman Travis Dermott is considered day to day after X-rays and a CT scan showed he did not suffer a broken ankle after blocking a shot against the Winnipeg Jets, according to multiple reports.

Assemble the Maple Leaves. Using the easy sandwich method, pair a 2-7/8" neutral square with a leaf square of the same size. The result will be two HSTs that each measure 2-1/2" x 2-1/2". It's Easy to Make a Colorful Taking Flight Baby Quilt.

Did the Maple Leafs take the wrong guy again? Or will we learn over time that Mark Hunter is, in fact, a genius? The fun of this month for Leaf fans is that they’ll get to tune into the world juniors and take a good measure of Marner’s potential for themselves.

a group of people that are standing in the snow© Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

As we begin the playoffs, who are these guys?

While I’ve been doing quarterly reports on the Leafs for a few years, I’ve never found much value in looking just at the fourth quarter of the season. It’s too weird. The trade deadline and the aftermath create artificial scenarios where games aren’t just games, but something closer to training camp exhibitions. The deeper into the season, the more this is true.

I’d rather look at a full season of the Leafs as team, and the players on the team, something I don’t do on a quarterly basis because looking for truth in some player’s results in 20 games is as useful as deciding which cloud on a summer’s day looks most like a margarita.

'It's got to rip the heart out of your chest': Babcock on Humboldt

  'It's got to rip the heart out of your chest': Babcock on Humboldt 'It's got to rip the heart out of your chest': Babcock on HumboldtToronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock had tears in his eyes Saturday morning when he opened his pre-game news conference by speaking about Friday’s horrific bus crash involving a junior hockey team in Saskatchewan.

SAN JOSE—When the Maple Leafs lured Patrick Marleau away from San Jose this past summer, they were making a statement about the state of their team. So we’re hoping he’s taking some of them under his wing. I know he is,” Babcock said. “And I don’t think the measure ’s in 10 games.

The 2013-14 Toronto Maple Leafs season may have been the single best test case so far for the first There is general agreement on that now, but the thing to take away is that it is the same They finished at or near the bottom in all measures of possession. (I won't go into them here, but spend a

Some things about the Leafs never change. We learned that well enough from those quarterly examinations that when I say the Leafs finished the season in 14th place in Score and Venue Adjusted Corsi For percentage at five-on-five, you won’t be shocked. The number is 50.55. They’ve been doing that for years. Not enough has changed to change that. In my likely unprovable opinion, the culprit is poor zone exits, and the fault is shared by so many people, beginning behind the bench, that I don’t believe it’s a problem with a single solution. I don’t believe in Sparky the Unicorn 1RD who will gallop in and save us all.

One note on this Corsi For percentage. I’ve been saying all year that there is more parity in the NHL, and there is and there isn’t. It’s not the age of the brutal tankers who barely played hockey, but there are still really bad teams. There is still the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes at the top of the list, proving this season the old lesson that Corsi isn’t destiny like the Bruins and the Kings did last year. Having a goalie helps a lot. Special teams are a nice thing to have.

How the Leafs and Bruins stack up in first-round series

  How the Leafs and Bruins stack up in first-round series So 2013 doesn’t matter. The regular season doesn’t matter. Accomplishments or disappointments to this point don’t matter. All that matters to the Maple Leafs is being ready to play the Boston Bruins on Thursday at the TD Garden, the launching point from where Toronto hopes to take things much further than last year.The Leafs seemed to take a “happy to be here” approach to the 2017 playoffs, when they were ousted in six games by Washington. This year, they feel they deserve to be there.“It definitely makes you pretty eager to get back,” centre Auston Matthews said of last year’s playoff experience.

Should the Leafs take on four more years of Demers at .5 million contract and cough up some His opponents’ Goals For per 60 – a measure of strength of competition – was the lowest among Bruins He's published five magazines on the team entitled " The Maple Leafs Annual" with distribution in

Luck clouds the goal picture, so Expected Goals are a more reliable measure of offensive play. At Arvind’s suggestion, I took the percentage of Expected Goals For per Fenwick For. FTB: Ristolainen looking forward to final game against Maple Leafs next week.

What is true is that the top tier in Corsi teams, the top five, who all shot over 53 per cent (I’m going to round this off from now on) matches pretty close to the results of last year’s top four. The second tier, who shot at 52 per cent, runs from six to 11. Last year they ran from five to six. The muddy middle, the teams that are all at 50 per cent plus or minus one percentage point are 12 to 22 this year and 7 to 21 last. The bad teams are about the same level of bad as last year too.

I don’t buy into this business that Corsi is dead — that’s silly stuff — but when you start to crush teams into a tighter group, as we have the last two years, you need finer grained measures to tell one from the other. Might it be true that the goalie, the special teams, and luck all play a bigger role? Maybe.

If I turn to Moneypuck’s Expected Goal percentage at even strength I see the Leafs are now 11th with 51.24 per cent. Corsica’s has Toronto 13th at 51.1 per cent. Expected Goals are just shots weighted by various things like location and type. So it’s still a volume measure.

Dedicated Leafs fans spell 'Buds All Day' message with tricky bicycle route

  Dedicated Leafs fans spell 'Buds All Day' message with tricky bicycle route Toronto fans Geoff Loughton and Al Sovran planned a meticulous bicycle route around their city to spell out support for the Leafs' playoff run. Longtime Toronto Maple Leafs fan Geoff Loughton took to the streets on his bicycle this week to put the world on notice.

Leafs on wrong end of defensive battle with Lightning. Stamkos, league-leading Lightning taking this season day by day. Maybe it was a case of the Maple Leafs coach showing due respect before his team’s first meeting of the season with the league’s first-place team.

Those fans lost a measure of respect for Crosby and gained some for Winnipeg Jets captain Blake Wheeler this weekend for how they used their respective podiums. “I saw Blake Wheeler’s tweet the other day. I thought he had a very good point,” says Toronto Maple Leafs winger James van Riemsdyk.

The Leafs are not a team that’s going to win the game by shot volume very often. So that refinement didn’t help much to clarify the picture. The Corsica model at least, does seem to show the good teams as better than mere Corsi reveals and the bad teams as worse. The muddy middle is still mud. Corsica’s model at all-situations has the Leafs at just a hair over 51 per cent.

So how the hell do they keep winning then?

a group of baseball players standing on top of each other: NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Toronto Maple Leafs© John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs top the list in Expected Goals For in Corsica’s model any way you look at it — in all-situations, by gross numbers or rated out. At five-on-five, they land third behind Columbus and Edmonton. In actual goals scored at five-on-five, they are second only to Tampa.

To keep the mayhem in their own zone to a minimum, they have Frederik Andersen, who is top 15 for goalies with over 1,000 minutes at five-on-five measured by the difference between actual Save Percentage and Expected. He keeps the goals against below what an average goalie would allow. He does this by enough to get the Leafs where they are right now.

Leafs’ Nazem Kadri suspended three games for Game 1 hit on Wingels

  Leafs’ Nazem Kadri suspended three games for Game 1 hit on Wingels Leafs’ Nazem Kadri suspended three games for Game 1 hit on WingelsIt’s Kadri’s fourth suspension, and the second suspension handed out by league disciplinarians in the early stages of the 2018 Stanley Cup final as the league cracks down on hits to the head. Drew Doughty of the Los Angeles Kings was suspended for one game.

Pension Plan Puppets Toronto Maple Leafs Schedule, Roster, News, and Rumors | Pension Plan Puppets. These are “on ice” measures , so this is not individual production, it is a measure of what these three players produce in concert with their wingers and the defence pairs while they are on the

Using these three seasons, we will compare and contrast the different teams in order to measure Babcock’s impact on the team thus far. Yet, the Toronto Maple Leafs still were able to finish fifth in 48 games, and take the Bruins to seven games.

And that’s it.


The Leafs are top 10 in Expected Goals against. Measuring from worse to best. If you restrict it to five-on-five, they’re really horrible.

We learned this over and over all year. The Leafs can only win a game one way: outscoring the other team, continuously and relentlessly. Score early, score often.

The Leafs have shooting skill, and they have a mass of it. It’s spread out over three lines, and increasingly both power play units, and it’s spread out really well between defenders and forwards. The wrong defenders don’t shoot much. The wrong forwards don’t have the puck a lot.

I seem to have done my “The Leafs aren’t going to tighten up” speech by accident. Okay, well, go read the parable of the scorpion and the frog. The Leafs are, by nature, bad defensively in every measurable way. They execute better than they used to, but they’re swamping out that improvement with volume of chances offered. They aren’t going to change.

It’s funny to me that the end of the season becomes this time of sudden obsession over goals and points and rankings. This year’s Hart Trophy debate extravaganza is only that writ large. It’s funny, because way back when, one of the things that got hackles raised was Lou Lamoriello’s hoary old cliché about how a hockey team is like an orchestra, and it isn’t as important what each instrument does, it’s only the way they all work together that matters. I think I understand why fans of a certain sort get annoyed at that. They want stars. They want the best player in the league.

Ice storm forces Maple Leafs to pull plug on party outside ACC tonight

  Ice storm forces Maple Leafs to pull plug on party outside ACC tonight The Maple Leafs have cancelled the viewing party at Maple Leaf Square for tonight’s playoff game between Toronto and the Boston Bruins because of the nasty weather outside.“Due to dangerous conditions following the ice storm in Toronto this weekend, and with the safety of our fans in mind, the fan tailgate party in Maple Leaf Square for tonight’s playoff game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins has been cancelled,” the Leafs said in a statement Monday morning.The team is urging fans with tickets to the game to take public transit if possible.

Having scuttled out of Sin City — which happens to be in a cannabis licit state, just sayin’ — the Maple Leafs , after absorbing a 6-3 New Year’s Eve homecoming and an opportunity for Toronto to take its measure against the best the NHL has to offer, in the wake of the second-best the NHL has to offer.

The Maple Leafs suffered an embarrassing, confounding loss Saturday in Buffalo, but That’s opened room for the role players to take ownership of the team as well. over the past few years; commitment to a system, though, is something that is hurting the Leafs and remains much harder to measure .

The Leafs don’t have the best player in the league. They likely won’t win any awards this year. And the only way you can illustrate the Leafs delightful shooting and offensive skill is with a group of group shots.

a group of baseball players that are standing in the snow: NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Arizona Coyotes© Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Arizona Coyotes a hockey game in the snow: Toronto Maple Leafs v Edmonton Oilers© Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images Toronto Maple Leafs v Edmonton Oilers
a group of people posing for the camera: Toronto Maple Leafs v Philadelphia Flyers© Photo by Elsa/Getty Images Toronto Maple Leafs v Philadelphia Flyers a group of people posing for the camera: Toronto Maple Leafs v Winnipeg Jets© Photo by Jason Halstead /Getty Images Toronto Maple Leafs v Winnipeg Jets

At five-on-five:

Matthews + Nylander = 52 goals

Bozak + van Riemsdyk = 39 goals

Kadri + Marleau = 35 goals

On the power play:

Kadri + Marner + van Riemsdyk et al = 34 goals

Matthews + Marleau + Nylander et al = 16 goals

On Defence:

Morgan Rielly and Jake Gardiner with 52 points each in all situations.

They just keep coming at you, wave after wave, layer after layer, all of them with one purpose, one goal. And it sure ain’t to play the neutral zone trap.

Score early, Leafs. Score often.

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Maple Leaf Square open again tonight for Leafs playoff game vs. Bruins .
The party is back on tonight for Maple Leafs fans at Maple Leaf Square.Toronto hosts Game 4 of the first round in the Eastern Conference playoffs against the Boston Bruins, trailing 2 games to 1. Fans without tickets can go outside the Air Canada Centre and watch the game on the big screen, at what has become a traditional tailgate party. The square was closed for the last two Leafs games because of dangerous weather conditions.Gates open at 5 p.m. Dress warmly, though. Environment Canada forecasts a high of 2 Celsius with a chance for flurries.


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